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Trust your Future

By By Jafree Ozwald

When you are grateful for this very moment of your life, you fall into having a natural trust for your future. When you are trusting in the future of existence, great blessings will flow your way. The world around you may turn upside-down, yet with trust you'll see that it is simply an entertaining play instead of a frightening nightmare. With trust, you become so deeply rooted in existence that nothing can shake you. This trust allows you to leave your house, adventure out into the world, and have new experiences with people that open your heart and fertilize your soul. It is only with trust that you can have enriching intimate relationships that open your heart to a higher purpose, mission and love. The more grateful you can be for what is here now, the easier trust effortlessly rises within you. It is through trusting your future that you can see how devoted you are to your spiritual path and a master at practicing the art of letting go of control and going with the flow.

The best way to grow your "trust muscles" is to first consciously let go of all tension that is currently holding in your body. Check your jaw, breath, shoulders, back and anus. Notice where you are holding on the most, and ask these parts to relax, trust the process of life and let go. They may communicate a specific memory or trauma that they are holding on to from the past. Just let this go and relax deeper into your heart center. Let any fears or walls to the energy of trust melt, and surrender to a deeper experience of letting go, more than you have in your entire life! It is only when we go beyond our normal comfort zones that we make any real progress.

Trust that each experience in life is the right experience. This one pearl of wisdom will carry you through the most challenging of times. Only with trust inside your heart can you feel inside your being that Grace is divinely guiding you. When you trust in the future, it allows you to become more sensitive, so that you can discover the most sacred and divine aspects about your self that you never knew even existed. It is only through this sweet sensitivity to life that we can experience the source of real freedom, love and bliss.

Trusting your future is just like trusting anything else. Just because you don't know what is yet to come doesn't mean you cannot trust it. The secret to mastering trust comes from the practice of learning to trust yourself. There is always that little voice inside you that knows. Your sixth sense is real, and can naturally perceive and know things that are about to happen. It is the all-seeing aspect of your soul and it will forewarn you if you are listening. The key is tuning into it on a regular basis so that you are used to hearing what is coming your way. The more you practice opening your senses (being more sensitive) and quieting your mind, the easier it is to hear. The more you let go, relax and trust the guidance within, the clearer the messages from your intuitive self become.

You may be asking yourself, "How can I trust in something or someone that may not be trustworthy?" The secret is to stop looking "out there" and start looking inside yourself. You are choosing trust simply because it makes you a bigger and better person. Some may call you a fool, yet those beings may live their entire lives wrapped up in fear. How do you want to look back at your life when its all over? Wouldn't you rather see someone who lived in trust rather than fear? The choice is always there to trust, the greatest thing of all that you can do is to learn how to trust yourself. With this, you will never fail.

It is the person who constantly chooses to trust each experience knows each experience is the right experience. This constant trusting practice will help you to grow, blossom, and become a blissfully radiant being. The good news is that what you have been seeking your whole life is already here. You are the Divine Being you are seeking. All that is needed to connect with this Divine presence that is you is to quiet your mind chatter, be very very still, and listen to the silence within. This connection is your pathway to Trust, and your passage to freedom. A pure unbounded state of consciousness will shine brighter and burn through any gripping fears inside you.

If you are challenged with trusting life or your future, do not worry. You can grow beyond this stage of life. It's helpful to start with repeat trusting thoughts which calm your mind such as, "Love is all there is," or "Everything is exactly as it should be." Give it a try! Just repeat and FEEL these affirmations for 3-5 minutes before bedtime and first thing upon waking in the morning. Check inside on a scale of 1-100 and notice where you are on your "Trust-Meter." What is causing you to not completely let go and fully trust life? You can simply make the choice to trust in life, and you'll start to breathe in a way that is free from worry or fear. The secret is to always be fluid, be awake, and let your light shine upon all uncertainty. Everything is unfolding perfectly, effortlessly, and exactly as it needs to. The Universe does not make any mistakes... ever! Nothing is by accident. This is a brilliant play of consciousness where you have nothing to fear.

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