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The Law of One Vibration

By Ulla Jacobs

Reiki, Chi, Prana, Healing light, White light, The One Power, The Force... These are all terms used to describe an energy, a force that gives life to all living things.

My first conscious encounter with this life force occurred during meditation. Just a novice at the time, my awareness was drawn into a pure, white light. Still sitting in a chair, it felt as if I had entered another dimension. The entire episode must have only lasted a few seconds but time seemed to stand still. The feeling within this space was of warm, loving support. I had come home!

A noise outside pulled me back from this awesome place, returning awareness into the room where I sat. The first emotion I felt was annoyance at having lost the connection; then regret at having lost contact with this source. I tried very hard to regain access once more, to no avail.

At the time I had no idea what had occurred, only that I needed to go to this place again. With learning came understanding which brought insight and clarity. I had briefly touched the spark residing in all of us. This was the atman, the soul.

Further awareness of this energy came during a seminar on Ayurveda. The practitioner had selected three people from the audience to come up to the stage in order to represent the three doshas; Vata, Pita and Kapha. The Kapha he chose was a very obese woman. She seemed embarrassed and unsure of herself. I felt compassion for her and silently thanked her for having the courage to be singled out. The moment this compassionate thought was directed towards her, a stream of light energy, like a cord, shot from the area of the third eye and entered hers. I was not sure if this had actually taken place, it happened so fast. As the stream of light found it's target, the practitioner's head spun around to see where the beam had originated. He smiled at me and I knew that he had seen it too.

These instances set-up a craving for further knowledge. I had become aware of something extraordinary. As a researcher I needed to find out more. This journey led to the discovery of many healing modalities. Further studies began to reveal the existence of a set of universal laws. These laws of creation offer each of us a roadmap through life.

The Law of One Vibration exists within all things, providing the spark of life. It ensures the working of involuntary systems such as heartbeat and respiration. Only upon death of the body does it extract as it enters the transition process (Law of Transition). The source of this energy has been termed the unified field and collective unconsciousness. It contains all knowledge of things that have gone before as well as knowledge of things yet to come. It is a loving radiance that supports and sustains us here on earth as well as beyond, accessible by becoming one with it. We may enter it at anytime to discover the treasures hidden there. No one is denied entrance into this realm. The only preclusion is misunderstanding, lack of knowledge or denial of its existence. Once access is achieved we can rest assured of gaining any information and any guidance we desire. We become one with the light.

The only question remaining is that of locality. Is this energy external or does it reside within us? Research has led me to believe it is both external and internal. It is all encompassing, omnipresent and omnipotent, continuously radiating 24/7.

Recently one of my guides walked towards me with outstretched arms, hands cupped together. Within his palms rested an orb of light energy, pulsating with life-force; a magnificent radiance. He offered it to me saying, "You may direct this anywhere you wish." I chose to accept this gift of knowledge with gratitude, as a healing toll, knowing it can be sent anywhere at any time, as needed.

My main guide, Darvon, has been with me for all of many lifetimes. She came to me as white light proclaiming, "I come to you without physical form because I do not want you to limit me. I am able to come to you in many ways; even as the smallest bug. This is a capability I have open to me."

This statement caused me to think about the fact that she is pure, white light, able to enter anywhere that this light is found—in all living things. Could these evolved beings be residing within the one power, providing it with the love and knowledge contained within? Perhaps we all get to reside within this energy once a certain level of enlightenment has been attained.

Could this radiance be what some refer to as God?

Ulla Jacobs, visionary and first time author of "Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-Creation," has been a researcher for over 35 years. A health crisis prompted the search for alternative medical cures when the allopathic route did not work for her. She evaluated various cures including herbs, supplements and many alternative healing modalities such as Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ayurveda, Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Iridology. Changing to a healthy diet helped to lessen and then alleviate symptoms. However, it was discovering the mind/body connection that finally led to, after nine years, being able to overcome the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis.

When she discovered universal law, Ulla realized that she had found the key to self-empowerment. Awareness and understanding of nature's laws allowed for pro-active involvement in day-to-day interactions with others. This knowledge provided a basis for the need to dispel negativity and fear, in order to keep from drawing more of the same. Ulla believes that these are the principles Jesus came to teach over 2000 years ago.

"Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-Creation," published by Trafford Publishing, is available at

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