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Freedom from Judgment - How to Access Your Eternal Gifts of Love, Wisdom and Power

By Andreas Moritz

It happened on a beautiful morning in October 2000. For several days I had been playing with the idea of writing another book that would penetrate deeper into the core issues of life than I had done in any of my other books. But what I didn't expect was that I would be allowed to see life from a very unusual perspective, although initially only for a period of six weeks. I was given a sneak preview of the kind of perception that would begin to manifest in all of us.

The night before that fine morning in October was very active for me. It was filled with (astral) traveling experiences to many unknown places, and major adjustments took place in my brain area. When I awoke the next morning, I felt deeply at peace with the world and myself. I felt I had gone through a major soul shift. During the following six weeks I was presented with numerous experiences that we would commonly categorize as 'good' or 'bad.' But strangely enough, I was no longer able to see the 'bad' as bad and the 'good' as good. Whatever I experienced, it showed its true and complete value to me, and I had no need or urge to put a label on it in some way.

Every time something negative would happen around me, such as someone falling seriously ill or suffering an accident, or a calamity that afflicted large portions of a population, I was immediately shown the opposite counterpart of that event. There was deep purpose in all of the things that went 'wrong' in life. Without trying to, I had lost my ability to pass judgment, i.e., to separate the right from the wrong, the good from the bad, the light from the dark. My heart was filled with peace and I had this knowingness that even the most dreadful things occurring on the planet serve all of life. The very worst events have been, and still are, means to bring forth the most precious jewels of life that otherwise would have been buried forever in the ground of misperception and ignorance.

You Are What You Perceive
Many of us on Earth have chosen, albeit unconsciously, to grow and learn from unpleasant experiences, such as an illness. These experiences continue to bother us only for as long as we provide them with energies of resistance, victimhood, low self worth or fear. Such energies are rooted in judgment or separation consciousness. Seeing ourselves as separate from others, the world, or God allows us to learn all about the things that we believe we are not. Yet, in truth, we are everything that we perceive, and the world is our mirror. If you see death when someone dies, you are actually seeing a part of you that appears to be dying or has already died. May be it is the passion you once had for life, or the love for the person you married, that have faded away into the ether of non-existence. On the other hand, if you see life when someone dies, it is because you have accepted your own immortality. Likewise, what is a dreadful illness for one person, may be a life-altering and most blessed experience for another. You have the power to determine how the world presents itself to you. It is your energy and attitude that decides whether the world appears to you in a friendly or unfriendly manner.

The Pain of Judgment
There are no real diseases, injustices or calamities in the world. They only appear to us in this way because we have empowered our perception to see them in the light of right or wrong, good or bad, etc. This incomplete perception is the basic cause of pain in life. During World War II, many soldiers who were injured in battle became euphoric over this event. They did not require painkillers, simply because their interpretation of pain was a happy one. To them, the injury meant that they would be sent home and would not have to fight anymore, or else possibly die a gruesome death in the battlefield. As a natural result of their unusual attitude to injury, the pain it caused released plenty of endorphins (natural painkillers), also known as pleasure drugs, from their brain. These drugs not only negated the pain, but also generated the euphoria associated with being alive.

In contrast, if a young and healthy man becomes critically injured in a car crash and fears incapacitation as a result of such an injury, the pain he experiences may turn out to be excruciating. Yet, if the person were able to see through the veil of physical illusion he would realize that the accident, as shocking as it may be at first, is just another means of awakening him to his true, non-physical essence. Perhaps, until that event he had not even thought about the purpose or meaning of his life. Or perhaps, he may not have truly cared about himself, and is now forced to take a good look at himself.

Accidents can shift stagnant energies more efficiently than perhaps any other experience. Generally, our Higher Selves allow only those things to come into our lives that serve our highest interests, even if our lower ego perception sees these experiences in exactly the opposite way. Once I had shifted into my Higher Self-perception on that October morning, I could clearly accept and appreciate both sides of the duality. In my perception, opposites were no longer in conflict or competition with one another. Both light and darkness are necessary to generate and sustain life on earth. Every positive force is sustained by a negative counterpart. For everything that is destroyed, something new is created. Life is so full because it is made of opposites. We experience conflict whenever we pass judgment, when we try to separate what is meant to be whole.

Self-Acceptance - The End of All Conflict
Hate disappears only when we are able to love what we hate. Likewise, we can only become strong when we accept our weaknesses. Also, we can forgive others only if we first forgive ourselves. And we can only forgive ourselves when we accept each and every part of us, especially the parts we don't like. The world, with all its hostility, harshness, and aggression, is not the one that needs changing. There is no real progress or shifting possible when we perceive our problems as caused by external influences. Self-acceptance of everything that we represent, including our gifts and our faults, opens our eyes and hearts to everyone else who also has special gifts or makes mistakes.

Making mistakes can be just as useful as not making them. Most breakthrough inventions were made 'by mistake.' Mistakes guide us to do things differently the next time. They often prevent us from going off track and getting hurt. Some mistakes can even save lives. Accepting your own faults and giving yourself the permission to make mistakes creates peace in your heart, the peace you need to deal with all those people in your life who are also on the path of learning through their own mistakes.

There is much to learn from what is currently happening in our individual lives and in our world situation. Everything that we have buried and hidden away inside of us for so long is now being pushed to the surface. This happens mostly through stressful situations, unbearable partners or parents, accidents, disease, and media-transmitted world events. We are now healing our shadow selves, the sides of us we were too ashamed top show to others, or to admit to ourselves. It is in your very best interest to bring your shadow self to the forefront of your life and make peace with it.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes. There are no mistakes, only limitations of perception and attitude. Problems are solutions in disguise, not signs of punishment. If you perceive disease or injury, for example, as a threat to your life it is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, threatening your life. See problems for what they really are, and they will assist you in your desire to fulfill yourself. An illness can break an old, rigid pattern of behavior or open the heart to love and compassion. Loosing your job may prepare the way for a more fulfilling job to come your way. If you see problems as nuisances, they will continue to play the role of limiting your creative spirit.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change your relationships, attitudes, lifestyles, way of working, or place of residence. It is time to honor every part of us and every desire we have. Suppressing one's feelings through drugs, comfort foods or other means, may be a choice many will be making to cope with, or avoid the discomfort of confronting one's 'shadow side.' This isn't necessarily a wrong approach either, but it will require more drastic measures to get in touch with one's basic fears. Disease and accidents are such means to an end.

Self-Empowerment - A Moment Away
During my 30 years of practicing Ayurveda and other forms of natural healing I have closely observed the behavior of people with terminal illnesses. I found that these patients were far more determined to heal their illness and the emotional weakness it masks than those who suffer from only minor ailments. Does it need a life-threatening situation to empower oneself? It often does, but it doesn't have to.

The euphoria that arises from throwing out old, toxic waste also alters the frequency of your perception. This basically means that previously irritating situations or people now seem different to you, more acceptable than they were before. Hence the need to bury or hide your true feelings decreases and a new vital energy takes over. The need for judgment - that is, the need to separate things into good and bad, right and wrong, better and worse, etc. - lessens. When this happens, the world as we experience it shows itself in a new light, the light of a larger picture. In that picture, everything starts to make sense, and each one of us and the important roles we play make sense. Especially those who try to show the world that terror must be met with terror, or that those who have done wrong in the past must be brought to justice today. They mirror back to us how we behave with one another.

Every major calamity in the world, or in your life, brings up personal issues if you feel drawn to get involved. For some strange reason, I never felt that the dreadful things in life were meaningless or useless. Although I suffered from major diseases during my childhood, today I know that they were my very best teachers. My early desire to be a good healer or physician matured and became possible only through my first-hand experience with illness. Also, I used to be a very judgmental, basically insecure, person, always trying to categorize everything and everyone. Now I know that all of my experiences around judgment were also helping me to find a way to go beyond judgment. For me personally, this process has been the most important and liberating experience in my life.

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