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Knowing Not Believing to Grow Your Intelligence

By Premjith Purushotham

Intelligence is your very nature. Every child is born intelligent. If you look at children, you will see this intelligence in their eyes. Their eyes are bright, shining, innocent. Every child has an aura around him or her. But look at the grown-ups, most of them look so stressed and lost.

The real question is this how intelligent and active children turn into passive, unintelligent adults. Something is happening in between, that is derailing the growth of this natural intelligence. And it is the conditioning — the imposition of ideas onto the innate intelligence.

If we look closely, the whole process of settling of dust on the mirror of intelligence can be understood. A human infant is very unlike other species. It needs support from the very first day to nearly five years. Mother plays the most crucial role, followed by the father. Then there is the whole society that interacts with the child.

Now, one can see that in every interaction with the child, we are trying to hinder his inquiry. The child wants to touch the soil, we say, "no, it's dirty." The child wants to touch and feel everything around him. And we go on forbidding.

The very urge of the child is to know. You say, "the chocolate is in the box. I put it there when you were asleep." But the child will go and have a look at it himself. Children don't want to believe; they want to know. It is because of this continuous urge to know, to keep knowing that a child is never bored. He or she is always up to something.

However, as the child grows, the parents, the society, the institutions all try to control their free movements. Their combined ego is so big that the weak, dependent child is all alone. The child feels the fear of disregard. They have grown under constant support, love, and so much from the parents, society, and surroundings that when they reprimand the child, it becomes scary.

The child slowly learns to please; he learns to act. Mother says, "I will love you if you do this and not that." The first conflict in him is already emerging. He feels that his individuality has such has no value. If he dances to the tunes of others, he will be respected, glorified. And on the lonely moments, his natural urge to explore comes back. But now some stones prevent the smooth flow.

The child enters the world of conflict. He has surrendered much and compromised much out of fear. Now there are beliefs. He is carrying now much wait. It is not the things he has known that he carries. But the words of the crowd repeat in his mind. Whenever he wants to know it resounds. It limps him of energy and the vitality of youth; he is already old. That is why the average mental age of adults rarely crosses 18.

It is the reason behind all the problems we see in families. They have not grown; they still fight like teenagers. Even in old age, we see, their consciousness is simply 18 years old. They may be engineers, doctors, and field experts. Intellectually brilliant but poor in intelligence. A closer look will reveal many things.

The intellect accumulates knowledge. You read something you have no experience about. The mind will store it as knowledge, but intelligence will dismiss it. It is unknown; reading is not enough. But our education is so intellectual, the grading system so humiliating that children find it safer to wear intellectual blazer. The intelligence is thus lost. Not forever, but dullness settles like the dust on a mirror.

But all is not lost, not yet.

The most significant contribution of East to humanity is the science of wiping this dust of conditioning. They understood that some kind of conditioning is unavoidable. But after all it's just the dust, the mirror is always there. Meditation is the wiping of this dust. It makes your intelligence sharper and rekindles your growth from the point you left it. That's why one who has fallen into deep meditation is blissful, innocent, just like a child.

How to start your transformation?

The first step towards intelligence is to unburden yourself. Become alert. Whenever an opportunity comes to know a thing, your mind will come with generalizations. It talks as if it knows. Look at yourself and listen to the voice in your head. It cannot be your voice. It could be your father's, mother's, teacher's but not yours because your voice can only be about the things that you have known.

Every belief rings inside you in the voice of the person who gave you that belief, so drop it instantly. Tell yourself that how can I believe without knowing. Make it a point every day to look into yourself and watch the beliefs you are carrying and drop them. Slowly, you will become lighter. The next step is to learn the natural discipline of acceptance. Once you master these two, you are now ready to enter into meditation.

Remember that meditation is a state a noun and not a verb. You can start doing the technique with the first two conditions. The two primary requirements, unburdening, and acceptance is the soil and water in your greenhouse. The technique is to open the opaque windows that block the sun. Meditation is like a flower that will bloom on its own. It is beyond you. You can create the conditions for it, and wait. If you do not create the circumstances, it never happens. So try various techniques like the movement meditation or the dynamic meditation. You can approach a trainer for better guidance.

In all this, remember the ultimate teaching, do not believe, know it. Do the technique, but know it. Then the transformation is real.

About the Author:
Premjith Purushotham leads the Digital Marketing team at Aufait Technologies, a pioneer in developing Tender Software for organizations. He also heads the SEO team at Mindster, a frontier Taxi app development company in India. With his 4 valuable years of experience in online marketing, he helps clients expand their online presence and mushroom novel business ideas
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