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Which Countries in Europe are
Ranked as the Most Spiritual?

By Connor Christopher

Foreign countries are a great unknown just waiting to be discovered, and this is especially true in Europe. For those who are open minded there are a number of spiritual experiences that you can enjoy while exploring Europe, and in doing so you may even discover parts of yourself. When planning to explore Europe for yourself, remember to apply for your E111 renewal as part of your travel plans. Once approved, you’ll be entitled to health care on the same basis as residents in that country for as long as you are abroad.

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Trail
For more than a thousand years, many pilgrims have made the hike from France all the way to the northwest of Spain. Joining this trek is a great adventure for anyone of all experience levels as you can meet likeminded people and get back in touch with nature on your way to the Cathedral of St James. Once you arrive in Santiago, the scallop-shell pavement leads you up to the front door of the towering cathedral and you’ll feel a great sense of reward at the end of your quest.

The Vatican - St. Peter’s Basilica
Believed to be the tomb of St Peter, the Vatican may be the most well known site of pilgrimage in the entire world, and all under the impressive dome that is the masterpiece of Michelangelo. If you visit the Vatican City you can witness the Pope give Sunday mass and inside you may feel yourself getting lost spiritually in the expansive space of the perhaps the greatest church in the world. The Vatican is built on centuries of devotion and tradition in what has become a cornerstone of the catholic faith.

The Alps
Sometimes the natural beauty of the world serves at the most humbling of experiences that you may never find in a church. High up in the Swiss alps, may be the closes any human being will ever get to heaven, all the while with their feet on the ground. The rugged ridges of the mountains serve almost like a tightrope between you and the ground far down below. Staring out over the cut-glass peaks and the endless valleys down below, may be the perfect place to consider your place in the universe.

The greatest monastery of the middle ages was in Cluny, near the wine country of Burgundy. Here, everyone is more than welcome to gather, regardless of their culture, denomination or language. Thousands of people regularly gather at the Taizé to celebrate their diversity and the creation of humankind. Any time spent in the Taizé provides the most comfortable of silences and will enable you to empty your thoughts, relax and let faith in.

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