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What Are the Main Benefits of Religion?

Benefits of Religion

If you're a fan of religion then you're not alone. Around the world, you'll find that 50 Bibles are sold each minute. It's also the world's best-selling book!

While all of this is interesting you might find yourself pausing for a moment and wondering why to continue with religion. What are the benefits of religion? Read this guide on how religion can help shape and make you into your best self today!


As the holidays come up and you take a look at the different Christmas Shepherds around, you'll see that many great acts of forgiveness have been inspired by religion. Martin Luther King Jr. would often preach forgiveness from Christianity.

Life Satisfaction

Many believe that religious people could have higher life satisfaction and be happier. This is believed to be due to the social bonds that people can enforce during church attendance.

Potential Longer Life

Some believe that thanks to having religious beliefs, you could live longer. You might have a greater risk of death due to not attending religious services.

Inner Strength

One of the top reasons to be religious is thanks to an increase in inner strength. If you face opposition, knowing that your god/gods are behind you can give you the courage that you need.

Obtain More Peace

Another benefit is that you can obtain more peace through meditation and prayer. Enjoy a relaxing day trying to reach enlightenment with Buddhism, or pray to God with Christianity and feel that you're being heard.

Relaxing Music

Many like religious music since it can be calming. Whether you're looking to join the choir or sing along during worship, many enjoy this part of church services.

Increased Resilience

Another potential benefit is resilience facing tough times. If someone is suffering from advanced-stage cancer, religion could increase their life.

Their resilience during this helped them live longer during tough times. Meanwhile, those without religion tend to live for a shorter period of time.

Industry Benefits

Looking across the United States, you can see that religious CEOs want to practice ethical and moral teachings across their company. Many charities and companies are started around the world to help others, motivated by their beliefs. Some of these companies will also make sure that a large percentage of their profits from their company go toward helping others.

Many religious centers also have employment service centers to help others get employed. Some centers are there to help those who are HIV positive as well.

Exploring the Benefits of Religion

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the benefits of religion across the globe. Consider the different religions and which resonates with what you believe most.

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