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The Most Common Signs Spirits May Be Sending You

Did you know that spirits often send reminders that they are still around?

Throughout my years as a medium, offering psychic readings online and face to face, I have picked up on many different signs and signals that present to me when spirits are close by.

I'm often asked by people, what are some signs my loved ones will send me? What things should I be looking out for? And, can they actually send me any signals at all?

My answer is always yes! They can, and they will!

Below is a list of the most common signs spirits may be sending you. 


Songs that you hear in your head or on the radio are often reminder from your loved ones in the spirit world. It may be a song that holds sentimental memories for you. Or it simply could be a song with a message in the lyrics, that your loved ones want you to pay attention to.

Some experts believe that those in the spirit world can manipulate radio frequencies, therefore playing songs on the radio. From experience, I will often get a random song in my head, that I haven't heard in years. I'll pop it on Spotify and be blown away by the lyrics that contain something I really needed to hear! 


Recently, during one of my psychic readings, I was communicating with the client's sister, who had passed away a couple of years ago.

I heard this high-pitched whistle in my right ear, and I knew it was how she made her presence known to her brother. When I passed this message on to him, he was stunned. He acknowledged hearing the same noise often over the past couple of years. He had never understood where it was coming from or what it was, and now takes great comfort in knowing it's his sister's way of communicating that she is right there with him. 

So pay attention to random sounds that could be signals. 

A Scent Floating in the Air

You might be sitting inside your lounge-room, and notice a petrol type smell. This scent brings back memories of your dad, who was always tinkering with his car. This is a clear sign of his presence, trust it and acknowledge it. 


Finding feathers is a very common sign that spirit is present around you.

When you find a feather in an unusual place, this is a compelling sign from your loved ones and spirit guides. 

I often notice heart shapes from my loved ones, and one morning I was out walking my dog when a feather floated into my path. I picked it up and smiled and then noticed a clear love heart on the bottom of the feather! A very significant sign for me. 



Rainbows often appear in a time when you just need a bit of encouragement or a bit of hope - a message from your loved one that you are never alone.


You might have heard the saying 'butterflies are the heaven-sent kisses of an angel'. 

Butterflies are so beautiful, and just the sight of them is enough to make me happy. 

If you notice a butterfly following you around, or even landing on you! This can absolutely be a sign from someone in the spirit world.

Room Temperature Changes

You might notice a sudden drop in temperature of the room, despite the doors and windows being shut. 

This can be a sign of the presence of a loved one nearby. 

Sometimes during my psychic reading sessions, when I am delivering a particularly significant piece of information, I get a giant cold shiver down my spine. I love it, it's such great confirmation. 

Lights Flickering 

Spirits like to interfere with electricity. 

You may notice lights turning on or off, or globes that continually blow and need replacing in the one spot without reason.

The same goes for candles.

If you observe a candle flickering wildly for no apparent reason, pay attention. 


Another common occurrence of visitation or communication from your deceased loved one is when they appear in your dreams. Typically, these visitation dreams will leave you with an overall sense of love, warmth, joy, and peace.

Obviously, people often think of their lost loved ones, and this can result in ordinary dreams about them. 

But to help you differentiate between an ordinary dream and a real visit from a loved one, below is a list of characteristics of a visitation dream.

  • You Remember the Dream Clearly, for a Long Time. 
  • Your Loved One Appears to Be Completely Healthy and Healed.
  • You Can Touch Them, and It Feels Real.
  • They Communicate Clearly.
  • You Will Be Filled With a Sense of Peace and Love. 

In summary, signs from spirits can come in a multitude of different ways. If you think something could be a sign, I'd say it most definitely is. 

It's important to remember that just because our loved ones are gone from their human bodies, it doesn't mean they don't love and support us just as they did before. 

They can see us as we go about our daily lives, I have had so much evidence of this coming through during my readings. 

The more you attune your senses to seeing their signs, the more you will notice their presence around you.

So pay attention.

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