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Acceptance of the Present Moment

By Stefanie Miller

Time seems to be moving very fast, while seemingly at the same time, very slowly. We know that time and space are an illusion, but for us it seems very real. I am shocked when I realize how quickly the days, weeks and years are flying by. Yet at the same time I easily become frustrated at how slowly things seem to be moving in my life. Well, which is it? Both I must say!

Acceptance of the present moment is the only way we can experience true peace and contentment. We can continuously yearn for or be stuck in the past or anxious for what the future holds yet really when we come into the present moment we can be aware of what is available and truly experience life.

It seems many of us are stuck in this holding pattern. It feels like we are residing in the void where time really seems relative. Many of us deeply wish to manifest new opportunities yet no matter what we try to do nothing will budge. It feels quite frustrating and alarming that we cannot exert our will to make things happen. We are in the phase of surrendering our will and ego to the process of the Divine flow. I cannot convey how humbled I am in realization that there is a grander plan than that which we are aware of. It is a sweet and bitter surrender indeed.

I know many of us are experiencing numerous hardships in our lives during this time. The economic climate has put many of us in a crunch. There are many searching for employment, housing, and financial security. It seems as hard as we trying to grasp on to something and making things secure we cannot do so for one reason or another. The security we are searching for must first come from within. We must first surrender our will and trust that our needs are being taken care.

Many of us are reevaluating our lives and circumstances. We may be choosing whether to remain in our current relationship, home or job or if it is time to move on. Even if we have chosen to make a change it doesn't seem that the timing is right to make a move due to various reasons. While decisions are definitely being made, implementing the action doesn't seem to be so forthcoming. The soul work we are doing is lining things up on a higher level. The outcome and timing still remains to be aligned.

There are things our ego and soul yearn for, needs and desires that have gone unfulfilled. We are in the process of soul searching and really figuring out what will truly bring us happiness and fulfillment. The facade our country has been portraying is shattering. We can no longer maintain appearances as our society has taught us to do. Pretending that things are solid when really they are not has gotten us into a whole lot of trouble! Spending money, which we don't have, presenting a certain image when really there is mismanagement, misuse of power and greed has created illusions. Our glasses houses are crumbling, as we can no longer sustain the illusions we have created. A solid foundation within our Soul needs to be constructed before we can have the type of relationship, career and lifestyle we are wanting.

I recently reconnected with my best friend since high school. We hadn't seen each other in almost ten years but once we were together again it was as if not a day had passed. We picked up right where we left off. Of course we are no longer the same people we were in high school and in our early twenties. We talk about how we still feel young and in many ways we act exactly the same. I know my soul has gone through so much in the past 25 years that I am hardly the same person. It's validating to know that I have maintained my youthful spirit even though my life has been through some very difficult times. The healing that has transpired through the reunion doesn't go unnoticed by me.

We continue to revisit our past through our dream state, people and situations popping up and old memories resurfacing. We needn't re-live the pain or be burdened by the past. These things are coming to show us how far we really have come! When we can let go of things we have been carrying around, whether it is a belief system that we need to change, formed at an earlier stage of our life, or a painful experience that has prevented us from moving forward. The past is only showing up so that we may forgive others and ourselves and release the fear or sadness that we have been holding onto within our core.

Many of us are experiencing frustration with our current circumstances not changing as fast as we would like them to. It is challenging to stop ourselves from being overwhelmed with fear, anxiety or depression. I have thrown a few temper tantrums myself until I realized that it is not helping my situations or me.

As we are mindful to remain in the present moment we will continue to evolve and manifest. In some ways we are seeing major changes and experiencing a lot of growth and advancement and in other ways things don't seem to be happening at all.

The most helpful thing to do during this phase is to accept things as they are. I continually remind myself that things are just the way they are meant to be. I release the attachment and the expectation to results. In this way I can truly see that things are shifting in my life. Perhaps not necessarily the way my ego or will would have it be, but in the way that is best suited for my path.

I truly know that what is occurring is for our highest good and will guide us on our path to where we truly want and need to be. Now is the only moment we truly have.

Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive, channeled writer. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has taught elementary school for over 16 years. Stefanie has been assisting individuals on their spiritual path since 1998. Facilitating private healing sessions, workshops and through her channeled writing, Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self and Source through a heart centered focus. Visit her site, email or tel: 954-562-8813.
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