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Podcasts to Find Wellness Within

By Christina Laun

Physical health isn't everything when it comes to overall well-being - you have your mental health to consider as well. For many people, this means embracing the spiritual side of themselves, through meditation, religion and faith-based exercises. You can get some help with a few great podcasts. Here is a selection to get you started on finding true wellness within.

Emotional Wellness and Personal Growth
Take care of all aspects of your spiritual and mental health by maintaining your emotional well-being with these podcasts...

  1. Cultivate Life!: Get tools to help you transform your spiritual and mental well-being with valuable guidance from this weekly podcast series.
  2. Therapy of the Soul Radio: These podcasts discuss spiritual issues that effect your energy levels, health, outlook on life and much more.
  3. Personal Growth Podcast: Learn to develop your wellness inside and out with these podcasts from Learn Out Loud by boosting creativity, improving your relationships and achieving your goals.
  4. Be Still and Know: Roy Masters puts out these podcasts that discuss his method for using meditations and self realization to overcome stress and illness.
  5. Letting Go: Holding on to negative feelings can take a big toll on your emotional and physical health. This podcast from Guy Finley can help you learn to let go, worry less and overcome depression.
  6. The Option Institute: Learn to find the best within yourself and meet your goals with guidance from Barry Neil Kaufman in these podcast lectures.
  7. Encounter Podcast: Learn to connect spiritually and emotionally to people at home, at work and in the rest of your life with help from this podcast.

Spiritual Healing
Get some inspiration and advice from these great, generally focused podcasts...

  1. Spiritual Growth Through Spiritual Healing: Janet Erickson discusses issues like forgiveness, spiritual growth and attaining your goals in this podcast series.
  2. NurseHealer: Check out this podcast from a certified RN to learn more about holistic healing, spirituality and meditation from a medical standpoint.
  3. Bob Garner: This motivation author and speaker provides a podcast that is designed to give you ideas and stories to inspire you, help you feel better, and heighten your spiritual growth and well-being.
  4. A Quiet Mind: Get help finding fulfillment, happiness and peace in your life through the recordings in this blog which guides you through meditation and provides advice.
  5. Law of Attraction Tips: Some people believe you get what you give, and you can learn to give out more positive energy through this podcast.

Zen and Buddhism
Enjoy the simplicity and spiritual guidance these religious philosophies can offer through these podcasts...

  1. Zencast: Learn to appreciate the little things in life, get happy and learn important meditation skills with a little help from these podcasts.
  2. Lama Marut: Get spiritual advice from this Buddhist monk and former professor. The podcasts cover issues of spirituality, happiness, yoga and more.
  3. WZEN: This zen focused weekly podcast deals with issues in Buddhist teachings, and can help you learn ways to be happier, face your demons and be more compassionate.
  4. Dharma Podcast: This podcast series deals with issues in Buddhism, yoga and finding happiness.

Meditation and Yoga
Help get yourself relaxed and healthier mentally by using the techniques you'll learn through these informative podcasts...

  1. Sahaja Yoga Radio: Get some advice and leadership on meditation practices from this helpful podcast.
  2. The Meditation Podcast: Here you'll find a great podcast that will give you pointers on how to make meditation a part of your everyday life and uses special tones to help you relax to the fullest.
  3. Learn to Meditate: Beginners to meditation can get the instruction and guidance they need from this series of podcasts and start enjoying the mental benefits of meditation.
  4. Vedanta and Yoga: Vedanta is an ancient philosophy and you can learn more about it and its relation to yoga practice through this podcast.
  5. Open Mind Open Body: Yoga practitioners and teachers can get the answers to their questions on philosophy, practice and more in this informative podcast series.
  6. Podbreath Podcast: Get yourself centered and relaxed and ready to deal with anything that comes your way with this simple podcast.
  7. Consciousness: The Inside Story: This podcast explores the nature of consciousness and can help you get some insight into how and why you feel the way you do.
  8. Meditation Station Podcast: Get guided meditation advice to help you beat stress and feel happier and more fulfilled in your life.

Those of the Christian faith can help improve their spiritual well-being and their overall health with some help from these podcasts...

  1. Spirituality Live: Christian Science teacher Tom Black discusses how faith can help you feel better inside and out in this spiritually focuses podcast.
  2. Center for Divinely Guided Healing: These podcasts are designed to help in exploring ways of connecting with your spiritual side and helping you to be happier and more joyful in your life through spiritual healing.
  3. Spiritual Healing- Spiritual Diagnosis: Christians can find some spiritual guidance in this podcast from All About God. Get help with love, death, dealing with grief, fasting, angels and more.
  4. SoulThirst: Here you'll find numerous podcasts related to Christian faith, especially issues related to peace, happiness and personal fulfillment.
  5. Stand to Reason: Learn to appreciate your faith more clearly and to better understand your reasons for believing in your faith, strengthening your spiritual connection.

Other Faith-Based Wellness
Those of other faiths can find loads of podcasts to strengthen their spiritual connections. These can be a great place to start...

  1. Qur'anic Healing: These podcasts explore the idea of spiritual healing through lessons and teachings from the Qur'an. The recordings focus on effective problem solving, being happier and overcoming personal hardships.
  2. Shalom in the Home: TV personality Rabbi Shmuley gives weekly advice in this podcast on how to maintain a happy, cohesive home environment.

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