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Guidance: The Ninth Step on the Spiritual Journey

By Melody Larson

This is the tenth article of the Spiritual Journey to Awakening series. In this series, Melody is addressing each step of the journey, to help you discern where you are on the path to spiritual realization. To get an overview of what this journey is about read the first introductory article and then the previous steps at The 12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey: A Map for the Seeker Going in Circles.

LEVEL - Spirit
KEYWORD - Intuition
ACTIONS - Discovering synchronicity
BELIEFS - "I am on purpose."
SIGN - Sagittarius

Guidance and spirit
This is the first step at the final level of the journey, the level of Spirit. Like all transition steps, there is still much soul-based work occurring in Step 9. What happens in this step is that the soul, now made more whole due to the last step of Healing, remembers its connection to Spirit. No longer separate, it is able to "line things up with others" on the spiritual plane and co-create synchronicity. It is also able to send you messages that come in clear, rather than fuzzy. So synchronicity and intuition are the two primary means that the soul starts to communicate its purpose to you in Step 9 of Guidance.

Guidance is all about communication. The soul can send you messages through symbols, synchronicity, hunches, sudden inspiration, dreams, and even direct channeling. Connecting with your guides,

Check out the heightening your psychic power, and fine tuning your ability to be present and to pay attention are all part of this step. Your soul begins to communicate your inner purpose for this lifetime to you, and when you learn to hear its promptings, your life starts to take on a magical quality.

Learning to receive the messages is the key, and that is what this step teaches. Once you start to see the relationship between listening, acting on the guidance you receive, and the results that come into your life, you begin to really viscerally know that you are a powerful eternal being here in a physical body. The empowerment and clarity that come from mastering this step are wondrous indeed.

Eventually, your purpose is revealed. This purpose is not something tangible that you do, at least not yet. Instead, the lessons you came into this life to experience are revealed, and you move towards mastering them. When you do, they become your gifts.

How do you know when you are in Step 9 of Guidance?

  • Synchronicity begins to rapidly increase in your life
  • Your intuition starts to kick in and is much more accurate
  • For some, your psychic powers are revealed
  • When you follow a hunch, it opens doors for you
  • Life begins to flow and everything happens with very little effort
  • You begin to find the answers to the questions "Who am I? What am I here to do?"
  • The lessons you are here to learn become clear to you
  • The gifts you are here to share with the world become activated

Guidance and spiritual systems
Chakras: Step 9 of Guidance is associated with the 9th chakra, the Soul chakra. This chakra is responsible for many functions, but core among them is our ability to communicate with our soul in order to access our purpose. This chakra translates the soul's messages to us by way of archetypes, symbols, dreams, and other patterns.

The Soul chakra also contains the lessons and gifts we are meant to activate in this lifetime. Just as the 8th Karmic chakra contains our Akashic Record, this chakra contains our potentials. These are calculated according to what we have and have not yet accomplished. So chakras 8 and 9 work as a pair. As we add to the Akashic Record stored in the Karmic chakra, the Soul chakra adjusts our potential lessons and gifts accordingly.

Wait a minute. How can we have a soul purpose before we are born if that purpose can shift according to what we do while alive? This is where free will comes into play. This is why chakras 8 and 9 always function together. We are not predestined, but we are predisposed. The soul can lay out a set of probable potentials regarding our lessons and gifts, based on what we've experienced so far and on what we've chosen to "step into" at birth in this lifetime. But what we do in this lifetime affects these potentials.

So yes, we have a purpose before we arrive. And yes, we have the free will to fulfill that purpose, partially fulfill it, put a spin on it, or fulfill a totally different purpose!

Archetypes: Archetypically, Step 9 of Guidance relates to the energy of Jung's Sage. The Sage holds eternal knowledge and wisdom. It can help us access the bigger spiritual picture in order to discover the truth behind our reason for being here. When we are willing to align with that truth, our lives begin to flow and we fulfill our purpose. However, we may also deny the truth that we find. In other words, we may refuse to accept the lessons our soul wishes us to experience in this lifetime. Without acknowledging the lessons, we cannot transmute them into our gifts.

The Sage serves as our inner oracle. The more we correctly interpret, and act on, what the oracle has to say, the more information we tend to receive. Similarly, the better we get at asking questions of our Sage, the more profound the answers will be. It is up to us, using our free will, to seek out our inner Sage or not. When we can let go of our attachment to what we think we are supposed to be doing with our lives, we become open to receiving a deeper level of guidance. This is how we access the Sage within.

Astrology: Astrologically, step nine correlates to the sign of Sagittarius, a Fire sign and ninth on the wheel. At the mundane level Sagittarius would be more associated with Step 6 of Seeking. This sign is the force within us that seeks to experience the world. We may do this through travel, through study, or through hedonism. Yet at a spiritual level, Sagittarius best fits with Step 9 of Guidance. Beyond the mundane experiences of life, Sagittarius is our inner philosopher. It is obsessed with the Truth, with the meaning of life, and with destiny and purpose at a cosmic level. Ultimately, only our intuition may bring us these answers, not our intellect; for they exist in the spiritual rather than the mundane realm.

Sagittarius also holds the energy of faith and optimism. It allows us to trust enough to actually heed our intuition, especially when what it is guiding us to do may fly in the face of rational action. Sagittarius enthusiastically jumps at the opportunities provided by synchronicity, knowing that each one is a breadcrumb dropped by spirit on our path to the Truth.

To summarize, step nine of Guidance is all about learning to communicate with our soul in order to discover and manifest our purpose. This purpose exists at the higher level of lessons and gifts, rather than as a tangible thing to achieve. The Guidance step teaches us to cultivate our intuition, to notice synchronicity, and to act on both accordingly. Once we master this communication and begin to heed it, we discover who we are and why we are here. From there, we can take the gift of who we've become as a result of mastering our lessons, and apply them in a practical way. We'll look at this practical application of our gifts in Step 10, Co-Creation, next week.

Melody Larson is an intuitive teacher. She is dedicated to helping others discover their spiritual purpose, remember their multidimensional nature, and awaken into wholeness. She also offers private consultations, to help you navigate the spiritual journey and fulfill your true purpose for this lifetime.

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