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Gaia Vs Mindvalley: Which Platform is For You?

Gaia Vs Mindvalley

So if you’re the sort of person who wants to learn and develop yourself spiritually and metaphysically, there really aren’t a whole lot of choices that are out there, though thankfully the choices you DO have are pretty good. Right now the biggest contenders in the market for your spiritual learning and development come down to either Gaia, or Mindvalley. Each of them is different enough to be unique, and each of them is highly specialized in what they offer. Not only that, but they are each highly rated by the people who have used the platforms before and millions of users daily are left feeling fulfilled by the courses, lectures, and information that you can get from them.

Now, the question is; which one SHOULD you go with? For that, let’s take a look at several different points and compare and contrast to help you make a decision.


This is where things get a little bit dicier when it comes to the differences between the platforms, and might be the actual turning point for a lot of people on which platform they want to go to for their esoteric needs.

We’ll start with Gaia first, and it’ll become apparent why.

Gaia’s pricing is about what you would expect for the platform that it’s on, and since it’s predominately a streaming service that has a few other things attached to it, its prices reflect that. At its base, its $11.99 per month (with a free 7 day trial!), or you can choose for an annual payment of $99 if you want to go the yearly route. If you want to go with a $299 annual payment though, you get access to a lot more. In fact, at each tier you get access to different services.

What sort of different services? Well with the $12 a month plan, you just get access to the streaming platform and that’s really it. Nothing special there: You can watch the over 8,000 titles that they offer, and watch on your Laptop, TV, Phone, Tablet, or anything else and that’s really it.

At the $99 a year package, you not only get 2 extra months free, but you also get access to digital downloads of Gaia’s own monthly magazines: The “Healthy Habits Guide” and “Health Magazine” respectively. More information about Gaia available here.

The $299 annual package though is really where it shines, considering you get live access to all the major Gaia services which include live streaming of lectures, workshops, events and more, and you can even chat with other members during the live events; plus access to participate in Q&A sessions with the event speakers themselves and have your questions answered or find additional resources for learning.

But what you really get is access to the full library of past events as well that was done, which no other tier gets access to. So you’re getting a premium package that’s well worth the price.

Neat, so what does Mindvalley offer then that makes it so different from Gaia?

Well, its packages offer less per tier, since there’s really only two: Monthly, and Annually. That’s it. While this gives you a better deal overall – since payment gives you access to everything that Mindvalley has to offer – it’s a little bit more expensive.

How expensive? Well the monthly plan is $99 a MONTH, which is the entire yearly package of Gaia up above. You could go with the yearly access plan, which allows you to pay at a discount of $41 a month. Though you have to pay the initial $500 up front for the yearly plan for the discount to take effect first before you start to save. Article about personal experience of Mindvalley student.

Of course, you can cancel at any time, but really, once you’ve paid for the full year there is no way to back out of it, and your window of opportunity to do so is small. Though you can cancel after placing the order if you want and still have access to Mindvalley for the entirety of the package you paid for, so at least if you cancel you’ll still be able to enjoy your money’s worth.

User Interface

So with pricing out of the way, what’s the difference between the platforms Interface? How easy are they to navigate and are they user friendly?

Mindvalley’s user interface is clean and useful, and there really isn’t much to go on in terms of review for it other than to say that it’s like using any other Online Learning platform. You simply log in, you have access to categories, your saved searches, lessons, and workshops you’ve done before you can go to, your progress, and account information. Clean and efficient.

Gaia on the other hand is a little bit different considering that its platform is still relatively new, and its spread through several different things from articles magazine downloads, and streaming. You can watch all of the videos that it offers and stream it to your smart TV’s, but it’s apparently pretty hard to connect to. Not only that but the user interface is entirely unintuitive and hard to navigate so you often get confused to where you’re going when you want to just watch a documentary on meditation or something. Some users even report that some subjects are put in the wrong category as well, though that’s been since addressed and it’s one of the things that Gaia is actively improving on with every update to the platform itself.

All in all, there really isn’t THAT much of a difference between them.

Final Thoughts

So then what’s the real difference between them and which one should you go with? That’s a hard answer to give, considering that they each do different things and they offer different enough services that they can really be considered different platforms entirely.

In the end if you go with pure pricing, then you’ll get a lot more out of your money with Gaia considering it’s the cheaper option. However if you want something that’s not as spread out on what it can offer and has a lot of the top leading experts in the world creating content for them, then you’ll want to go with Mindvalley.

If it’s about streaming and just purely being entertained with what’s on offer, then Gaia is probably the best way to go since you can access them on any device you own, whereas Mindvalley is purely an Online Learning platform complete with lectures, classes, additional reading, discussions and more.

All in all, what’s better for you will determine on what it is you want to get out of them, and whether or not the price is perfect for your budget.

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