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Enlightened or Awakened ... or Not?

By Debbie Brown

How to tell if you are with an 'Enlightened or Awakened' Human Being:

  1. You will feel expanded. Your consciousness and awareness will feel expanded, opened, altered. You will experience states of inner peace, knowing, aliveness, joy and love.
  2. You will feel unconditionally supported, seen, known, acknowledged and respected.
  3. Your energy will be lighter, clearer and more vibrant. Heavy or conflicted emotional and mental states may disappear completely or lessen. You most likely will experience deep understanding into your true nature and being.
  4. Timelessness may occur as you connect more with higher consciousness and Spirit.
  5. There is sense of unity, oneness and love. Not just individually but in the room and among all participants.
  6. The 'Enlightened or Awakened One' will speak Universal Truth. This is Truth that is known and shared in many traditions. Truth such as you are love. You are Light. You are God. It is called universal truth because we all can access it universally through universal mind. The 'Enlightened One' will know this and share it freely. They will honor other traditions. They will honor your own ability to know and express universal truth. In other words, he/she will not have to be the only 'enlightened one' in the room. If that is case, you are not with an 'enlightened one'.
  7. The 'Enlightened or Awakened Human Being' will display detachment. This is not dis-interest or non-caring or insensitivity. This is seeing from the higher perception and awareness that occurs in enlightened states. This is also what some healers (enlightened or not) will do - allow the other to project their 'stuff' onto them in order to transform it. If it becomes a power struggle, the person is not enlightened.
You are not with an 'Enlightened or Awakened Human Being' if:
  1. It is only about them and their story. If he/she is not supporting and embracing the enlightened consciousness present on our planet and available to everyone and within you, then you are not with an 'enlightened one'.
  2. You must diminish your light or your energy field or your sense of Self in any way.
  3. He/she requires you to join something, purchase something or see them because they can 'help or fix' you.
  4. He/she creates separateness consciousness - a sense of superiority or you as inferior, less wise or knowing. An 'enlightened one' will never support that. He/she will always support your mastery, not require you to be supporting theirs.
  5. He/she has a limited worldview or limited view of life that you must believe. He/she requires blind allegiance or trust from you.
  6. He/she puts down or belittles any one else, any philosophy, person or other group.
  7. You walked in feeling expanded, loving and whole and leave feeling diminished, or smaller.
  8. An enlightened person will have Light about them. You will see a clear energy field or a lightness or brightness about them. Their eyes sparkle, they laugh easily. They live in joy. If there is a heavy or dark energy that you can see around them, be cautious.
  9. An enlightened or awakened one will seldom refer to them self as 'enlightened'. If they do so it is with the utmost humility. Usually those around him or her will refer to them in that way.
Copyright 2008, Rev. Debbi Brown

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