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The Purpose of Your Life

By By Jafree Ozwald

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." ~George Sand

The soul purpose of your life is to love. To love yourself and others so fully, so furiously, that you become completely overflowing with immense joy and lightness. When your heart is bursting with love everyday you will truly be fulfilled. When your love for another is so immense, so passionate, so compassionate, you won't have time to worry about your own problems and life. You will be in such a flow of juiciness and aliveness that you cannot stop yourself from giving away warm happy hugs to everyone you meet.

My wisdom for you today is this. Let your entire life become a benediction, a blessing, a gift for all to enjoy. Don't make your life all about you and your desires and needs. Sure, take action steps towards your goals and dreams each day, yet make your life purpose, your reason for being here much bigger than you. When the main purpose of your life wakes you up each morning with deep joy, excitement, a heart bursting with inspiration, then you have found the highest goal of all. If you can attain this for one day, you can surely do two days or three. The best thing is that everyone around you will benefit the day that you start.

To have a magical experience in opening life up to your highest, most loving life purpose is easy. Yet it is going to take 100% of your devotion, willpower and desire. The secret here is holding an intention (right now) to deeply and intimately connect with every thought, every thing, and every person that you meet. That's right, whatever it is in the outer world (or inner world) that the mind perceives, feel into the connection you have with it and allow for this connection to be there.

Whatever it is that life brings you, you don't have to like it, approve of it, or even try to enjoy it, simply feel your connection with it. Even if you feel a disgust for something or someone, allow for that feeling to be there as if it was a cloud floating in the sky. Just do one thing, allow for your connection to be there. As if there was a golden web of light connecting all beings, thoughts and things. Be part of this web.

The day you stop resisting your natural connection with everything in this Universe, and start allowing for it, then the real magic begins. It is from this simple direct connection to life that you'll be able to fully relax, and feel the soft gentle Divine Presence that naturally flows from the center of your being. From this place you can discover the Source of Love which is who and what you truly are.

"Who you are is neither consciousness nor it's content. You are the timeless source, the Supreme Reality. Trust that." ~Nisargadatta

We are here to awaken to the realization that we are intimately connected to the God Source. It is already all around us and inside us, we have simply forgotten it is here. This Divine intelligent all loving source is inside the matrix of every thought, thing and person. Whatever our mind comprehends to be "real", has the Divine Source inside it. When we are living each day being consciously aware that a higher intelligence is at the center of every single atom and electron, something miraculous begins to occur. We stop seeing ourselves as separate from this Divine Intelligence, and can truly come home to our own divinity. From knowing and feeling into our connection with every atom, we have discovered one of the greatest purposes of our lives.

Full self realization simply means there is NO more of a feeling of being separate from the God Source. We don't see "God" as something far away, yet as something closer to us than our next heartbeat and breath. Creating intimacy with the Divine Intelligence is the only sane path to freedom, and all other paths simply fall miserably short. Through knowing this connection we have real clarity in life again, and can see through the illusions and delusions that most everyone is entertaining.

The greatest illusion that many "sheepole" are caught in is that the Divine is not inside of us. Most believe that it's not real and the world is separate from the Divine. To ignore and forget that the Divine intelligence is an intimate part of your day is the origin of every experience of suffering. When we instantly clarify this lie, and start seeing, feeling and living the truth, we heal ourselves of all pain and problems just fade away into the background.

Being truly free from suffering is a goal that all human beings have in common. We are all here to learn, grow and evolve out of suffering. If we keep doing the same actions and expecting different results we will go insane. We simply need to wake up and learn how to be conscious and stop repeating our greatest error, which is ignoring the Divinity within us. When we honor this divine aspect, we can meet any darkness directly. We can accept that our pain brings us gifts, and be willing to embrace them. Looking directly into our own darkness we shine a light through it. We move beyond the demented illusions the mind creates and reach a more enlightened perspective on reality. Every time we sink into our darkness, it takes us closer to the light.

Another great purpose of our lives is to heal all the wounds from our past. One of the quickest paths to doing this is practicing forgiveness everyday. This means also to forgive ourselves for the judgments, deceptions and secret lies we've been telling ourselves for years. When we tell ourselves we are not good enough, smart enough, courageous enough, wealthy enough, we constantly are living a lie. To find the positive unlimited potentiality within us allows us to be bigger than our pain, and eventually release and heal the deepest unconscious wounding we're carrying.

"It's such a surprise to notice that you are the pulsing heart of the emptiness, the mountain strength of the vastness." ~Pamela Wilson

Nobody else is here knows you better than you know you. We are born to get to know ourselves so intimately that deep down we can take responsibility for our life experience and shift it. When we feel into our darkest pain, we can see our patterns, and find out why we are holding onto our struggle and how to stop doing it. Through understanding ourselves we can move beyond any pain we are creating. Healing means awareness. By simply investigating our inner world with an authentic curiosity, we summon the tools that will bring us into transcendence.

By remembering who we truly are (Divine Source), we can clearly see all our relationships as a grand play of self mastery. When we are capable of forgiving ourselves, we feel worthy of being free from any pain or tension we were carrying around. We can deepen in compassion for anyone who threatens us, criticizes us, or attempts to shred our ego in anyway.

By having compassion for all beings (including ourselves) we uncover the secret to where all healing begins and ends. When we can accept the truth of who we really are, we instantly soften and can see that those who strike out at us are just craving love. They are in greater pain than we are and needing us to show them the way out of it. It is our job to guide them, by letting in the greatest lightness and compassion we can summon. Doing this we receive the bliss filled blessings we are here to experience.

The final and perhaps greatest purpose of our lives, is learning how to enjoy every moment of our lives. Loving every day of life takes great perspective, patience, clarity and a certain level of mind mastery. Life is naturally experienced as an awesome amazing playground when we find that our main purpose here is to celebrate it all. We are naturally filled with joy when we are grateful for this divine opportunity to love, be loved and discover that love is the Source of who and what we actually are! Gratitude increases our vibration to the point that we are "protected" from attracting future pain, suffering and more delusion that we are separate from the Divine. We may still karmically manifest the gift of being challenged by certain people or situations in life, yet from the attitude of gratitude it all becomes a fun easy ride home.

"Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don't let any prude tell you otherwise." ~ St Teresa of Avila

My invitation for you today is to practice living just ONE of these life purposes above. Choose the one you feel would be the most fun for you to explore, and that you can look forward to working with each day. Don't make this into a project or chore, just treat it as an inquisitive exploration. Play with diving deeper into the experience of what it feels like to have a bigger mission than just paying bills and "getting by" in life.

Everyday we get older and have the opportunity to become wiser. This is your chance right now to expand all your ideas about who you thought you were, and relax into a more grounded rooted being who is truly happy and free! By practicing the integration of just one of the life purposes you've read above, you will discover your essential nature which is an unlimited, divine, all powerful and highly intelligent manifesting being! Enjoy the journey and be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way...

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