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The Power of Thoughtforms

By Rachel Goodwin

If there is one thing that is important for you to know, it is that every thought, even the most insignificant, is a living reality. Thoughts can even be seen, there are people who can see them. Of course on the physical plane, a thought is invisible and intangible, but it is no less real: in its own region and with its own subtle matter, it is a living, active being (Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov).

Thoughtforms can be described as energetic patterns that exist within our aura, and they are created by our own thoughts. So if you have the thought, "I have all the energy I need, I have all the energy I need," with enough conviction and belief, you'll create a thought form who makes this so, and this newly created thoughtform will then live happily inside your aura.

This thoughtform will help you draw towards you all the circumstances you need to make it so. For example, it may help you realize that you need to give up smoking, as a first step towards better health and energy, then it may nudge you towards taking up a new hobby that you really enjoy, (and therefore boosts your energy) and as you clear each hurdle, improving diet etc, etc, the thoughtform will continue to help you clear all obstacles between you and the optimum energy levels that you want to create. This could take weeks, months, or could be a life's work!

You could say that thoughtforms are the spiritual equivalent to computer programs, and sub-routines, as they will keep running the same programme until the time where an intent and focus is made (by you) to change them.

You can have thoughtforms of depression, which always respond to certain triggers with hopelessness and despair, or thoughtforms of overeating, thoughtforms of rage. It only knows how to exist as itself, (it only has one programme to run!) and so thoughtforms will always attempt to deal with life in the same way.

Thoughtforms are created over time, and are the energetic equivalent of schemas (deeply held beliefs). If there is a very strong activating event, that happens only once; such as the trauma of a car accident, or rape, then, because of the strength of the emotions, a powerful thoughtform will be created. Or if over a number of years, an experience happens daily of being undermined in small, subtle ways, such as the dynamics that can occur in families, then again, due to the dripping tap of emotion, a large pool of energy is created for the thoughtform to grow big and strong. So then, here we have the situation of a thoughtform living happily (maybe not for you) in your aura, creating the reality of the belief that is at the core of its existence, and feeding off the energy that it co-creates with the world around. Well, what then?

Well, the good news is that YOU are the computer programmer (phew), and have at your fingertips a wealth of tools. Thoughts and emotions have great power, when used together with intent, and this is how the power of affirmations - speaking them, writing them, thinking them, effectively and over time - will bring about positive change. So for example, affirming "I love and approve of myself," will help heal a negative thoughtform that is creating, "I am a useless person." Affirmations are often not enough in themselves, but work well when combined with other methods.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of plugging straight in to the appropriate thought forms, and bringing about positive change. As while counselling and psychotherapy will whittle away at the beliefs created over years in childhood, often using the logical, conscious left-brain to prove to yourself that you're not useless after all, hypnotherapy does this by going straight to the heart of the problem, and can bring about immediate transformation.

Hypnotherapy also uses the power of the word, and of sound, and of healing energy which is channelled through the word. When a hypnotherapist is speaking to a client in trance, the therapist is co-creating with the client new thought forms.

Parts therapy is incredibly useful, and indeed parts therapy is a way of communicating directly to your thoughtforms. In most of us, there are a number of thoughtforms, all working in different directions, and through parts therapy, you can bring them under conscious control and get them to pull together - working together in harmony and for the highest good.

Because these thought forms are energy, as a healer I use a number of clearing techniques. One excellent energy for doing this is the violet flame, which anyone can use. This energy transforms and transmutes negative energy into positive energy. So a thoughtform can be removed and made available for use for a positive thoughtform. I use the technique of drawing off the energy with my left hand, and then ciphoning it to my right hand and to the violet flame, which I visualise as a violet flame bonfire directly underneath my right hand.

Other energy healing techniques using certain hand positions can be used to break down , and dissipate any negative thoughtforms around the head or solar plexus, and also certain hand positions work powerfully on past life traumas stored in the brain stem.

Sometimes bringing in the energy which is opposite to the thoughtforms gently eases them away, so with a fear thoughtform, you might bring in gentle calming energies; calling on archetypes that represent this energy, such as White Tara or Buddha, and channel their particular high vibration of energy. This energy can then gently wash away and dissolve the fear thought form.

It's important in this healing work, (as in parts therapy), to always treat the forms that you're working with great care, and not take the stance of obliterating them. This is not a war to be fought but a diplomatic negotiation of change, where compassion and sensitivity are the keys to success.

We create our own reality and our own karma through the process of creating these thoughtforms, in response to the world around us and our past experiences and beliefs. I believe thought forms can be carried from life to life (as energy never dies, it only changes). With this perspective, your life path becomes a far more cause and effect process, and one in which we can take our power back.

So, you might want to have a think about what kind of thoughtforms you might be carrying around with you, and how to do a bit of life laundry on them. Working to raise the energy and vibration of your thoughtforms (and of course you!) is probably the most satisfying and rewarding work you can undertake, as you'll be repaid by your reality ever increasingly reflecting the inner brightness of your light!

Rachel is a graduate of ISIS center of Integrated Hypnotherapy and a qualified hypnotherapist. She has a multi-dimensional approach to health and well-being. As a qualified hypnotherapist, sensitive healer and Reiki Seichem Master, Rachel has produced a powerful system of overcoming obstacles to the paths of health and happiness which we wish to walk. She has a special interest in past life regression, overcoming anxiety and depression and raising self-esteem.
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