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Co-creation: The Tenth Step on the Spiritual Journey

By Melody Larson

This is the eleventh article of the Spiritual Journey to Awakening series. In this series, Melody is addressing each step of the journey, to help you discern where you are on the path to spiritual realization. To get an overview of what this journey is about read the first introductory article and then the previous steps at The 12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey: A Map for the Seeker Going in Circles.

STEP ON THE JOURNEY - 10. Co-creation
LEVEL - Spirit
KEYWORD - Service, Significance
ACTIONS - Grounding gifts into form
BELIEFS - "My life makes a difference."
CHAKRA - Earth
SIGN - Capricorn

Co-creation and spirit
We started to see co-creation appear in the last step of Guidance. In that step, the soul remembered that it was no longer separate and became capable of "lining things up with others" on the spiritual plane in order to bring about synchronicity. Now in Step 10, Co-creation really kicks in so that you may manifest all that you need to serve the world in a practical, Earthly way. The realization that comes with this step is that spirituality and Earthly life are not two separate things.

Step 10 is all about fulfilling your Inner Purpose. In the previous step, you discovered what your inner gifts were after mastering your life lessons. Now you express those inner gifts in an outward way. In other words, you convert them into some kind of tangible product or service. This may coincide with your FT work, consist of a PT job, take the form of volunteering, or come through a hobby. Service can occur in many ways beyond the concept of a job or a business. Many, though, do find a way to turn their service into their livelihood.

Co-creation is all about receiving, and actualizing, a clear vision of how you can best serve humanity. So the keyword for Step 10 is significance rather than success. Even so, material success is often a pleasant side effect of fulfilling your purpose!

Finally, I'll note that Step 10 is usually the last stop on the spiritual journey for most. It concludes Inner Purpose. Participating in Steps 11 and 12, which are about humanity's collective purpose of enlightenment/awakening/ascension (pick your term), is "optional." Like all steps on this journey, we can continue forward or not according to our own free will.

How do you know when you are in Step 10 of Co-creation?

  • You wake up each day full of excitement and joy and can't wait to get started
  • You know you are fulfilling your purpose and every day feels meaningful
  • You are often "paid to play"; in other words, your work is also your passion
  • Synchronicity becomes your primary way of operating in the world
  • Material success comes easily, yet you are totally unattached to it
  • Significance is more important than success
  • You feel a desire to reach out and help others, to give rather than get
  • You know that your life is contributing to the greater whole in some way

Co-creation and spiritual systems
Chakras: Step 10 of Co-creation is associated with the tenth chakra, the Earth chakra. This chakra is responsible for many functions, but core among them is our ability to ground ourselves to the Earthly plane. This chakra allows us to manifest our spiritual nature in form. It is what allows us to "carry down" non-physical energy into the physical. Fulfilling our Inner Purpose is also impossible without this chakra.

Creation requires both spiritual and physical/elemental energy. Without the Earth chakra, we can't manifest anything. It all just remains on the spiritual plane as formless energy. So when we co-create, we not only work to "line up" synchronicity on the non-physical planes; we also co-create with the Earth to bring that synchronicity down into the 3D realm. It shows up in the form of people, things, and opportunities: "real" things we can respond to and act on. The Earth chakra allows us to fulfill our life mission by providing the elemental energy needed to manifest our inspirations, dreams and gifts into tangible form.

Archetypes: Archetypically, Step 10 of Co-creation relates to the energy of Jung's Ruler. The Ruler can manifest both positively and negatively. On the positive side, the noble Ruler within is what drives us to "serve the kingdom." It reminds us of our higher purpose. Serving others becomes more important than achieving recognition or material success. The shadow side of the ruler is the need to control. In terms of Co-creation, we try to control the manifestation process. We want to make things unfold according to how and when we think they should rather than leaving it to a higher intelligence. When we do this, we usually greatly limit the outcome and end up serving in a smaller way than we could have.

The Ruler is concerned with the greater good. It wants to make the world a better place in its own way. It knows what skills and circumstances are needed to transform that vision into a reality. Without the Ruler, our dreams are just idealist fantasies. The Ruler also knows that it cannot work alone. It needs a team, and that team includes both non-physical and Earthly members. The Ruler is always on the lookout for ways to realize unused potential—in other people, in circumstances, or in thought. In other words, it knows how to transform synchronicity into opportunity.

Astrology: Astrologically, step ten correlates to the sign of Capricorn, an Earth sign and tenth on the wheel. At the mundane level Capricorn is often associated with conservatism, ambition, materialism, control, coldness, and power (along with many other so-called negative traits!) Like Scorpio, we tend to look at the shadow side of this sign only, and in doing so we completely miss out on its spiritual gifts.

Ultimately, Capricorn's goal is to marry our inner spiritual identity with our outer public one. In other words, it teaches us to be in the world with full integrity and authenticity. Who we are and what we do become inseparable as we move to fulfill our Inner Purpose. It is our inner Capricorn that assists us in bringing our gifts to the public in order to serve humanity in an honorable way. It assists us in transmuting our gifts into a practical service.

The lesson here is to avoid confusing spiritual power with worldly acclaim. Capricorn helps us stay immune to flattery and praise by remaining objective and focused on the end-goal: serving others. It also provides us with the stamina, patience, and self-discipline needed to stay the course for as long as it takes us to transform our vision of service into reality. Capricorn's gifts are the qualities of true leadership: focus, objectivity, patience, consistency, determination, and a vision that lies well beyond personal gain.

To summarize, Step 10 of Co-creation is all about turning the gift of who we are into practical service. Following synchronicity and remaining open to both the means and the outcome, we allow our soul and its "spiritual team" to lead us to the goal. The goal comes through as an initial inspiration, is sustained by our passion, and grows through our allowing. As Oprah Winfrey once said, "The Universe can dream a bigger dream for you than you could ever dream for yourself." This is Co-creation at its best.

What could possibly be left after fulfilling our purpose in life? We'll explore that next week when we discuss Step 11, Transmutation, where mastery and miracles await us.

Melody Larson is an intuitive teacher. She is dedicated to helping others discover their spiritual purpose, remember their multidimensional nature, and awaken into wholeness. She also offers private consultations, to help you navigate the spiritual journey and fulfill your true purpose for this lifetime.

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