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How to Radiate Love Everywhere You Go

By By Jafree Ozwald

The vibration of love is your most natural state of being. When you are completely relaxed, without any agenda, fear or worry, love automatically radiates from your heart in all directions. Love will always be at your core, it is a vibration which sparks the light of consciousness within you and you cannot change this. What has grown over and on top of it through the years is the veil called the mind, which can be filled with judgments, impositions, demands, and beliefs that hide this purely enlightened state. The mind acts like a movie projector, utilizing its conscious light within to blast a plethora of images onto the world and yourself. It can be easy to get caught up in the mind. The mind is very addicting, more than cocaine! It's fantastic imagined illusions and emotional fabrications appear very real, enticing and yet they have nothing to do with the reality of your true essence. You are always radiating the purest source of love at the very core.

If you want to feel more love flowing through your life, and become passionate again, then focus all of your attention and energy (as often as you can) on a genuine loving gentle energy radiating from your heart. It is a highly contagious experience! You'll notice an immediate shift inside and this will be reflected in the people who you hang out with. Nobody can maintain a contracted state of worry or fear very long when you're in this loving heart feeling and vibration. They will either have to expand their heart as well, or leave your presence. You'll find that by living mainly through your heart, love continuously pours out on its own into all people and situations. When the head is no longer in charge, the heart naturally opens and takes the lead.

With the heart as your master, you become like a new born baby again who is overflowing with laughter, joy and bliss! This enlightening experience manifests because you become more open, surrendered and vulnerable to life. You become unaware of what others are thinking, as you are deeply connecting with your heart center of bliss. From this self-loving space you become fearless, and can be outrageous in your expression of joy for life! Crazy bubbles of laughter and sweet pockets of joy are emanating from you all throughout the day!

To open up your love valve now, start thinking about something or someone you love. Imagine you have a "love dial" on your chest, and practice turning up the "volume" on this feeling as high as you can. Love everything and everyone. Love as often as possible, bathing in this energy, practicing the feeling of love. Be devoted to being a heart centered human being. Whenever you go, speak from your heart, think with your heart, feel with your heart. Let every word you utter come from your heart all the time.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Winston Churchill

Don't waste your time on anything that has no love. This life is too precious to be throwing it away on anything that doesn't lead to absolute joy and bliss. By going where the love is, you'll naturally be living from a deeper sensitivity, which has a soft, kind and gentle flavor to it. The most enlightened beings know that the best "heart ingredients" they can dish out, the more yummy the casserole is served at the end of their day. How much love do you want to feel at the end of your day?

The more you practice being heart centered in your communication and human interaction, the easier your life becomes. You'll naturally be radiating a cozy warm healing vibration to all. The more often you're being heart centered, and the more conscious you'll become. Your heart is where your real power is found. All other power is false and ego based, a fantasy that will come and go. Your spiritual heart energy is eternal. The love that flows through it remains with you forever. This enlightened loving heart radiates an intense love on its own accord when the mind is still, solitary and centered in this divine infinite Universe. Love is a natural effect of a quiet mind. Just by being relaxed in your heart allows you to be rooted and grounded in a perpetual loving experience of your life.

Anytime you encounter another human being who is responding to you from a not-so-loving space, take a step back from the situation and focus on connecting deeper with your own heart. Imagine your heart is brighter than the Sun, and let this light shine in ALL directions, melting everything in its path. One of the fastest ways to ignite this magnificent Sun on your inner world is to take 10 deep breaths into your heart. Meditate on the understanding that love is radiating at the core, shining everywhere, into everything and everyone.

To find peace and love with all beings you will need to be fierce with the ego at times, and dissolve its hardness with love. Radiating gentleness is the only way to win. The soft always overcomes the hard. It's like that constant flowing river that carved through Arizona to create the Grand Canyon. When you're persistently flowing warm loving heart energy, no matter how upset, contracted or demanding the other may be, they have no chance. They will eventually give in. Just keep feeling the love radiating not just from your chest, yet all throughout your body. Let the heart be bigger than your physical body, and know its coming from an infinite source of energy. There is no lack of energy in this infinite Universe. You are always connected to the infinite source, especially when you don't believe you are.

"You are the Supreme Being, and yet thinking yourself
to be separate from it, you strive to become united with it.
What is stranger than this?
" ~ Ramana

If you ever feel stuck or lost, remember that love is always available to you, simply relax deep inside and you'll see its there! Always listen to your body. Ask it what specifically you are still here to learn about love. You'll never feel hurt, lonely, lost or deprived of life again once your practice is strong to bathing in this loving frequency. We naturally radiate love everywhere, when we stop focusing "out there" and put our attention consistently on our heart energy within.

Experiencing this perpetual love vibe means giving up all your ambitions on the outer world, and devoting your life to experiencing the radiance of pure love. This does not mean stop working, helping others or doing what you love to do. On the contrary, you will do even more service for others as you feel all this great love pouring through you. You won't have so much ambition to get ahead of the other rats in the race. You'll be too relaxed, at peace and in joy! You'll have stopped efforting so hard to achieve "greater happiness" in the future, because you've found the greatest love you were seeking was always within you... right now.

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