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Are You Digging Up the Thought-Kernels You have Mentally Planted?

By Tina Montalto

Summer is in full swing. Baseball races are heating up. Summer annuals are in full bloom. Farm markets are showcasing fresh fruits and vegetables. These same fruits and vegetables were only seeds just a few short months ago. And what has happened to the seed-thoughts you have planted? Did you let them grow or did you dig them up to see if they took?

In the height of Summer, in grocery stores and farm stands all over, we see corn and green beans and zucchinis and cucumbers and peaches and blueberries and cherries and watermelons and cantaloupes. These beautiful fruits and vegetables are perfect physical examples of what can come into existence when a seed is planted with intention into fertile soil and nurtured to grow.

So what has become of your planted thought-kernels? Did they come to fruition like the wonderful summer fruits we are now enjoying? If yes, then you, like the farmer, have supplied that kernel with supportive sunshine and rain, weeding out doubt and negative, contradictory thoughts. Congratulations!

But what if your thought-kernel has not manifested yet? Did you mentally dig them up to see how they were doing? Did you dig them up with impatience? Did you dig them up with doubt? Did you dig them up with conditions? Did they fail to sprout due to neglect?

Don't worry. There is plenty of time for a good fall harvest. But let's take a look at what is going on. One reason we do not demonstrate our desires is because we are always checking to see if it happened yet. We focus too much on the fact that the demonstration has not occurred yet, thus building impatience and doubt. Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? becomes our mantra, instead of a more constructive mantra such as: It is here. It is here. It is here. The seed must stay in the fertile soil of your mind. Don't dig it up to see if roots have sprouted.

The farmer lets the sun and soil and rain do its work, while physically seeing nothing on the surface of the land. He trusts in the Laws of Nature. He is patient and allows the Law of Growth do its thing. He prepares his silos to hold his harvest. He pulls the weeds that might crowd out his crops.

In the very same way, we must trust in the Law of Mind. We must allow the Law to do its work. We must believe in the end result even while seeing nothing on the land. We must prepare for the demonstration. If we wish to demonstrate a new car, we must prepare by finding a place to park it. If we wish to demonstrate greater wealth, we must prepare by setting up a bank account. We must eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs that contradict the new consciousness (crop) we are establishing.

Another reason we might not be demonstrating effectively is the opposite of always checking for the outcome, and that is: forgetting to stay in the new consciousness and just dropping back into habitual attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. It takes some work to stay in a new consciousness. If we just go on auto-pilot, we will only get more of the same. Which is not in keeping with wanting new experiences. "Acting As If" helps us stay in that new consciousness. This forgetting or neglecting is like letting any and all other plants overrun your garden. You took the time and made the effort to plant your garden. But if you let wind-blown seeds and the neighbor's groundcover take over that area, there is no room for your chosen plants to grow.

Plant your thought-kernels with a Seven-Step Treatment. Allow the Law to do its work. Have patience and trust that your kernel has all it needs to sprout and grow, even if you do not see it. Stay in that new consciousness by weeding out doubt and negative thoughts. Prepare your silos for the harvest by knowing you have set the Creative Process in motion. Then sit back and enjoy your fruitful, delicious harvest!!

Copyright © 2006 Tina Montalto
Tina Montalto is the founder and president of Conscious Kernels, Inc., an ePublishing company that specialized in spiritual eBooks.
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