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Transmutation: The Eleventh Step on the Spiritual Journey

By Melody Larson

This is the twelfth article of the Spiritual Journey to Awakening series. In this series, Melody is addressing each step of the journey, to help you discern where you are on the path to spiritual realization. To get an overview of what this journey is about read the first introductory article and then the previous steps at The 12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey: A Map for the Seeker Going in Circles.

STEP ON THE JOURNEY - 11. Transmutation
LEVEL - Spirit
KEYWORD - Mastery, Miracles
ACTIONS - Wielding universal laws and forces
BELIEFS - "I am a powerful creator."
CHAKRA - Power
SIGN - Aquarius

Transmutation and spirit
Step 10 of Co-Creation was all about fulfilling your Inner Purpose. You learned to co-create through synchronicity in order to actualize your vision of how to serve humanity. While Step 10 is usually the last stop on the spiritual journey for 99.5% of humanity, the remaining .5% decides to continue on. What could possibly be left after fulfilling your soul's purpose for this lifetime? Mastery. Step 11 of Transmutation is all about achieving Mastery.

Mastery used to be reserved for the great saints, yogis, and prophets of the ages. These masters of energy understood how to wield universal laws and forces in order to perform miracles. They were great alchemists who understood the power of transmutation. In the new energies of our time, this power is slowly becoming available to "everyday" humans. Today's quantum physicists are just beginning to explore the energies known and used by the masters. It is thrilling to see the rift between spirituality and science coming to a close in these times.

Transmutation is the jumping off point into enlightenment. Back in Step 7 of Surrender you prayed to Spirit. In Steps 9 and 10 you co-created with it. Now, you clearly see that you are Spirit. When this is known by you—truly, beyond the conceptual level—you are able to take on the mantle of Mastery. This step is all about learning to manifest instantly, or nearly instantly. In other words, you learn to perform miracles.

Transmutation is spiritual alchemy. It's about wielding universal laws and forces. When you know how to move among higher and lower energy frequencies in order to transmute one into the other, miracles happen. Though this isn't quite an accurate description, for simplicity's sake what you're essentially doing in this step is converting energy into matter (in the case of manifesting something) or matter back into energy (in the case of removing something, such as making a tumor disappear). It is not only the human you doing this, of course, but the total You. This includes your Higher Self and The All that it is a part of. Tricky.

The master's tool? Intention. Energy responds to intention, but you must know beyond doubt that you are not separate from anything in order to use intention at its highest and most powerful level. Mastery is recognizing that you are not separate from any of the so-called "higher" aspects of your being, nor are you separate from the energy you are working with.

The popularity of the Law of Attraction shows that we are slowly moving towards mastery collectively, though we aren't there yet. Many can't get the Law of Attraction to "work" for them because they haven't yet walked the other steps of this spiritual journey. There is quite a bit of work to do first before we become Masters! That is what this journey is all about. You must move from the ego level, to the soul level, and then to the spirit level in order to use intention with any true power.

Transmutation and spiritual systems
Chakras: Step 11 is associated with the eleventh chakra, the Power chakra. This chakra is responsible for many functions, but core among them is our body's ability to convert the energy around us into power, as well as to release excess energy from our system. This chakra works with all types of energy: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Cyndi Dale, expert in the 12-chakra system, gives wonderful examples of how this chakra works in practical physical/mental/emotional terms in her book, The Complete Book of Chakra Healing (p. 81)... "For instance, when tired, we can drink in elemental energy through our feet, soak in the power from a thunderstorm through our hands, or absorb an angry person's negative energy and convert it into strength for our own response. We can also release our own energies through this chakra in order to let go of blocks, resistance, pains, and issues no longer assisting personal growth."

In terms of spiritual mastery, this chakra's function becomes especially powerful when we combine it with conscious intent. It helps us make use of universal laws and forces through its transmutation function. We can transmute energy into something specific that we desire to have, or that we desire to release.

Archetypes: Step 11 of Transmutation relates to the energy of Jung's Magician. The Magician can manifest both positively and negatively. On the positive side, the Magician within allows us access to our own powers as masters. The shadow side of the Magician appears when we use those powers for ignoble purposes, for harming rather than healing or for limitation rather than evolution.

The Magician is closely related to the Shaman, though its power extends beyond healing. It is also related to the Alchemist. This archetype is our inner miracle worker. It is the energy that makes it possible for us to intend and manifest. It is through the Magician that we both create and affect reality. The Magician understands that the divine is not "out there" but "in here." It knows that we are each a holographic part of the whole. The alchemic principle "as above, so below and as below, so above" is the motto of the Magician.

Astrology: Astrologically, step 11 correlates to the sign of Aquarius, the eleventh sign on the wheel. Though often mistaken as a water sign due to its glyph of 2 wavy lines and its image of the water-bearer, Aquarius is an Air sign. Air is associated with mental energy. Some equate the wavy lines not with water, but with serpents, ancient symbols of esoteric knowledge. Others associate the glyph with 2 lightning bolts, symbols of esoteric power. It is the water of universal truth pouring forth from the urn in the water-bearer's hands. Truth and power are what this sign is all about.

Aquarius gives us the courage to question not only tradition, but the limiting perceptions of truth that are born out of it. At the spiritual level, our inner Aquarius prompts us to ask, "What is the ultimate truth surrounding our existence?" It already knows the answer: We are the creators of our own reality. We are the Way and the Light. We hold the power within us. We are free to create as we please.

This sign also knows how to help us put this knowledge to use. Here is where Aquarius, the Magician, and Step 11 of Transmutation overlap. Aquarius knows how universal laws and forces work, and it knows how to make them work for us. When we combine truth with power, we gain freedom. Spiritually, the Aquarian within each of us holds the key to our ultimate freedom: power over reality.

To summarize, Step 11 of Transmutation is all about claiming and attaining spiritual Mastery. We come to see that we are not separate from the energy of the universe or from spirit, for everything comes from and is part of the same Source. From this knowing, we claim our power as creators, using intention to transmute energy for manifesting, healing, and other purposes.

The next step on the journey is Unity. It is the collective evolutionary goal of humanity, and the end of our spiritual quest. We'll explore this final step next week.

Melody Larson is an intuitive teacher. She is dedicated to helping others discover their spiritual purpose, remember their multidimensional nature, and awaken into wholeness. She also offers private consultations, to help you navigate the spiritual journey and fulfill your true purpose for this lifetime.

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