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Meditative Therapy for Someone
Just Starting Out


By Elliot Caleira

How is meditation as a beginner different from that of experienced meditators? As a beginner, your primary aim is to concentrate on the well-being that you’ll feel when you practice meditation. You don’t have to worry too much about your position.

Simply sit, half-lotus or lotus if you can, then you’ll grasp the importance of the position itself as you practice. Half-lotus may be easier when you are first starting, simply because it’s an easier position for a beginner meditator. Meditation as a beginner will not directly involve just the mind, because you still have to go through the physical position to access it, which should not make you feel inferior.

You are at the beginning of the path, that's all, it takes a first step. Fortunately, there are meditation techniques for beginners that will allow you to achieve more calm, serenity and peace. Since you are a beginner, it may takes some time for you to get started.

Fortunately, beginner meditation techniques are accessible without experience and only require you to pay attention to concepts that are still relatively simple. Of course, you’ll still have the ability to fine-tune them until you feel that you are detaching yourself from the trivial to reach a higher state of mind.

You will first be able to concentrate on your breathing, on a simple concept to be apprehended and accessible directly. As you progress by practicing regularly, you will see how you consider these objects of attention become deeper and detach themselves from the layers that prevent you from seeing their true nature. Similarly, the more spiritual and philosophical implications will not yet be accessible to you. That is because to feel the benefits of meditation in daily life requires you to have already practiced regularly for a few weeks at least.

Meditation is associated with so many philosophical or religious dimensions that many people let themselves be intimidated and dare not try to meditate. Many people think you have to join a Zen or Buddhist group to meditate. However, the truth is that you only need a bit of will to begin meditation, since you will have to practice regularly to enjoy it.

There is no need to be already calm, to be already able to concentrate for many hours on a subject, and so on. Meditation is both a practice and an exercise. During your meditation, you will only attain the qualities you admire among meditators by meditating. Nothing but experience differentiates an accomplished meditator from a beginner meditator.

As you start meditating, you can orient yourself to mindful meditation. This is a simple method. You sit, perhaps outside and imagine you are relaxing next to a pool, and you focus on your breathing or a concept of your choice. Perhaps you decide on the idea of swimming pool financing in order to bring the meditation full circle, so it may become a reality.

You’ll see your ability to meditate improve and you will reach deeper states of consciousness through regular practice. This simple meditation will allow you to train your mind to stay focused. You’ll have to study the object of your attention in all its aspects, without losing sight of it by letting yourself be carried away by the flood of thoughts.

You can also practice void meditation. It is then a question of no longer thinking, or trying. You will see that you should not try to prevent your mind from functioning, but to know not to focus your attention on ideas, judgments, etc.

By regular practice, you will be able to sit down, give yourself a little respite and detach yourself from those first layers on which you were concentrating for the moment when you were considering everything. Void meditation, will of course not work at first, since thinking is the only thing that your mind knows how to do for the moment.

Many practitioners have begun their meditation journey with these same methods and are now very advanced. Therefore, there is no reason that these same techniques will not help you to evolve as well.

Elliot CaleiraElliot Caleira is a freelance writer in the self-mastery and health and wellness spaces. When he's not writing you'll find him cooking or teaching Portuguese classes. More articles by Elliot.
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