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Living Mindfully

By Stefanie Miller

I was relaxing on the beach yesterday reading a good book. I saw myself in the main character. I was rooting for her, wondering how she was going to resolve her challenges. I thought about my current issues and I sat for a moment wondering how it would all work out. I am unable to see how it will unfold, although I trust that all will be good in the end. I reminded myself of all the insurmountable issues I've overcome. All of the times that I thought, how the heck will I ever accomplish that?! So why wouldn't my current situation resolve itself?! Whatever necessary steps I needed to set things in motion I've taken. Once we do what needs to be done we must let it go and leave the how's and when's to the Universe.

I listen to my intuition and guidance. I follow my heart. I live in a mindful state of awareness and when certain people, situations, or opportunities are placed before me, I find I connect with just what I need, when I need it.

I choose to live my life filled with conscious awareness. It is a vow I took many years ago to mindful living in all ways, always. It is not something that occurs over night, it takes cultivation and awareness. It is a process that encompasses all aspects of our life. From the foods we eat, the places we go, the people and things we surround ourselves with and clearing out what we do not need or use in our life.

I find I speak far less than I used to, and listen far more. Oftentimes I hear what someone is really saying not by the words they utter but by the energy they emit. When we get still we find we don't require as much of anything. We find contentment in the little things in life. We are connected to the natural rhythms of life.

We begin by clearing out the clutter in our lives. We tend to have far more "things" in our lives than we need. Relationship that are not serving us any longer, people who bring us down or leave us feeling downright lousy. Clothes we don't wear anymore, things we don't need, expired food and medicine, drawers jammed full where we can't find what we need, more obligations than we can handle, and objects that take up space that are devoid of meaning and usefulness.

Cutting back on making too many commitments and giving ourselves enough time to do whatever it may be we need to do, in a less hurried, less frantic way. Whatever we are doing deserves our full attention. When we are spending time with someone, really focusing on the person we are with and what we are doing. When we are eating, enjoy the experience of the food and the people we are with. Pay attention to who or what is in front of us. It seems we can get so preoccupied with what needs to get done that we miss the most significant of moments. Making time for quiet solitude that gives our soul and opportunity to connect in deeper ways. It is a way to nurture our being and nourish our soul.

We are in a very physical part of our growth or ascension process. All of us are going through restructuring in one way or another. Whether through issues with where we live, mortgages, finances, health, and security. We are having to really pay attention to what is in front of us and take care of our basic needs.

It can be a very sticky mess dealing with our finances and oftentimes we will ignore or avoid it until it is out of control. The Universe is pushing us out of our comfort zone so that we are forced, at every level, to deal with this stuff. I found as I clear up my financial situation things become less complicated and easier to handle. I become more peaceful and less stressed. When we live within our budget and really utilize our resources there is a feeling of empowerment. I find that when I make a purchase it is for something I really need and want. I connect with the energy of what I am buying and feel the worth of it. Not just in dollars and cents but in its uselfulness.

Our country's predicament is due to the fact that we have spent more than we have for far too long. It's catching up on us. Its a good thing that we are reevaluating our finances individually and globally!

Our bodies are adjusting to all of the changes on our planet. Those who are sensitive feel the intensity at a cellular level. We are feeling the shifts and it is effecting us energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. I am finding I need to drink far more water, get plenty of rest, take many more supplements and spend plenty of time in nature. I have been so affected by the natural disasters that are occurring. I wonder what's going on with me, only to watch the news and find validation.

I have many inquiring about dream interpretations as our dreams are sending us strong messages. Taking time to honor your body at this time is very important. Waves of fatigue, lack of motivation, and a deep desire to go inward is prevalent. We are internally adjusting to the waves of light coming to our planet through these occurrences. In order to sustain this time we need to be flexible and bend in the wind like an old oak tree, rather than trying to hold on for dear life to the old ways.

Being mindful creates opportunities for a more authenitic way of living and connecting. We are in the process of a major turning point individually and globally as we gear up for 2012 and beyond. It is not about the scary predictions of the end times, it is clearing out the old to make way for the new. A way of life that is more harmonious and in alignment with all that is. In order for that to occur we must be the consciousness we wish to see in the world.


I am ready to live in conscious awareness.

I choose to be mindful of my thoughts, my actions, and my reactions.

I pace myself in my daily activities so that I don't overcommit and therefore prevent myself from completing any of my goals in a thorough, complete way.

I give my full attention to the person I am with, the food I am eating, and the task I am doing.

I make time for myself to relax and do things I enjoy.

I connect with my body, mind, and soul to listen to what it needs and thus nourish and nurture myself.

I am one with all that is.

And so it is.


Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive, channeled writer. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has taught elementary school for over 16 years. Stefanie has been assisting individuals on their spiritual path since 1998. Facilitating private healing sessions, workshops and through her channeled writing, Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self and Source through a heart centered focus. Visit her site, email or tel: 954-562-8813.
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