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Sound, Intention & Genetic Healing

By Sol Luckman

In an intriguing section of a fascinating book entitled 'The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge,' French anthropologist Jeremy Narby includes snippets from his personal journals from his time spent studying the healing practices of Amazonian medicine men. One entry is of particular interest on the popular subject of genetic healing.

"According to shamans of the entire world," writes Dr. Narby, "communication with healing spirits is established via music. For shamans it is almost inconceivable to enter the world of spirits and remain silent. Angelica Gebhart Sayer discusses the visual music projected by the spirits in front of the shaman's eyes. It is made up of three-dimensional images that coalesce into sound, and that the shaman imitates by emitting corresponding melodies." In a provocative footnote to himself, Narby adds, "I should check whether DNA emits sound or not."

One school of thought insists that humans are actually made of sound and that DNA itself may be a form of sound. Drawing on meticulously documented research, Harvard-trained Leonard Horowitz explains that DNA emits and receives both phonons and photons, or electromagnetic waves of sound and light. In the 1990s, according to Dr. Horowitz, "three Nobel laureates in medicine did advanced research that revealed the primary function of DNA lies not in protein synthesis ... but in the realm of bioacoustic and bioelectric signaling." In recent years a new artistic field called DNA music has even begun to flourish. It therefore seems appropriate, at the very least, to compare DNA to a keyboard with a number of keys that produce the music of life.

But what if on some level we are made of sound? What if in the beginning was the Word? What if the 'music of the spheres' is no myth? What if we ourselves are a harmonic convergence? What if the holographic grid of our being is a linguistic and musical interface between higher-dimensional light, which might be considered a form of divine thought or intention, and sound in higher-dimensional octaves? After all, String theory posits the existence of many different, theoretically accessible dimensions that appear notationally linked much like strings on a guitar.

Narby repeatedly makes the point that shamans use sound because this allows them to transform some aspect of the genetic code. If DNA is indeed a text, a keyboard, a musical score; if it is true that this score can be rewritten so that it plays a new type of music; and if we live not just in a holographic but in a harmonic universe, then it seems plausible that our bioenergy fields are at least in part composed of higher-dimensional sound.

When my partner Leigh and I began developing a method of DNA activation called Regenetics, we discovered through kinesiology (muscle testing) that each of the body's auric or electromagnetic fields corresponds not just to a chakra but to a third-dimensional sound octave. Best Life Therapies would have more information about this, also known as quantum muscle testing. Energetically, our research indicates that humans are built of a vertical series of light-processing chakras interfacing with concentric electromagnetic fields (which appear sonic in nature) to form the three-dimensional holographic matrix that produces our physical body.

According to the science of quantum holography, that is attracting many proponents as more and more of its precepts are confirmed, it is becoming apparent that DNA directs cellular metabolism and replication not just biochemically but electromagnetically through mechanisms that translate sound into light waves, and vice versa. Sound and light, or phonons and photons, establish a sophisticated communication network throughout the physical organism that extends into the bioenergy fields and back to the cellular and subcellular levels.

Recalling Edgar Cayce's prediction that "sound would be the medicine of the future," Jonathan Goldman in 'Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics' coined the following inspirational formula: sound + intention = healing. If we define intention as a form of conscious light energy roughly equivalent to thought, an idea consistent with many shamanic traditions such as that of the Toltecs of Mesoamerica, we can translate Goldman's formula as:


Recently, the ability of sound and light to heal DNA has been scientifically documented by a Russian research team of geneticists and linguists. Russian linguists discovered that the genetic code, especially in the so-called junk portion, follows regular grammar and usage rules virtually identical to those of human languages. This invalidates many modern linguistic theories by proving that language did not appear randomly but reflects our shared, divinely endowed genetic structure. In 'The God Code,' bestselling author Gregg Braden brilliantly demonstrates that the ancient four-letter Hebrew name for God (YHVH) is actually code for the four bases of DNA based on DNA's chemical composition of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. This assertion has been peer-reviewed and accepted by many scholars of Hebrew.

Russian scientists Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin have also explored DNA's extraordinary electromagnetic properties. Their research shows that DNA has a special ability to attract photons, causing the latter to spiral along the helix-shaped DNA molecule instead of along a linear path. In other words, DNA has the amazing ability to bend or weave light around itself.

In addition, it appears that a previously undetected form of intelligent light or intention energy (emanating from higher dimensions and distinguishable from both gravity and electromagnetic radiation) which Dr. Eli Cartan first termed "torsion" in 1913 after its twisting movement through the fabric of space-time, gives rise to DNA. Many decades later, the concept of torsion energy was still alive and well enough to inspire an entire generation of Russian scientists, who authored thousands of papers on the subject in the 1990s alone. "A unified subliminal field of potentially universal consciousness apparently exists," writes Horowitz on the subject of the Russian studies, "and may be explained as emerging from a previously overlooked physical vacuum."

The ancient Greeks were well aware of this potent energy, calling it "aether" and understanding that it is directly responsible for universal manifestation. In the 1950s Russian scientist Nicolai Kozyrev conclusively proved the existence of this life-giving subspace energy, demonstrating that, much like time, it flows in a sacred geometric spiral that has been called phi, the Golden Mean, and the Fibonacci sequence. In the face of overwhelming evidence of its existence, modern scientists are returning to the notion of aether using such phrases as "zero point energy" and "vacuum potential." Recently, mainstream researchers Richard Feynman and John Wheeler went so far as to calculate that the amount of torsion energy contained inside a light bulb could literally bring the world's oceans to a boil!

This breakthrough research in the temporal physics of subspace establishes that torsion energy permeates the entire multidimensional galaxy and not only is responsive to but may actually be consciousness experiencing itself in time. "To put it as bluntly as possible," writes renowned psychic and gifted scientific researcher David Wilcock, "you cannot separate consciousness and torsion waves—they are the same thing. When we use our minds to think, we are creating movements of electrical impulses in the brain, and when any electrical energy moves, torsion waves are also created."

According to the Russian findings, notes author Wynn Free, "this spiraling 'torsion' energy could actually be the substance of our human souls, and is therefore the precursor to the DNA molecule ... It already exists in the fabric of space and time before any physical life emerges." Elsewhere, Free remarks of transposons that these tiny segments of DNA can literally travel along the genome activating different parts of it when prompted by consciousness. In keeping with Dr. Gariaev's 'Wave-based Genome Theory,' Free concludes that DNA functions "somewhat like a computer chip, with different sections that can either be 'on' or 'off.'" Thus we can easily imagine how the torsion waves of human consciousness could actually program, or reprogram, DNA's binary code.

Similarly, the Gariaev group demonstrated that chromosomes function much like (re)programmable holographic biocomputers employing DNA's own electromagnetic radiation. Their research strongly suggests that human DNA is literally a genetic "text"; that chromosomes both produce and receive the information contained in these texts in order to encode and decode them, respectively; and that chromosomes assemble themselves into a holographic lattice designed to generate and interpret highly stable spiral standing waves of sound and light that direct all biological functions.

One revolutionary corollary (of many) of this research is that, to activate DNA and stimulate healing on the cellular level, one can simply use our species' supreme expression of creative consciousness: words. While Western researchers clumsily cut and splice genes, Gariaev's team created sophisticated devices capable of influencing cellular metabolism through sound and light waves keyed to human language frequencies. Using this method, Gariaev proved that chromosomes damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired. Moreover, this was accomplished noninvasively by simply applying vibration and language, or sound combined with intention, or words, to DNA.

According to Iona Miller and Richard Miller, "Life is fundamentally electromagnetic rather than chemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a bio-hologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form." Arguably the most far-reaching implication of the research cited in this article is that DNA can be activated through conscious linguistic expression (somewhat like an antenna) to reset the bioenergy fields, which in turn (like orbiting communication satellites) can transmit radio and light signals to restore the proper cellular structure and functioning of the human body.

Copyright © 2006 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved. Sol Luckman is managing editor of 'DNA Monthly' and Co-Founder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, offering cutting-edge educational services and materials designed to activate unity consciousness and actualize human potential. The developers of the Regenetics Method are educators and ordained ministers, not medical doctors, and do not pretend to diagnose or treat illness. The preceding article is excerpted from Book One on the Regenetics Method, the recently published 'Conscious Healing.' For information visit the center for Regenetics or call (302) 476-2333 and Skype: regenetics.

Note from Peter Shepherd: Conscious Healing is far more than the inspiring story of a revolutionary energy healing technique. A synthesis of ancient and modern healing wisdom, this cutting-edge text is a potentially life-changing read for anyone interested in alternative medicine, human evolution, or personal enlightenment. In addition, the book provides scientific substantiation for the work of alternative healers from many orientations; it convincingly makes the case for energy work in general.

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