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Sovereignty: The Fifth Step on the Spiritual Journey

By Melody Larson

This is the sixth article of the Spiritual Journey to Awakening series. In this series, Melody is addressing each step of the journey, to help you discern where you are on the path to spiritual realization. To get an overview of what this journey is about read the first introductory article and then the previous steps at The 12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey: A Map for the Seeker Going in Circles.

STEP ON THE JOURNEY - 5. Sovereignty
LEVEL - Soul (entry into)
KEYWORD - Security, Authenticity, Simplification
ACTIONS - Returning to the tribe, creating more meaning
BELIEFS - "I am/am not fulfilled."
CHAKRA - Throat
SIGN - Leo

Sovereignty and the soul
Having learned the lesson of compassion in the previous step of Communion, we now cross the bridge from ego to soul. In the 5th step of Sovereignty, the ego "shakes hands" with the soul and finds its own authenticity. We return from our step four adventures away from the tribe. Having discovered our own values and beliefs, we now come home—to ourselves and to our relationships with others. We've learned to allow others to be who they are, and we've given ourselves permission to be who we are. In step five of Sovereignty, it's time for us to not only build our life, but to do so on a more meaningful level.

This step is all about creating inner security and satisfaction for ourselves. This step can take the longest of all the steps on the journey if we have not yet established our basic outer security in prior steps—financial stability, stable relationships, and health. If we have achieved those things, then we move on to deepening our satisfaction with life. We not only work, but we work at something that is more fulfilling. We don't just pay the rent or mortgage, but we create a home that feels safe and beautiful. We aren't just on auto-pilot in our relationships, but we consciously desire a deeper connection. Sovereignty, then, is all about creating a life that pleases us and that reflects who we are on an inner, or soul, level.

Two things can happen at this point. If we feel fulfilled and secure from the life we've created, this step is often the end point of our spiritual journey. There is no judgment in this. We lead a very satisfying life that impacts others in many positive ways. Our soul remains "below the surface" and we never become consciously aware of its existence. If, however, we still feel that something is missing despite our secure, satisfying, and authentic life, then our soul uses this step to start to get our attention.

This often comes about through simplification in a very practical way. We may choose to drop activities and commitments that drain us more than they fulfill us. We start clearing things out, both literally and figuratively. We first de-clutter our calendar and our closets. We throw out everything that doesn't reflect who we are. We don't know why we're doing this; we just feel a compulsive need to create more space and breathing room.

What is really happening is that our soul is starting to speak to us. It's asking us soul questions: "Are you really doing all that you can do in this life? Is your purpose truly being fulfilled? Does your life go deeper than this? Who are you beyond this physical body? " We aren't hearing these questions directly yet, but our soul is prompting us from below the surface to move into the present moment. We respond by simplifying our lives, which allows us to slow down and be more present. This prepares us for the next step on the journey where we do, indeed, begin to hear these questions as they consciously become our own.

Sovereignty and spiritual systems
Chakras: Step five of Sovereignty is associated with the fifth chakra, the Throat chakra. This chakra is responsible for many functions, but core among them is our capacity to speak and live our truth. It is through the throat chakra that we express our authenticity. It is also through this chakra that we create: not in the artistic sense—that's chakra two—but in the sense of manifesting who we are into tangible form by creating our life. Finally, this chakra helps us be responsible for our creations.

Just as the Heart chakra was seen as "the seat of the soul", the Throat chakra is the vehicle for expressing the soul's desires. In other words, it's the soul's communication center.

Archetypes: Archetypically, Sovereignty relates to the energy of Jung's Creator. The Creator can manifest positively and negatively. On the positive side, the Creator is responsible for manifesting our reality. We create our Self, our life, and our inspired dreams and visions. On the negative side, we may create 'harmful' manifestations or become locked into manifesting limited opportunities for ourselves.

The Creator pushes us to co-create with our soul in order to manifest the truest, most authentic life possible—one that aligns with and reflects our Inner Purpose. When we work with our Creator, we feel a deepening sense of destiny and significance. We desire to be true to ourselves and to express that truth in the world through the life we create.

The main trap for our Creator is burnout. The soul is not sensitive to the needs of our physical being and we must be careful not to over-create. When we do, we may become a workaholic or create a life that is overly complex, leaving us overwhelmed physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It is through the Creator that we contribute to "the world soul" or the collective dream of humanity, as each of us contributes to the collective consciousness by fulfilling our own soul visions.

Astrology: Astrologically, step five correlates to the sign of Leo, a fire sign and fifth on the wheel. This dynamic sign is all about expression. On the mundane level Leo is often interpreted as the actor or the self-centered show-off, but spiritually this sign goes much, much deeper. Leo teaches us to shout out our authenticity and to express our soul in the world. Our Leo lesson is to celebrate life with full trust that our dreams, when authentic, will be made manifest.

Ultimately, Leo knows how to keep our attention on the present moment. When we live in the present rather than bemoaning the past or fearing the future, we open the door to our soul and receive its guidance through the Throat chakra. We also learn to be happy with what is; our inner Leo knows how to find contentment like no other sign. It is only from a place of trust and joy in this moment that we are able to manifest positive outcomes in future moments. This is the gift of Leo.

To summarize, step five of Sovereignty is all about creating a life that reflects our deepest Self. It is the first step on the soul level of the journey. Whether we consciously discover our soul in this step or not, it nevertheless prepares us for the rest of the spiritual journey should we opt to continue.

And if we do opt to go further? Then we encounter the next step of the spiritual journey, Searching. Searching is the true initiation onto the spiritual path at a conscious level. We will take a look at this very tumultuous and life-changing step next week.

Melody Larson is an intuitive teacher. She is dedicated to helping others discover their spiritual purpose, remember their multidimensional nature, and awaken into wholeness. She also offers private consultations, to help you navigate the spiritual journey and fulfill your true purpose for this lifetime.

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