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How to Ignite your Ultimate Creative Capacity

By By Jafree Ozwald

"Cease trying to work everything out with your minds, it will get you nowhere. Live instead by intuition and inspiration, let your whole life become a revelation." ~ Eileen Caddy

The mind is naturally creative. It is always generating thoughts in every moment of our lives. Whether these ideas are new revolutionary self realized thoughts, enlightening "million dollar" ideas, or mundane complaints about the neighbor next door, the creativity in your thinking is always available. The results you get all depends on whether the gateway to your ultimate creative capacity is fully fresh and open, or operating out of a past program. Most people believe that there are only a few gifted creative individuals born in this world, while the rest of us unlucky folks tend not to be so creatively endowed. The truth I've found is much more empowering and radical. I've discovered a technique that your average human being can access a limitless resource of creative juice that will fuel them forever, helping them to access the power they need to manifest anything their heart desires.

When you take a good long look at the mental nature of a human being, you'll see that there is a natural tendency towards being creative. This creativity is often overlooked as we are continuously inventing every detail of our lives in each breathing moment. We are creation-a-holics! Every thought you're thinking right now is creating something into your future. The question is are these thoughts in alignment with what your heart truly wants to manifest, or are you still selling yourself short and settling for what you don't want? Either way, you are still creating your reality, inventing the dream you're living in, in every single instant of your life.

Sometimes it happens that we get into patterns of thought and rut-like habits where we may forget about our unbounded potentiality as a soul and restrict our greatest creative capacity. We can feel blocked, stuck in an emotion, a past memory, or a sensation of not being able to get where we want to go. Something always happens along the winding path of life where we forget the all powerful being who we truly are. We get preoccupied with some thing, and the glass around the mind's lamp gets fogged up with "more important" ideas than being vast, free and creative.

To start transcending through any old dense cloud your mind is in, just take a good long look at what is around you, one of the most amazing, powerful and highly effective things you can do to instantly skyrocket back into your ultimate creative capacity is to go deeper into this stuck energy and allow yourself to do absolutely nothing. That's right, take a vacation from talking, doing, achieving, exploring, examining, discovering, learning, growing and just practice being still. If you need something on your agenda to do, then plan to stare at the clouds floating by in the sky for an entire day! Just by relaxing into your body, you free up the ultimate creative energy in your mind. The simple soft experience being alive, completely present to this divine presence that you are, will open the floodgates to infinite creativity! The secret is to let go of your mind deep enough and for a long enough period of time where you can become absolutely still.

Having nothing to do on your agenda instantly creates a vacuum-like energy, and this succulent taste of emptiness will cause massive amounts of new creative juices to start bursting again from inside! Nature abhors a vacuum, and if you can truly do nothing, be nothing, think about nothing, feel nothingness at the core of your being, you will be blown away at the creativity that naturally arises. I guarantee it. The best part is that this new creative flow which instantly comes in will be fresh, powerful and thriving with such juicy aliveness that it will take a hold of you and pull your life into total inspiration. This energy is always here, always available for you to receive and relax into.

"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky." ~ Hafiz

The only reason you may have felt blocked in your creative exploration of your life is because you haven't been able to let go of the mind's constant need for entertainment. The addictions and distractions we are accustomed to completely stop us from dropping the demanding, commanding desiring mind. So make it a priority to be empty, be still and stop working on anything. You'll see a creative miracle explode naturally from inside. It may take you 10 minutes or 10 hours, yet once you truly allow your mind the time to relax, do absolutely nothing, and be nothing you'll find that life is purely orgasmic.

The moment you make time for nothingness in your life, honoring it as The Gateway to the Divine, you'll allow yourself to feel into the heart essence of what absolute 100% nothingness feels like throughout the body. When you can experience this everyday, your entire life will blossom. It's like hitting the reboot button on your computer. As your bodymind resets itself, your eyes become clear again, your heart opens fully again, your sexual energy feel reborn again, and you discover a brand new experience of your life! All your so called "problems" become dwarfed in the presence of your creative geniusness as you find out there only exists the illusion of your so called "problems".

With practice of soaking your mind in the feeling of vast emptiness, you'll be able to do it anywhere at anytime instantly. You'll be able to drop into it for 30 seconds while resting at a long stop light, or perhaps while you're getting exercise walking around the block. It truly only takes a few seconds of complete immersion into pure nothingness to get a full reboot and recharge. Its that powerful!! You will be able to do it at work, in the middle of a phone call or business meeting and become an outrageously creative outlet that will skyrocket your career. In the field of nothingness the mind has access to the infinite realm of possibilities in the Universe. By thinking of nothing you have access to everything. You're able to think of 108 different new solutions and each one will work. The old worn out so called "problems" you've had, have no chance when met with the creative light found inside pure nothingness. This may be one of the greatest benefits humanity discovers, because from exploring nothingness we each can feel unstoppable, and instantly discover the pure healing joy and creative power of simply being alive.

"Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity that you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach - how you look at things. Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing is not purely economical, then it is creative." ~ Osho

When you realize how easy it is to stop having problems in your life, your community will start hearing the greatest belly laugh hitting the sky. You will be laughing constantly when you know how to be free from your problems, which is what it feels like being connected to this unlimited flow of creativity. It's all about surrendering to it, becoming a living example of this divine flow and cosmic creative spark that you discover hidden inside an infinite field of nothing. So I invite you to make the decision right now that everyday this week you are going to immerse yourself in nothingness and let yourself skyrocket your creative capacity to the next level! This means that you are willing to welcome any problem you have, any dull ordinary boring thinking patterns you're stuck in, any dreadful emotion you're facing, and bring them all into the field of nothingness where they can be liberated.

The commitment to practice being nothing will allow you to feel the divinely sacred being that you are. You will naturally want to take better care of yourself, be more sensitive to your needs, loving and accepting who you are, being even more gentle with yourself, and only doing the actions that give you TONS of happiness and long term energy. Sure, you may have soooooo much new creative energy that you have to find a new job you really love doing, or spend more time with those people you really care about, yet its good to inquire into your priorities and notice how much time do you feel you have left here on Earth?

By choosing to live at this divinely creative frequency you'll discover that some people won't be able to handle the new levels of joy and happiness you'll be experiencing. Do not lower your divinely happy creative vibe to be in rapport with anyone who always brings you down. You're not doing a service to others or yourself by lowering your frequency, choosing to be less happy, less joyful, less creative and alive. You are still that wildly creative child adored by God who has the most outrageous courage, curiosity and imagination! You can be joyfully entertained by the fantasies in your mind 24 hours a day. That capacity to enjoy your imagination and not be a slave to it, is where real mastery of your life is found.

When have taken the time to explore true nothingness, then stop, breathe and notice what is around you. You are surrounded by creativity! Everywhere you look you can see, touch, hear, feel and experience pure creativity! Everything you see was either created by man or God or both! This entire world is an ocean of constant creative explosions! When you truly look into life you'll see how obvious it is that you also are The Source of this powerful creative energy itself. You can play in this amazingly creative world as an innocent child again, who is now wise enough to know you are not small and powerless, yet that you can manifest and attract anything you desire. It is through this child that you'll know just how incredibly powerful you actually are.

Rooting yourself in that playful trusting fun-loving child inside you is the golden secret to establishing a long term creative bounty. Absolute fun and creativity is just waiting for your permission to come out to play! Free your child up right now and give him/her full permission to PLAY at your work, relationships, finances and health all month long! You can find the middle path of responsibility along the way, just let her/him dance to the music, laugh at life, be wild, free, crazy, draw out your dreams, play fantasy, make up silly stories about things you manifested and sing happy love songs to your dream partner! Do this for a few hours and I guarantee you will discover something quite magical bubbling up inside you. That sacred stream of creativity has become completely unblocked, and is now pouring over you like a waterfall of yummy liquid loving light!

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness. What this means in the practical sense is only doing things, being with people and living a live that makes your heart sing! If you cannot find what it is that makes your heart sing then find what is blocking you from it. Look what the feeling is, is it something that makes you want to cry or become angry? Go into it and use everything to bring you into higher conscious. Use the dark and the light experiences to push you deeper into your core. They are the fuel that will spark the light to get your creative engines really roaring tonight!

Lastly, in the world of unlimited creativity, it's always good to know that there is no such thing as stepping into the same river twice. Life is constantly providing you with completely brand new experiences in each moment. Your job is to not try to go back into the past to hold on and recreate the good experiences you cherished, or resist the negative experiences that haunt you. Your job is to trusting being in THIS free creative and juicy moment that is here now!

When you let go of the banks of the river and go with the flow with life, allowing the current to take you downstream, you will relax, heal and merge with the Ocean. You will only feel tremendous joy, bliss and ecstasy inside. This is a natural occurrence when you are flowing along with the Ocean of momentary existence. You don't have to try very hard to get here, for the water in the river flow is already an intimately connected part of the Ocean. You simply have to trust the river, enjoy floating with the current and you'll naturally discover the creative fun flow of energy moving through you as well. Enjoy!

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