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Love Changes Everything

By Ivan Fraser

There is a question which I am faced with very often in relation to the material I have been disseminating via The Truth Campaign and that is: "What can I do to change the situation you describe?"

In many ways, the information which is available now concerning the manipulation of society has generated a degree of fear and confusion, as well as the feeling that we, as individuals, are largely powerless to do anything sufficient to make any real headway towards resolving the many imbalances which we face in our everyday lives.

A lot of people have not been with us from the beginning of this magazine and have joined with the later issues which, admittedly, have tended to be more concerned with the negative aspect of life than the positive. This is due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of imbalances which come from spiritual imbalances are manifested in the physical, whilst the spiritual solutions are relatively simple. Fortunately, the majority of readers have seen enough of my work to know where I am coming from and see that it is rooted in the spiritual search to overcome problems in the physical dimension. Many have read my work from the beginning, which was first manifested in my book Lifting The Veil, and have seen the progression of that information through the various issues of the magazine. They have therefore a firm grasp of the spiritual foundations of my work, which is a pre-requisite for then dealing with the more negative issues raised. Without the spiritual foundation to some of the material, it is often difficult to come to terms with so much imbalance in the world today.

The purpose of the magazine was initially to expand on the kind of subjects covered, many very briefly, in Lifting The Veil and to network that information as far as possible. It was not intended to be purely a conspiracy magazine, or a health issues magazine, but an organ for the networking of empowering information and ideas on an holistic basis with a spiritual approach. However, admittedly, due to the wealth of information which is available but not generally realized in the greater public arena, a great deal of what may be called 'negative' issues have come to the surface. And for some, this torrent of information has become a little overwhelming, leading to a feeling of powerlessness. The System appears to be a great monster which is out of control and beyond the ability of the individual to change.

But before we can heal, before we can change, we have to know what it is we are dealing with. All healing is about bringing imbalances into balance. This inevitably involves bringing out 'toxins' to be expelled and bringing deep imbalances to the surface to be dealt with. But we can't individually deal with every problem ourselves, not are we individually responsible for every problem, as we are not necessarily touched by every problem directly. What we are responsible for is dealing with the issues which face us every day in our personal realm of responsibility. And if we are aware of the wider issues we can ensure that what we do within our own personal realm of responsibility does not impact on a wider basis and feed the problems and imbalances of others, thereby making us karmically responsible for those issues too. But just like cogs in a great machine, everyone's realm of responsibility links in and overlaps with those of others and what we do always has a knock-on effect. Therefore, the priority for us all is to ensure that our own house is in order before we can extend our influence to the wider issues. And so often, when this happens, certain things which once seemed to be almost insurmountable obstacles can resolve suddenly quite easily, or are no longer the enormous scary monster they used to appear to be.

So, what do we do?

The simple answer to that question, from my perspective, is that I cannot tell anyone what to do. It is not my role, nor is it within my power, to instruct individuals how to lead their lives. My philosophy is that finding the answer to that very question is one of the main purposes of living. We are all unique individuals with unique life experiences and abilities; our responsibilities are ours alone and therefore we all have to come to our own realizations through self-analysis. We have to weigh ourselves in the balance and judge our own actions against our inner spirit. I am ultimately responsible for what I do. At the end of the day it is what I do, how I do it and the intent with which I do it which will determine the outcome. I feel this applies to everyone equally. What works for me will not work for everyone else. I can only give my own personal viewpoint which others can take and act upon it in their own way, or reject as they see fit.

The truth is that we are all here to work. We have all come to manifest the spirit in a physical experience. None of us came to be a mere cog in a System which is operated for us from outside of our influence. Each and every one of us came from a Source in which we were all equal and have chosen to manifest the experience of a reality based upon inequality. We did not incarnate to experience lives of irrelevancy!

I and others, here and elsewhere, have documented the many ways in which our infinite spirit has been subjugated by forces which rely on our subservience to materialism in order to control us. But the simple fact is, no matter what forces exist to prevent us from realizing it, we are still a part of the same Source as ever we were and have equal relevance from this perspective as any other individual soul incarnate in this world, no matter how much they would try to pull the wool over our eyes to divorce us from this fact.

At this physical level we are all different. Now how un-politically correct these days is it to say this? Oh my God, where is Ivan going here? He really has turned.

Not at all. I have always maintained that we are unique. But in the macrocosmic scheme we are all One consciousness.

To maintain that we are different is not the same as saying we are unequal in a sense of some people are more relevant or have more rights to exist than others. And this is where I feel so many misconceptions stem from. Every Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, guru-devotee, murderer and saint is equal from the perspective of the spirit, and came to this plane of experience from that same state of being.

At our spiritual core, we are all identical; we are all One. However, because we have clothed ourselves in matter of so many different forms and placed ourselves into experiences so diverse, many of us have forgotten where we came from and identify with the cloth rather than the being which resides within it. We look outside of ourselves for the answers, to the world of difference, rather than to the world within which is where we are all truly equal.

It is therefore easy to get caught up in the consciousness of 'us and them', seeing only differences, and ignoring the thing which we all share in equal proportions - the spirit.

Yes, that is all very well, I hear some say, but what do we do! We appreciate we are all One and should make this the focal point of our awareness, but the world at large does not do this. It is a materialist world, a dog-eat-dog world full of pitfalls for the unwary, full of parasites and predators, wolves in sheep's clothing. How do we avoid these pitfalls and begin making some headway in changing the world sufficiently that people start realizing that we are all One in spirit?

The answer lies within each and every one of us to do that which we feel in the core of our being to be right. If that means finding a leader to lead one's life, a religion, a political movement, or even dropping out altogether, then that is what one must do. Nobody can be given the answer to life. It can only be realized.

Any information which is given comes from outside of the self. It is then taken in and weighed against the core of our being. Only then can information be assessed on an individual basis and a decision made to accept it or reject it. When the information from without resonates in synch with that within, we get an immense feeling of connection. It can be like a eureka moment of overwhelming realization, or it can be as subtle as hearing a pin drop. But the essential point is that it is within and not merely a reaction to external influence.

Anyone can tell anyone to do or believe anything. If we give our power away and merely do it or believe it, then we have not been true to ourselves, but have allowed ourselves to be controlled. If, on the other hand, we have learned from another and felt the internal 'click' as that information synchronises with our core being and then act upon that information, we have acted upon our internal awareness and manifested our Oneness in our own unique way.

And the only way I am aware of synchronising with our core self is through Love! Love, I might add, of the unconditional kind, that accepts things or people for what they are, and gives of itself what it feels is needed - like a mother gives of herself to her children. Love that accepts others for who they are, yet isn't afraid to challenge and admonish where necessary. Love that applies this same principle to itself as it does to others. Love that requires absolute honesty. And love that gives purpose and energy to life and to experiences that may sometimes be painful, and sometimes enjoyable.

Love is the answer! That is what we can do to make a difference!

Because love ensures that we all connect to the core self in everything we do. It ensures that we do not merely accumulate information and act upon it without first assimilating it within our hearts, thereby making it our unique contribution to life.

The love vibration operates in the balance point at the core of our being. It therefore plugs what the ego takes in through external awareness, from the world of difference, straight into the greater reality of Oneness. It gives perspective. It gives life to energy.

When a blacksmith takes a lump of formless iron and passes it through the fire, he makes that material malleable and shapes it to his will. He can create wonderful objects of beauty with that molten material which is useful and pleases the senses. Or he can make a weapon of it to harm others. Using the fire within, our will, we can operate with the intent of love to create within our lives that which we desire. But we can never get away from the fact that we are dealing with pre-defined material. Like the blacksmith. We have limits. The blacksmith cannot create a computer from a lump of metal, but he can make an object of use or beauty, or both which will enhance the life of someone. And so can we.

In the past, elements of the kind of material which The Truth Campaign has covered have been used to make weapons to attack others with. It has been used to persecute people. But that same material can be used to heal, if it is synchronised with the consciousness of love. The swords and spears can be made into ploughshares.

It doesn't matter if an individual cannot alter the world or individually change the System. What matters is that whatever the individual does, they do it from the heart, with loving intent. Only then will changes become noticeable. Only then will the individual begin to tap into their true source of power - that which lies within. If we do not tap into this inner core, we will never synchronise with our true potential, and that unique inspiration will never come to the fore to be realized and worked with. Until that happens we will always be manipulated by whoever has the will to control us. We will always be 'followers' and clones, reactionary beings, and not what we are supposed to be - unique creators and channels for the Source into this world of matter.

So the only advice I am going to give is advice which I believe will empower people to find their own power. From that position comes enlightenment. With enlightenment comes escape from the reliance on others. Of course we all need to look externally at information to see how we have manifested our inner fire, but at the end of the day all creation and evolution comes from within. When I asked myself, what do I do?, I came to the conclusions below, and from the realization I gained I realized that my own unique contribution would be to create The Truth Campaign. This was my own unique contribution utilizing my own innate strengths and abilities. For someone else with their own unique strengths and abilities, the choices they make will be unique unto them.

  • Look upon every man, woman and child as your equal. As though they were symbolically a part of yourself. Black, white, Jew, Gentile, those that love you or those that hate you, or whatever your differences may be. We all are from the same Source, and your love for them will help them to harmonise with yours and their inner spirit which is One in the Source.

  • Respect their right to individuality. You don't have to agree with them. You don't even have to like what they do or believe. But there are always very good reasons why people are the way they are. However you respond to what they do or what they stand for, never lose sight of the fact that you and they are spiritual kin. So many have lost their way in these times of confusion and it is the easiest thing in the world to fall into the trap of hating another for their beliefs and actions. When we should be celebrating our differences, we are often condemning them with hatred. We have a right not to agree and to dislike another's actions and beliefs. But to hate another for it is like hating a part of one's own body.

  • Love yourself. This will plug your awareness into your heart center. It will enable clarity of thought and perception. Anyone who believes they truly love another but doesn't love one's self is deluding one's self. Love is about finding balance, and one cannot balance with only one side of the equation. The ultimate realization here is the fact that by truly loving another, you are loving yourself. This will have profound impact on your life and that of others. To do this you have to be absolutely honest with yourself and come to accept yourself for who you are, your strengths and weaknesses. You may wish to be a brain surgeon, for example, but have not the powers of concentration needed and you may find you are equally attracted to another profession. We cannot all be leaders or brain surgeons! Nature does not create this way. Creation gives everyone a natural place and it is up to us to find that place, or forever be found wanting.

  • Make everything you do a dedication to the affirmation: "May this be for the greater good of all!"

  • And when you affirm this make sure it is drawn from within in accordance with: "The Source of All Truth and Light."

  • Remember, you have absolute free will. That free will includes the opportunity to choose to live in service for the greater good of all. You don't have to be a martyr. Just become who and what you already are and align with the Source in your daily life.

  • Choose to live according to the heart first rather than the head first. The two need to be balanced, and spirit must be grounded, but the heart knows far more than the head and if trusted can lead to remarkably wonderful synchronicities and realizations. The inner spirit is your connection with the Source, the primal energy of all Truth and Light Trust this, and you will never be far wrong.

  • Of course, there must be a degree of sacrifice. We cannot gain without giving and we cannot take just because we want, for it is the over-stimulation of 'want' which has led us to become so out of balance with our true selves. Over-stimulated want comes from the desire to control and this comes from the need of the ego. And the ego must always be kept in check and guided by the inner awareness. Therefore, considering ways one can contribute to our well-being and environment - for example through vegetarianism, greener living, ethical purchasing etc. - is an absolute must! No animal should ever suffer, just as no human should ever suffer, merely to feed human wanting and human lust. All dietary necessity can be derived from the plant kingdom. Most people can live healthily without animal substances in their diet, and do so without want, so it is certainly a positive step forward. When the heart says 'give' then it is time to give, so give generously of your time and energy to others who need it. But do not do it to the detriment of yourself - which you will not if you love and respect yourself as much as you love and respect others.

  • Appreciate every day what you have. It could always be worse!

  • Remember to find time to be still and quite to allow the inner voice to speak to you.

  • Try to recognize and bring into everything a spiritual dimension, for the inner spirit creates the external world. recognize that there is a spiritual meaning in everything we perceive and experience.

  • Speak your truth openly and do not fear what others may think of you in consequence. Avoid lying to others, as lies create imbalance and carry karmic energy which eventually rebounds upon the liar.

  • Face every adversity as a learning experience. Only you can decide whether an experience is there to face or avoid. Only love of the self and others will bring forth the realization of how to deal with any situation correctly.

  • Never allow guilt to interfere with your life. If you have erred, learn from it and give thanks to yourself for the opportunity you have given yourself to learn and evolve. Let the experience go and go with the flow, unfettered by unnecessary baggage. As long as you live according to the other advice you will avoid the traps of discarding guilt altogether and living recklessly. Everything has its place, even guilt and fear; but these things are not meant to be solid obstacles to life, only transient experiences to help us learn and evolve. They are like barriers on the road. If you run into them, turn the wheel and get back on the road. You will always know the road: it's the place where the barriers aren't!

  • Harm none as much as is humanly possible and do as you will.

If you follow the above advice, you will be doing all you can. You will always be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. You will begin to attract people and experiences you need to realize your potential. As you re-harmonise with your inner potential, what you are able to do and the extent of your influence and responsibility may very well increase. It may increase dramatically and the person who once looked to others and asked 'what can I do' will be the one to whom others will then look to for the very same answer. And you will know what you can do and will do it, when the time is right.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens." —Carl Jung

I had been sitting quietly, fully intending to get to work on editing the next edition of the magazine, for which I already had a mass of material. My heart became full of inspiration to write the above article, entirely against what was in my head.

As I completed typing the last word 'right', my partner Shona came in from work and gave me a piece of paper, saying, 'I've found a great quote for you.' And that quote from Jung is written above. It was the perfect summary of what I was writing. And Shona had no idea that I was writing it.

It shows exactly what wonderful things can happen when one synchronises with the heart and follow the inner guidance!

Ivan Fraser is editor of The Truth Campaign - this publication seeks to aid the spiritual evolution of our fellow human beings by circulating information which reveals the true nature of humanity, our true place in Creation and the reality behind the current state of affairs on our planet. Only by realizing that things are not always as we are led to believe by mainstream sources who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, can we start to make the choices necessary to aid ourselves, the fellow inhabitants of the Earth and the whole of Creation.
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