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Truth: Collective Consciousness

By Paramahamsa Nithyananda

To tell you honestly, I was always afraid to speak on this subject of Collective Consciousness because there is too much truth involved in speaking out on this subject.

Man as such cannot handle too much of truth. If the truth is up to 30% or 40%, he can handle it well. But beyond that, the truth starts transforming him. He feels that the ground on which he is standing is moving away. To tell you honestly, none of us really wants to know the truth. If truth were to be given out honestly, there would be no one willing to accept it, except for a few teachers. The moment honest truths are given, people begin to get frightened. This includes both the teacher as well as the listener!

The bottom line is: Truth frightens us!

The more civilized a country or people as they believe themselves to be are, the less natural they are in expressing the truth of their feelings. When someone smiles, the smile comes only from the lips; it is a plastic smile. The smile never touches the eyes. The eyes never smile, nor does the heart smile. Laughter emanates and stops at the mouth.

True laughter however comes from the belly. If a person truly laughs with the feeling coming from his stomach, people stare at him as if he is guilty of misconduct, guilty of expressing the truth of his feelings.

We know that the truth is something else but we dare not face the truth. Neither in the verbal language nor in the body language do we feel that we can afford to be truthful.

The simple truth is that truth straight away gives us enlightenment; it transforms us.

Let me tell you, there are so many ideas out there. The moment you imbibe a single point of truth or a single dimension of truth in any way, you can do wonders. Just catching a single true idea and imbibing it honestly is enough!

Vivekananda says beautifully, ‘Even if you memorize all the books in all the libraries of the world, it will not help you in any way other than increasing your ego over the bookish knowledge you would obtain. Use only one idea and try to imbibe it in your being; experience it in your life; your life will be transformed; even a single idea, just one idea is enough!’

The first truth: All our minds are not individually separate pieces of the universe. They are all one and the same.

All our minds are interlinked. Not only are they interlinked but they also directly affect one another. This is what I call Collective Consciousness. Our thoughts are as infectious as common cold. People may escape from another’s cold that is not so infectious, but they cannot escape from our thoughts.

If we catch a cold from someone, we may suffer physically for a few days and finally get over it. However, when we catch thoughts from people, not only do we suffer mentally but the suffering is also forever. Be very clear: not just once, but forever because the thoughts we pick up will multiply in words in our minds and work on us forever. Similarly, anything that we think affects all those around us. Our thoughts touch not only those staying around us but also everyone living on this planet Earth!

Understand that our intellect will definitely resist this truth now.

I have declared the first truth now: All of us are not different beings or different minds. We are all totally interlinked, closely networked. Any of my thoughts can transform you and any of your thoughts can touch me. We are not separate individuals; we are not islands. Please be very clear that we are not individual islands separated from each other and uninfluenced by each other. There is only one truth that links all of us. That truth is Collective Consciousness.

About the Author
Young enlightened master from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, has emerged as a compelling spiritual force of our millennium. Working and sharing with over 10 million people worldwide every year, Nithyananda is committed to bringing about a true inner awakening for all beings on our planet. A spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to sannyas, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques and tools for lasting inner transformation. A powerful spiritual healer, Nithyananda has helped thousands of people fight back from diseases ranging from depression to cancer, often with a single touch. Nithyananda is currently ranked the No.1 spiritual guru on youtube, and the author of over 200 books in 28 global languages.

Today, Nithyananda is an inspiring personality for millions of people worldwide. His authenticity, depth of experience and his rare gift for making spirituality both practical and enjoyable have allowed Nithyananda’s teachings to reach far and wide. A lucid orator, Nithyananda continues to reveal to the world the deeper dimensions of yoga and meditation drawn from the ancient mystic disciplines of the East. His mission is to create a new cycle of individual consciousness on planet Earth, enabling the collective human consciousness to take the quantum leap into superconsciousness.

Nithyananda Mission is a worldwide movement that helps people discover the simple secrets of conflict-free, productive and blissful living. To raise the collective consciousness of our planet, and provide a powerful spiritual anchor for the individual in these times of change, Nithyananda Mission aims to initiate at least 10 million people into the life-transforming meditation, eN-Kriya, and 100,000 people into jeevan mukti, living enlightenment.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s book: “2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy.”

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