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Enrich your Life with a Daily Spiritual Experience

By By Jafree Ozwald

Every experience in your life has the potential of becoming a spiritual experience. Even the most ordinary experiences can turn into vast, expansive, enlightening connections with the Divine. You simply step out of the way and allow your smaller self to surrender to your bigger Self. Who "you" are merges with that vast unlimited Source that you truly are. There is nothing more spiritual than this surrender. When you truly surrender and trust 100%, the Source simply melts into you. Be aware of this and know that the only thing stopping you from having a spiritual experience (even while you're reading this article) is your mind's grip on reality. So slow down, try reading this next sentence very slowly and notice what happens in your consciousness. You are the Source of the Divine. Let this truth sink in. This spiritual being you already are is completely perfect exactly as it is.

"Healing is awakening to the perfection that already is ours." ~Baird T. Spalding

Someone once asked me, "How will you know when you're having a spiritual experience?" Well, first thing is that there's a feeling of being very expansive. It's like a healing and freeing feeling inside you that seems to exist everywhere you are. There's also a sense of magic in the air, as if ANYTHING is truly possible. The experience simply happens when you are 100% open, present, and receptive to the entire Universe and its Divine existence as it is. When you are open to the possibility that everything in the Universe IS perfect and divinely orchestrated, it's easier to embrace it exactly as it is right now. When you can see the bigger picture, there's no more resistance, complaining or efforting to get something better. You can find peace in ANY situation because you know that life is eternal and no matter what happens you know that "this too shall pass".

"Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment. Know the sweet joy of living in the way." ~Buddha

To fire up your spiritual experience engines today, start by saying "Thank You" as profoundly and frequently as you can. Give gratitude for what is here now, what was, and what will come to be. Let a higher power be grateful for you. Receive these sensations that YOU ARE LOVED and CHERISHED by this Universe. Open to this experience. Trust in this experience. Thank the Existence for giving you the possibility of having this growing experience called your Life. This expansive blissful feeling that we are all seeking is always available... right now. If you are open and can let in this trust, it will come pouring into your being.

"Be a light onto yourself." ~Buddha

You can easily relax about your life. Simply choose to let the love in your heart shine in all situations. Notice where the love in your heart is coming from. You'll feel better just by opening up your attention in this direction daily. This focus will till the soil to give roots for the spiritual experience waiting to blossom in your being. Perhaps when you look inside you notice worry, stress, and fear instead of love. Watch where the tension shows up in the body and take a hold of that tension and use it to drive you deeper into the Source of Love inside your heart. This exercise may make you squirm at first, yet soon you will relax deeper than you ever have in your entire life. The heart is the Source of your spiritual essence. It's the doorway to the very core of your Being where your spirit abides and the greatest life experiences are found. Remember, you are safe to venture inwards. Focus on your heart religiously and a lightness will begin to pour into you. This will soon give birth to an amazing spiritual experience.

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." ~The Dalai Lama

A wonderful thing happens when you make the decision to step into a more spiritual way of experiencing your life. It's as if a brilliant light starts shining into your future and guides you forward through each day. By devoting yourself EVERYDAY to your spiritual path, you can always see the bigger picture even when things are hectic and you feel out of sorts. There is a deeper undercurrent of love, awareness and peacefulness that continues to spring up into your being all throughout your day. If you know you will be sidetracked by distractions or forget to see life as an amazing spiritual adventure, we have created a way to keep you on track!

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