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How to Connect With the Divine Energy
Your Higher Self Holds

Every one of us has the power to connect with our Higher Self. It exists in all of us, and it represents the essence of the Universe we all have access to. It’s at a higher level than our souls, and it’s what powers and motivates us to live and to wonder.

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When it comes to connecting to the Source and deepening your spirituality, there are many ways to achieve it. Once you do that, you’ll be able to identify the distractions, desires, and illusions of the physical world and turn away from them more easily. This, in turn, will help raise your spiritual and emotional vibration and take better care of yourself physically and mentally. With that in mind, here are four practices for connecting with the divine energy your Higher Self holds.

Create space for yourself

First things first, when it comes to deepening your spirituality, you want to create the right space for it. Make it comfortable using pillows and fabrics, and bring in some flowers, candles, and crystals as well. To make it easier for you to relax, play some quiet, calming music in the background.

What’s important is that the spot you select as your spiritual realm has to be calming and free of distractions. If background music feels distracting to you while you’re meditating, don’t play any at all. Silence is a major factor in the process of connecting with your spiritual self. While some people may find relaxing music helpful, others may choose to listen to it before or after meditating.

Sit quietly and let your thoughts go

Once you’ve created a harmonious space where you can have some peace and quiet, it’s time to begin meditating. Start by watching your breath, inhaling positivity, dreams, and desires, and exhaling the negative energy that impedes them. Feel your body and how each part of it feels, fully indulging in the present moment.

Imagine yourself as the unconditional love and infinite intelligence you are, and allow yourself to sense the omnipresent “I” within. Let your thoughts go, and let your Higher Self draw you in. As you practice, you’ll feel yourself drifting away from 3D linear thinking and viewpoints until eventually you start waking up in 5D and experiencing the higher vibrations of the fifth dimension. Chances are, you may have already experienced 5D. Feeling the energy you never felt before during meditation or experiencing oneness are just some of the signs you are shifting into a 5D level of consciousness, and meditation can be a great tool in the multidimensional transformation.

Speak to your Higher Self and be receptive

The moments of silence during meditation are the times when our Higher Self communicates. As such, they’re the perfect time to try and speak to the Divine Self. If you’re looking for an answer, an insight, or simply some guidance, now’s the right time to ask for it.

Pay special attention to the thoughts that enter your mind during this period. Acknowledge them, and be receptive to any messages your Higher Self may be giving you. The response of the Divine Self may come in many forms. Sometimes, it’ll be a deeper breath or a sense of peace and energy that’ll let you know you’ve made contact. Other times, there won’t be any response to identify. But don’t worry – your intention to connect to Higher Self is enough to make contact.

Affirm what you want and how you want to feel

Other than asking for insight, guidance, and answers, you can also use this spiritual journey as an opportunity to affirm what you want. These can be your wishes, goals, dreams, or desires, both big and small.

Think of the things you’d like to manifest for yourself. Then, write them in your journal or on a piece of paper. Pay attention to the way you feel while you write about these manifestations. Think about how you wish your mind, body, and future self will feel as your manifestations come to fruition, and write that down as well. Then, let your manifestations go, reflecting on them from time to time while they incubate. Try to resist the temptation of trying to control them. Believe in your manifesting power, and let the Universe work its magic.

Wrapping up

Getting in touch with your Higher Self brings numerous benefits to your emotional well-being as well as the physical one. It allows you to recharge your batteries and open your mind while also offering you an opportunity to call abundance into your life and manifest your intentions. With these tips in mind, you’ll manage to connect with your Higher Self and grow more spiritually.

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