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Mysticism in Modern Life

Can ancient wisdom give answers to the dilemmas of modern life?

The ideas of mystics may seem outdated because nowadays, we put much emphasis on obtaining tangible goods and the trappings of success. Social media fuels this obsession by serving us images of happy, healthy and young people who enjoy their days in exotic locations without a care in the world. We live in the “work hard, play hard” culture where hedonism is at the pedestal, along with professional achievement and an insane work ethic.

In a way, our obsession with work makes up for the lack of the spark of spirituality in our day-to-day life. After all, we live in a material world, and you only live once, yes?

But how about we change our perspective a bit and draw a few lessons from the long-forgotten mystical figures and bring spiritual awareness to our lives.

Firstly, realize that the world is far more mysterious than you suppose. G.K. Chesterton said that “as long as you have mystery, you have health; when you destroy mystery, you create morbidity.” That’s true because if you think that as a civilization, we already figured everything out, you lose a part of your humanity. We need mystery like we need air and water to survive. Don’t push it aside, but rather dwell in it and embrace it.

Secondly, remember that sometimes it’s good to finish third. You don’t need to sacrifice everything to get ahead in your career. There are things in this world that are far more important than that.

As many have said, at the end of your life, you won’t regret not spending more time at the office. So, tone down your mad ambition for a moment and focus on the people around you. The mystics always talked about love and how it is the ultimate truth, and they were right.

Third, go into silence. Meditation is a practice that will calm your mind and help you get in touch with your inner self.

The mystics were often ascetics, often going into the desert and remain there until they got a glimpse of the deeper reality. Nowadays, it’s not the most practical thing to do, but you can still get a lot of benefit from meditating for as little as 20 minutes a day.

You can still apply the ideas of the mystics today. You don’t necessarily have to follow the modern ethic based on materialism and professional achievement. In other words, you can still be successful and financially secure without sacrificing your soul for it.

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