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Joslyn Road

By Marlene Buffa

"Just say 'Joslyn Road,'" the little voice inside me beckoned as I sat across from my friend Julie. So, I blurted out "Joslyn Road" and she looked at me and said "How did you know?" I responded I didn't know anything, but that street name popped in my head for no apparent reason. It turned out, Julie was working with a group of people attempting to find a missing person they feared dead. She and I met for lunch and weren't discussing the matter at all, when the notion came to me.

"What about Joslyn Road. Where?" she continued. I told her what I saw. "On the back side of the hill, about 3 miles east of the freeway, you'll find his body, half buried in mud due to the recent storm." She looked across the table from me, in awe and whispered, "That's where we've been looking."

Since about three years old, things like this happened to me. I'd talk to my Grandmother in Latin, at age 3 or 4, and she'd look at me strangely. I chided her, "Mama, don't you remember when we were here last time - you wore those long white robes and I had those funny shoes on?" Both my mother and Grandmother dismissed this as childhood imagination, but I never forgot. Over the years, more things happened and I learned to accept that unseen things were as real as the concrete world we live in.

In my twenties, I confided in a friend, a Wiccan, who taught me to read auras and eventually allow my mind to see ghosts as they walk among us. I began with the limited ability of seeing a pool of energy, much like the wavy heat emitting from your car's gas tank, and graduated to seeing and communicating with them fully where they stand, wanting to be heard.

The most important skill to master, after the discovery of these abilities, was to surround myself with love and put up a "force field" of protection.

In 2002, I vacationed in New Orleans and awoke from a glorious dream. "I have to write this into a book, and then it will become a movie or TV show," I said out loud to myself. To this day, I see that dream as clearly as that foggy morning in the Big Easy. Since then, I've grown more spiritually aware and learned to surrender to the Infinite to allow all good things to flow into my life.

I wrote the manuscript, "Soul Connections" a few years ago and last summer, I completed the first draft. Being open to Spirit, I allowed what happened next, to flow into my life. I continue to enjoy the "coincidences" this project brings forth and look forward to a long and successful relay of messages from my other-worldly friends.

I attended a presentation by Dannion Brinkley in Sedona, Arizona. So happy to arrive early and get an aisle seat, I made friends and eventually exchanged contact information with the woman to my left. Before he began speaking, the facility people set up folding chairs along the aisles, and I gained a neighbor to my right. Not at all happy with this, my mind started chattering at the inconvenience, and filled my present moment with noise. Finally, I took a deep breath, and allowed the still-small voice within to say, "Listen to what she has to teach you."

Arguing with the voice, I continued fussing about no longer having the aisle seat, when the tone got louder and more forceful. "LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAS TO TEACH YOU!" Ok. That got my attention.

After the lengthy and enjoyable presentation (including a visit from a woman who was eventually removed by the police), Dannion took questions. When I asked him about my manuscript, he gave me some practical advice about solicitation letters, encouraging me to not give up. The dear woman to my right, tapped me on the arm and asked if I'd heard of a certain new age publishing company. "Yes!" I responded. "But that publisher won't take unsolicited manuscripts. Believe me, I checked." She patted me again, this time with her business card, and said "They will if I hand it to them, dear. I'm friends with everyone there."

I took a deep breath. Lesson learned.

She and I, along with her husband and one other woman, had Thai food for dinner. During dinner, my neighbor gave me a few more leads to follow up. I consulted an Astrologer she recommended who, after a session, read my manuscript and loved it. She referred me to a Heather Hale, a multi-Emmy winning screenwriter, who also loved it! God tumbled in with one connection after another, culminating in a cast and crew of 30 people, all renown in the film industry.

In mid-August, we're filming a TV Pilot Premise! Every person attached to this project is here because of their strong sense of affinity and belief in the work, and the message it conveys to the world. Our multi-Emmy winning cast (and crew) consists of Eileen Grubba as the lead, Carmen Argenziano as the surly Editor, Juliet Landau as our diva-ghost, Barbara Bain as the Mother-In-Law and more.

The theme of each episode of "Ghost Writer" is to forgive and move on, told from the perspective of a guest-star ghost, stuck in time. In addition, a parallel spiritual lesson is revealed from the storyline characters, indicating personal breakthroughs learned from the encounter. We hope to visit all 50 states, telling history and promoting spirituality in a different location in each week's episode.

The theme of my afternoon in Sedona was to forgive and move on, too. I was stuck in the moment, and as soon as I took a deep breath and listened to what the Infinite told me, my entire life changed.

Stay tuned - Spirit isn't done with me, yet!

Taking a quiet sideways glance at life, Marlene Buffa offers insight through her words from experiences. A student of new-thought teachings, Marlene finds practical spirituality around every corner and seeks wisdom through observation of life's inter-relationships. Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, always thought-provoking, her writing inspires readers in meaningful ways. You can visit her website at and write to her by email.
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