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Being Ten Years Younger

By Ken Graydon

It all began, when a friend became pregnant at forty years of age. There were some difficulties and the doctor ordered months of bed rest. I devised a healing program to take this lady back to the 'perfect age' to have her first child. Her Higher Self nominated 25 as the perfect age and we used a combination of healing protocols to go back in time and there were some immediate beneficial results.

This raised the very interesting possibility of being able to offer clients the "cosmic cosmetic" of looking, say, ten years younger but also giving them the benefits of feeling and acting younger. Beyond that is an even more interesting possibility - if we can go back as if we were ten years younger, could we make a different decision regarding illnesses or accidents we had experienced and so change the past? This is too interesting a question to pass by and so we have devised an experiment.

The first example had a connection between the healer and the client, although they are in different countries, so for this to be a truly valid experiment we need to find a number of people who, firstly, are interested in looking, acting and feeling ten years younger, have no previous contact with the healer, are committed to completing the experiment and will send notes of the changes that they notice. Secondly, even if their name is not published, be prepared to have their record of the experience published in a report of the experiment.

Could this person be you?

The procedure for this experiment uses the Sacred World Matrix protocols, which allow the people taking part in the experiment to nominate the time in their time zone when they can be relaxed and undisturbed for thirty minutes. The process includes water healing which involves drinking water during the treatment time. Our bodies are made up some 70% of water and this simply allows the benefits to be spread more quickly through our system.

To make this experiment really accessible we are making this a "Ten for Ten" offer. We'll try to take off ten years for ten dollars [Australian dollars, so if you use some other currency you'll save even more] which can be sent securely through Pay pal. Do not send any money before you have made contact and arranged your session time. The payment is just a way of ensuring that each participant is really committed to completing the whole experiment.

Expect that the benefits will be internal first. The intention is for you to BE ten years younger - when you BE it, then you will see it - first you will feel younger then you will manifest it externally. That's the plan and the intention.

If it is not immediately obvious from your name, would you please let me know if you are male or female, we are being guided to use different processes for either sex.

The healing treatment being used in this experiment will also enhance your general well being, it is a total person treatment and although we offer a range of healing services we will have to offer treatment for other conditions in separate sessions so that we do not invalidate your experiment results.

We do not offer medical treatment or advice. If you are receiving treatment or medicines from a health professional do not cease or vary the treatment or dosages without reference to that health professional. Results of sessions will vary from person to person and may be influenced by factors beyond our control. Offering a donation for a session does not constitute a contract.

If you would like to participate in this experiment please send an email to Ken Graydon nominating a time, at least three days ahead [I have work to do on your behalf] when you can be relaxed, undisturbed and ready for a blessing. Tell me which country you are in and whether you are male or female.

Ken Graydon has an Intentional Healing practice based in Western Australia>. All services are tailored for individuals - no 'one size fits all' solutions. There are no set fees but donations are accepted.
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