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Psychic Powers 101:
Basic Overview of Psychic Abilities

Having a sense of someone contacting you before they actually do (e.g. calling you over the phone), having thoughts about a particular person and then actually seeing them shortly after, recognizing the smell of your grandfather’s cologne (even though he’s already passed on) - these are all common examples of psychic abilities. 

Of course, you probably already know what some of the major psychic abilities are (e.g. clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, etc.), but did you know that there are many other abilities? Well, you’d be surprised to learn that not only are there many other psychic abilities, but they’re actually more common than you might care to think. People, when they first enter into this realm, have such a high level of natural intuition and psychic power, yet over time these powers are greatly diminished (as we become more accustomed to the physical world).

However, it is entirely possible to redevelop (at least some) of these powers. This is what many psychics who have their own businesses/services have done. They’ve trained themselves to refine these skills that we’re all initially born with, yet over time slowly lose (due to the constraints of life in this realm - which are naturally depressive towards psychic powers). Psychics that can read aura energies are also included in this bunch, too.

Developing Your Psychic Powers: The Basics

If you’ve been following along with this blog so far, you should realize that all of us, every human, we all have innate psychic powers. Remember, over time we slowly lose these abilities, so we naturally must redevelop them (if we want to become more psychic). The goal here isn’t to “develop” new powers, rather, it’s to “redevelop” the powers that we once had (but have since lost). One of the major ways to achieve this is by learning how to make our overthinking brains a bit more serene, quiet, and attuned to the natural world

You might have guessed it, and you would be right, this is where meditation comes into play. Meditation is without a doubt one of the most powerful ways that we can redevelop our psychic powers. Meditation is of course very relaxing and has a lot of mental health benefits as well, but it also has the power to reignite our dormant psychic powers. Meditation is all about changing the way energy flows through your body, mind, and soul - and this ties directly into psychic abilities (because everything in this realm is made of energy, of course).

Besides meditating, which is mostly geared towards the development of our inner senses, you also need to become more attuned to the universe. One of the best ways to do this is by spending time in nature, among the trees, at the beach, isolated, in the mountains, or anywhere that’s quiet and allows you to truly connect with the natural world. Lots of Buddhist systems utilize walking meditation, which is an excellent way to develop your meditation practice and also develop your connection to nature at the same time. 

Specific Ways to Rekindle Your Psychic Powers in 2020

Crystals are one of the most widely used objects among psychics, and it’s been that way for a while (a while meaning thousands of years). Why? Why are crystals such a staple among psychics? Simply put, crystals help channel energy. Like we mentioned earlier, the universe is pure energy, and that includes psychic abilities. So it should go without saying that crystals can serve almost as a type of amplifier for psychic abilities. 

Meditation, as we’ve already mentioned, is one of the very best ways to become more spiritual, develop your powers, and become more “connected” with the universe. Some specific examples of the types of meditation that you should be doing include the following:

  • Breathing meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Music meditation
  • Sound-based trance meditation work

The Ancient Becomes the Current

Psychics have existed since the dawn of human civilization. Ancient Egyptians had their psychics and seers, along with the Greeks, Arabs, and countless other cultures. Some might even argue that many of the world’s religions have their bases on psychic abilities (e.g. the powers of Jesus, God, etc. all seem very based on psychic abilities). 

Whether you’re looking to regain your lost psychic powers or want to try and develop new skills, using the tips and tricks posted above should get you started off on the right path. Remember, practice is essential, and trying new methods should always be encouraged.

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