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Lucid Dreaming: Some Things to Understand

Lucid Dreaming

Being aware that we are dreaming, without actually waking up, allows us to move at will within the almost infinite space of the unconscious. In addition to being an excellent self-discovery tool, dream lucidity is very effective in defusing fears.

Lucid dreams consist of becoming aware, "waking up" within the dream while we continue sleeping. It has been estimated that at least 70% of the population has these experiences spontaneously. However, we can all induce them through practice. To get more info about the practice, reading these Lucid dreams news would be helpful.

Lucid dreaming is a field of experimentation with infinite possibilities. When we realize that we are dreaming, we have the opportunity to ...

  • Visit places where we have never been, including outer space.
  • Fly freely or jump off a cliff without fear of hurting ourselves.
  • Facing monsters or situations that cause us fear with the assurance that we are safe.
  • Display superhuman powers.
  • Travel to the past or the future.
  • Make our sexual fantasies come true.
  • Thanks to this freedom that we have, we will be able to explore parts of our unconscious that we do not know, at the same time that we develop our intuition, since it is a highly creative experience.

Why be aware of our dream world

We should all pay attention to our dream world, since thanks to it we access the non-visible part of the iceberg, everything that is submerged under consciousness. Carl Gustav Jung compared it to a mansion of which we only know a small part. When dreaming, we lose ourselves through the corridors and stairs of our mind. We enter secret rooms that surprise us, as well as storage rooms where we discover relics of the past. Sometimes we enter rooms flooded with a clarity and beauty that takes our breath away. Through the windows, we see sublime landscapes, with paths that lead to places never imagined.

In our mansion of the unconscious we will also meet people

Some will be familiar to us and some will not. Depending on the door we open, a beautiful prince or a fearsome monster will appear. Dreams are like stories through which the unconscious communicates with us, so everything that happens has something to teach us. In fact, Jung dreamed more than once that he was literally wandering through a mansion.

A method to release complexes, blocks and repressions

Dream lucidity is also very effective in freeing our mind from complexes, blocks and repressions. And it can be especially useful to combat fears and phobias. Many people take advantage of these trips to communicate with people who have passed away. In my case, after the death of a cousin who was like an older brother to me, he appeared for years in my dreams and we had conversations that allowed me to complete the grief.

On another occasion, during a lucid dream, I had a visit from an unknown teacher who brought a message to me. It happened at the end of the spring, when he was entertaining the idea of founding a small publishing house. I was in a hotel garden when a man with long white hair approached me.


Although our dreams are simpler, we are lucky to be able to access our secret mansion every night, whatever form it takes. And if we develop this lucidity — to realize that we are dreaming without waking up — that is when we can move through it at will and discover all its secrets. We can join into a community like YoruX community to help us maintain our next lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams allow us to have a certain degree of consciousness within the dream, to control our steps within these wonderful scenarios full of teachings.

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