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Taking a Risk

By Stefanie Miller

One of my favorite sayings that I often reflect upon is: "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." I have often felt like the bud waiting for the right opportunity to blossom. I feel we are all going through various stages of blooming. We are all tender beings that yearn to grow and take risks but it can be very scary indeed.

When I really think about it, I realize I often take risks. If I want to do something, I just do it. I don't put too much thought in it and throw myself into whatever it is I feel drawn to doing. I don't mind taking risks as long as I don't have too much to lose. In other words, if the worst thing that could happen, when I take a risk, is that things may not pan out exactly as I hoped for, I can handle that. I can expose myself enough to seize an opportunity to start something I really believe in. I'm all for that. I get an idea or find something I want and I go after it. When it comes to taking an emotional risk, I tend to be much more cautious and reserved since there seems to be more at stake. It doesn't necessarily need to be this way. Letting go of the fear surrounding taking a risk allows us to see clearly what the advantages and disadvantages we are being faced with.

Emotional risk taking is expressing our deepest needs, fears and desires and exposing our delicate, vulnerable self without knowing if the person we are opening up to will be able to meet and fulfill our needs. I feel if we don't allow ourselves to be open, we never have the chance of actually having our needs met. If others don't know what we need how can there be a strong possibility that our needs will be fulfilled? It is taking a risk to reveal our selves and our needs when there are no guarantees and there is a chance of rejection or disappointment.

Taking a risk and revealing our authentic self can be overwhelming unless we really believe in who we are. When we are going after a job we really want and see ourselves qualified for it, it's hard to handle possible rejection. The person, whether it be an artist, writer, musician, teacher or healer, who is sharing their gift or talent risks that their work will not be appreciated or valued by others. Another form of risk taking is beginning a new relationship and not knowing if the feelings you are developing for someone will be reciprocated. The blossoming can lead to opening up in beautiful ways but it can cause us to feel vulnerable, weak and exposed.

When I listen to my heart, the answer I get is to trust. Trusting ourselves... our abilities, worth and capabilities. When we have faith in who and what we are, we can take that risk with more confidence. Of course, trust goes one step further, trusting in God. Trusting that the opportunities we are being given are for our highest good and greatest joy. Revealing our talents, gifts and need for emotional intimacy are meant as a blessing. My mother always tells me, "God doesn't give us more than we can handle." Trusting that we are indeed in the right place, at the right time, and everything is as it should be.

We are going through a very anxiety provoking time in our world. There is so much intensity going on around and within us. There are so many decisions to be made and risks to take. It's hard to decide what is the safest path to follow. I see there is the risk of losing our home, financial resources, job, retirement, investments, credit rating and the list goes on.

I had myself in a mental frenzy thinking about all of the decisions I needed to make and the risks I was taking. I experienced a lot of fear and anxiety. I finally stopped and asked myself, "What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you?" I came up with all the possibilities; the worst of the worst, the best of the best. Once I saw it all clearly, I realized that it isn't so bad after all. I will be safe and protected. I have everything I need. I discovered the risks weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I know that once we let go of the fear and anxiety, the solutions and possibilities are there waiting for us. Worrying about what might happen in the future, if we take a risk, is preventing us from enjoying and appreciating what we have right now. There are no guarantees in life as to what will happen. That doesn't mean we should stop trying. We miss out blossoming by allowing fear to stop us from taking a risk.

In the long run it is more painful to keep ourselves hidden and sheltered and not experience life. Life goes so quickly and opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. Whether we choose to take the risk is up to how deeply we want to grow and blossom. There is no reason to hold ourselves back when we realize how exciting the possibilities can be. What each of us has to contribute to each other and humanity is what makes being here so special.

I have found the worst thing that happens when I take a risk is that I am disappointed and sad that things didn't work out the way I wanted them to. I feel the disappointment and sadness for a while and then I move on. I also take away with me all of the things I gained from the experience. The next time I take that same risk, I am much more confident, self-assured and at ease. I remind myself of these things and then I continue forward.

I have also discovered that the best thing that happens when I take a risk is that I receive so many blessings, many more than I even knew were possible. I achieve success in manifesting and achieving my dreams. I accomplish things, reveal my gifts and talents, experience love, find happiness, and go places I never dreamed I would go. All because I took a risk.

So, when given a choice to stay tight in a bud or blossom, I choose to blossom every time!

Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive, channeled writer. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has taught elementary school for over 16 years. Stefanie has been assisting individuals on their spiritual path since 1998. Facilitating private healing sessions, workshops and through her channeled writing, Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self and Source through a heart centered focus. Visit her site, A Magical World, email or tel: 954-562-8813.
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