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Insect Symbolism

There are a lot of spiritual symbols in the world, but perhaps the most common type of symbolism out there is animal and insect symbolism. Many of us may not like bugs in real life, but they have a lot of significance in the spiritual world. We’ve all heard about the idea of spirit animals before, but what exactly do insects symbolize in a spiritual sense? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Insect Symbolism - A General Overview

So what might an insect represent? Insects tend to have a few things in common as far as symbolism is concerned. They are generally associated with detachment, patience and determination. Insects are usually connected strongly with the world around them, so they represent a willingness to work with the environment rather than against it. They represent tenaciousness and proactivity. Insects are vital to the Earth’s ecosystem, and so they can have profound symbolic meaning.

What are the Spiritual Meanings of Common Insects?

Ladybug Spiritual Meaning

According to Sodalite Minds, the ladybug symbolizes innocence and new beginnings. This insect is a symbol of positivity and opportunity. They can also be seen to be a sign of good luck and of love. This is thanks to the ladybug’s roots in Norse mythology, since it is believed that the ladybug was summoned to earth by the Goddess of Love.

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning

The grasshopper also has symbolic meaning. The grasshopper leaps every single day, so the grasshopper can sometimes be seen as a symbol that you should take a leap of space. The grasshopper is also seen as a symbol of nobility and wisdom in Feng Shui. As a spirit animal, the grasshopper is seen to be forward thinking and innovative, and people with the grasshopper spirit animal are people that tend to enjoy giving to others. They like to move around a lot too!

Ant Spiritual Meaning

Ants march in succession - they are known for their sense of organization and community. With this in mind, it’s not hard to figure out what they symbolize!

The ant can symbolize patience, and also self confidence. The ant knows its duties - so should you! It can also represent a need to focus on community and teamwork in order to reach your goals. Ants are also adaptable to all sorts of situations, so the ant can be a sign that you need to become more flexible to change. They represent a sense of duty.

Bee Spiritual Meaning

The bee is an essential part of the earth’s ecosystem. The bee spirit animal can be helpful for people that need a little help with creative projects and new ideas. It can help if you are struggling with particularly heavy burdens in life.

The bee is also a symbol of productivity. We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘worker bee’ - it’s for a good reason! Bees are hard working, but they aren’t all work and no play. Sometimes they take some time to enjoy the world around them too. Much like the ant, the bee is also a social creature that thrives with community, so it can symbolize teamwork.

Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

It’s easy to imagine the meaning of the butterfly - beauty, new beginnings and more. There’s more to the butterfly as a symbol than just this, though.

At its most basic level, the butterfly represents new things that are about to take place for you. The butterfly symbolizes growth, and a need to shed the past to create the new. The butterfly symbolizes deeper potentials that we may not have realized that we have. It symbolizes greater happiness and clairvoyance.

In religions such as Christianity, the butterfly is also seen as a symbol for the soul. Ultimately though, the biggest meaning of the butterfly is that of transformation.


The insect can symbolize many things depending on the particular creature in question, but one thing is for sure: the insect is something that you should pay attention to, as it may teach you a valuable lesson. They aren’t just an every day annoyance - they are very important to the way the earth functions. The next time that you see an insect, it may be worth considering what it symbolizes!

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