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Energy And Healing: How To Use Spiritual Jewelry

Spiritual Jewelry

By Gladys Webb

Spiritual jewelry is an accessory that promotes healing effects for the body, mind, and spirit. The crystals in pieces of jewelry, like wholesale crystal bracelets, earrings, and rings, may deliver several benefits, such as improved focus and enhanced moods.

But, you might not receive these advantages if you’re not using the spiritual accessories correctly. Hence, here are four ways to use these pieces of jewelry properly to increase the chances of receiving their benefits.

Use Spiritual Jewelry As An Everyday Carry

As its name implies, an everyday carry is an item or a collection of objects you use every day. Some examples might include your smartphone, comb, or wristwatch. But, consider adding spiritual jewelry as part of your everyday carry.

The healing benefits of gemmed accessories may differ for each crystal used. For example, wear a malachite pendant to help clear negative energies around you, which might otherwise rob you of the love you feel toward others.

Note that malachite meaning comes from the Greek word ‘malakos,’ meaning soft. Wearing a piece of jewelry with malachite close to your heart, such as a necklace or pendant, may help you feel the love around you. This stone may synergize with the heart chakra, allowing you to feel loved and give love in return.

Use Spiritual Jewelry During Meditation

Meditation is the practice of obtaining a deeper understanding of the sacred and spiritual forces at work. However, you can also use this practice to relax and reduce stress.

Still, you might need extra help to let you reach spiritual enlightenment during meditation. If so, consider wearing a spiritual accessory as you close your eyes, take deep breaths, and feel the energies around you.

For example, wear clear quartz earrings as you meditate. This particular gem can respond to your crown chakra, the body’s spiritual center that connects to universal energies.

Clear quartz may help dispel adverse vibrations that may bring harm to your overall wellbeing. Therefore, wearing earrings with this stone may help increase your ability to handle setbacks. Let the vibrations emitted by clear quartz allow you to see adverse events in a positive light.

Think about these instances as you meditate. Deep meditation practices, along with the help of clear quartz jewelry, may allow you to reach inner peace.

Spiritual Jewelry

Use Spiritual Jewelry In The Office

Note that the corporate jungle might be rich in stressful environments. Your boss might overflow your workdays with several projects. Consequently, the office 'hotshot' can't seem to stop bragging about their million-dollar getaway last weekend. These events may radiate negative energies. Moreover, you become the magnet to these adverse vibrations.

One of the many benefits of using healing crystals is the potential of increasing concentration while you work. Wearing spiritual jewelry with stones, like amethyst and labradorite, while you’re in the office may help you find emotional equilibrium and mental clarity.

Adorn your physical being with pieces of jewelry, like an amethyst brooch or labradorite belly chain, to ward off these negative energies. Thus, you might maintain a positive outlook for your tasks, allowing you to complete projects with focus and efficiency.

Other crystals that may increase focus are black tourmaline, green aventurine, pyrite, and smoky quartz. Also, consider wearing crystal accessories near the root chakra in the base of the spine. Create balance in this chakra, and you might find yourself grounded with deep focus.

Use Spiritual Jewelry In The Bath

Perhaps, the only thought in your mind after a stressful day is a nice, warm bath once you arrive home. A conventional bath may help recharge the body, mind, and soul. But, you may increase the bath’s healing characteristics with a crystal bath.

Wear spiritual jewelry for your crystal bath, and you might gain the positive vibrations emitted by these gems. Choose stones that help stimulate the crown, root, and solar plexus chakras to restore the positive energies in the head, hips, and stomach.

Some pieces of jewelry you might consider wearing for a recharging crystal bath are selenite, citrine, and rose quartz. For instance, wear a selenite hairpin while you bathe to help replenish lost energy from work. Try learning more specifically about the many benefits of selenite. Also, a rose quartz pendant may help stimulate the heart chakra, allowing you to replenish any lost love from negativity.

Keep in mind that you need to use the crystals' energies properly to gain their positive effects. You can't just sit in your bathtub and hope that positive energies will flow into you. Instead, focus on your breath, close your eyes, and feel these vibrations radiating around you. Then, the gems might sync with your focus, allowing you to experience inner peace.


Use spiritual jewelry during meditation, at work, in the bath, or as an everyday carry. The right crystal accessories may promote different benefits to help cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. If used correctly, you might find yourself brimming with renewed energy, mood, and focus.

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Gladys Webb has been publishing a wide variety of topics online for years. Often, Gladys writes articles on health and wellness, home improvement, and parenting.
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