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Journey to the Sea

By Dr Colleen-Joy Page

Success is often the result of many failed attempts and much effort. Many metaphysically minded people get caught in the idea that if the signs aren't right, or if it feels like their efforts seem blocked, that the universe is telling them to stop trying and change paths.

If water wants to flow downhill to the sea, it will push, it will creep around things, it will work to dissolve boundaries and will do everything it can to get to the sea. When your heart is calling, that is like the water being called to the sea, it pulls you. But life is about mastering limitations and obstacles are real. A humorous example: as souls we can walk through walls, but get into a human body and then try it! It's a part of the learning and the experience of life to meet walls. Souls don't have boundaries, there are no walls, it is here on Earth, in the physical, that we learn to master living within walls, limitations and boundaries.

Walls don't mean, "No way," they just mean, "Not that way!" - so try another way through. The big thing is to learn! It's no good trying to push your way through concrete, so learn. Build a door... you know what doesn't work, so dig for what might, try a new way around the obstacle.

Walls are also what I call a passion check, they test the strength of our desires, the dedication of our will power, they also help us to check our motivations. Many walls are blessings in themselves; they make us check: Why are we doing this? Why are we going to so much effort?

If your reasons are strong and come from your deepest heart, you will be prepared to continue to learn. So re-evaluate your motivations for getting through the wall, if it's fear that is driving you, rethink your goals. If it's your heart's desire then learn. Learning means flexibility. Staying true to your goal does not mean rigidity. Adaptation and re-evaluation are keys to success.

So ask yourself: What else have you not seen, not tried? What beliefs are in the way? What skills do you need to move forward? What new way of seeing do I need? Who can I learn from who has already overcome this? What else?

Read books, attend courses, meditate, ask your intuition for new insights, open your mind and look for ways. I have a motto that I have used to build my business, it is, "I will find a way!" then I go looking for new ways of seeing and being.

Truly successful people are learners. They are constantly humbling themselves to learn to look at things with fresh eyes, to test, evaluate and adapt, to develop new skills. It took me 15 years to build my business. I am so glad that I was not successful at the start, I am so glad that walls stopped me. It was the walls that shaped the challenges and the questions that pushed me to find new ways, and the new ways took me to the sea of my truer self. I am still on that journey.

The balance between knowing what you have the power to change and what you do not is also important. Acceptance of that which we truly don't have the ability to change is a path to peace, seeking and finding what we truly do have the ability to change is the path to empowerment.

This article was brought to you by Colleen's training college, The Academy of Metaphysics.
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