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A Guide to Consciousness

Everything has a connection in this world, and nothing exists in isolation. The same goes for your whole being, especially your mind, emotion, and body. If one of these feels off, sooner or later, the other will follow.

These three need to work hand in hand together in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, they'll rarely do. But the one thing that has the most influence among the three is your mind, meaning if you have a good grasp on your way of thinking, you’ll have a higher chance of achieving balance on your whole being.

But it’s hard forcing your mind into thinking about what you want. So, this article will guide you in mastering your mind from a heart space to have a gentler way of achieving balance. 

Start By Acknowledging Where You Are

Be honest with yourself and acknowledge what’s happening to you right now. Are you content, cornered, concerned? How’s your mind? Are you well-rested, agitated, racing? What about your body? Is it twitchy, tired, or drained? Whatever it is, you need to accept it. 

Once you have acknowledged what’s happening to you as a whole, you’ll find it easier to steer yourself in the right direction and stop when you notice that you are heading towards the edge of a cliff.

Accept Negative Thoughts

When you start to acknowledge what’s happening to you right now, you’ll most likely have unwanted thoughts along the way. And nobody wants them. But pushing them in the back of your mind will just make them more intense. So instead, accept your negative thoughts and let them in.Acknowledging unwanted thoughts makes them easier to confront and manage.


If you have trouble accepting your negative thoughts, meditating should help you.

At first, it will do nothing. You sit down and relax but no matter how clear your mind is, distracting thoughts keep popping into your mind. 

The trick is to sit with your unwanted thoughts. So once you notice them, you can let them go, making them loosen their hold on you. After that, you’ll feel more control over yourself. As the more you meditate, the easier it is to let go of your unwanted thoughts to let drift to the past.

Change Your Perspective

Talking to yourself can go a long way in changing your mindset. But remember, how you to yourself matters. 

One thing you can do is to talk to yourself from a third-person perspective. 

Instead of:
"I'm feeling miserable, but I've been through a similar situation before. So I'll get through this too."

"I know you're miserable, but you've dealt with previous challenges in the past too. So I know you'll have the strength to get past this too."

By repositioning yourself as an outsider, you'd give yourself space to distance yourself from intense emotions and look at the full picture of the situation. 

You'll avoid going back and forth with your thoughts and productively explore your feelings. 

Cheering yourself up also becomes easier, especially since people have a hard time accepting self-encouragement.

Focus On Positives

Thinking positively does not mean that you ignore the bad things in your life. Instead, it involves looking at the bright side of things and finding the silver lining among the bad days.

It won’t change your situation, but it can change the way you feel about a particular problem, making you handle them better.

It also makes you feel more grateful for the other positive things that have happened in your life.


Being conscious about yourself and your whole being will lead to a more balanced life, letting your mind, emotion, and body work more in harmony. It’s not easy, but you’re not in a race either. Take your time and gradually progress by using the guide above. 

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