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Strengthening Your Intuition:
6 Tips to Hear Your Inner Voice

By Kerry Creaswood

According to the dictionary, intuition is “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning”. And this definition is the first clue so we can figure out why we don’t try to strengthen our intuition more often: we are raised to be rational beings, to do make decisions consciously, and not to rely on instinct (a word that we wrongly relate to the way that animals think).

And yet we know that something is missing when we don’t stop to hear our inner voice. All those thoughts and alerts are there, and sometimes we are sure that we should have followed those suggestions, but we still can’t make sense of them somehow, and prefer to ignore them. So here are some tips so you can learn how to improve your ability to deal with your intuition, and use it to guide your everyday life in a better way.

Tip #1 - Trust in your gut
The first thing you will have to do is to forget everything you have heard about intuition not being a valid way to make decisions. Despite the fact that there is so much prejudice about it, the truth is that hearing your inner voice has nothing to do with fortune-telling or witchery.

Tip #2 - End co-dependency
If most of the time you need to ask someone’s opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do, it will be very hard for you to hear your inner voice. This kind of behavior creates a co-dependency process that won’t help you to cultivate your own thoughts as your mind is used to be fed all the time. So, the best and the only way to strength your intuition is by giving to yourself the chance to make up your own ideas, and to add emotions and impressions to it.

Tip #3 - Take your time
So you decided to learn how to hear your inner voice, and this is a great start, congratulations! But don’t make of it an obsession, a goal that you have to achieve as soon as possible. Buddhist monks are known for spending many years in seclusion so they can improve this ability (among others), and you should accept the fact that it won’t happen overnight to you either.

Tip #4 - Remain Calm
Usually, our intuition kicks in when we are facing a negative situation, in order to provide us with a quick way out. But, because we are under stress, our minds tend to become very disorganized, and we just can’t make sense of any of our thoughts. That is to say that, if you like to start hearing your inner voice during these moments, you will have to be able to remain calm. Easily said than done, but take a few deep breaths, step away from any wild emotions that you might be going through, and try to keep yourself together even if just for a few minutes.

Tip #5 – Meditate
Meditation is a well-recognized way to improve intuition. As it gives us an opportunity to stay quiet and to clear our minds for a while, it opens space to new thoughts and ideas. Depending on the method that you decide to embrace, you even might be invited to a journey to your inner universe, and more you know about yourself, better will be the quality of what you will hear from your inner voice.

Tip #6 – Keep a journal
Another way to wake up your intuition is by keeping a journal. Make of it a daily task, and you will see how your thoughts get better organized and easier to hear. Journaling is a way to review your day, your actions and feelings, so you can understand them better. You will become more confident, as writing about what you are going through can reconnect your mind and body together.

In a nutshell
There are many ways to help you to strength your intuition, but it all starts with you trusting that this is a valid method to make decisions. Only then you can give to it some proper credit and start to try some methods to improve your ability to hear your inner voice, using one, or more than one suggestions above.

Kerry Creaswood is a young and ambitious writer from Savannah, GA. She is interested in self-development, design and marketing. Also, she is fond of various forms of art and thinks that everything we can imagine is real. To find more about Kerry, check her Twitter and Facebook - or read her previous article Be Motivated in Spite of Obstacles and Failures.
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