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Bliss Is Here in This Moment

By Bijith Ahamed

Man is always in pursuit of happiness. He wants to drink that nectar of bliss, and in that longing, he keeps on doing so many things.

But still, it is a long pursuit. It is always in the future, but never now, here. It is always in the attainment of one goal and after that another goal and so on. It is still somewhere out of reach today but reachable tomorrow.

Before we go further, it is essential to see why our nature has become goal-oriented.

There are many reasons, but if you want one word for this, it is the conditioning. A child is born pure, uncorrupted. It is reflected in their eyes, their innocent smile, their questioning. And a questioning child is a burden for the parents, for the society, for the priests and other establishments. One reason all religions try to feed their ideas when they are just children.

The first scratch on a clean slate lasts longer, so the religions begin by feeding them goals. The fact that the child has an intelligence of its own is never even considered. And the religion forces the idea of an outside God very young and teaches attainment as another goal. Parents already start it unknowingly, as they are themselves following some faiths.

Later as the child reaches school, the situation is much worse there. The whole system is mind-based. One has to score these many marks, defeat these many people, compete with so many people, and the initial conditioning goes on growing stronger and stronger. So a child who is born full of energy, laughter, inquiry is turned into a monotonous and depressing entity.

Understanding the Nature of Mind

We saw how a human being's mind is fed with ideas and goals from the initial stages of his or her growth. But we need to understand that this conditioning is impossible to avoid. Unlike animals, a human child cannot grow without support. So dependence is going to happen, and conditioning is bound to occur. But the real question is to find the source that can be conditioned. How deep can it go? And can we overcome this conditioning?

There is an ancient parable about a king and beggar. Once a beggar visits a King with his begging bowl (made of a human skull). The King offers the beggar anything, and the beggar asks for anything that fills his little bowl. But due to some miracle, as the King fills the wealth from his treasury, it goes on vanishing. Finally, the coffers are all empty, and the King surrenders to the beggar and says, "I quit. Please reveal the secret of this mystery to me. "

Then the beggar says, "it's simple, the bowl is made of a human skull, and it never empties, it wants more and more. "

Here a great indication is given about the nature of our mind; the skull represents the human mind. It is always seeking outwards; it likes to think in terms of goal and the moment we identify with it, we enter into misery. And it can be conditioned infinitely, but the mind is not as deep as it appears.

The Yogasutras of Patanjali defines the mind as a whirlpool of thoughts, emanating one after the other. And in between two thoughts lies our true self. Our very nature is like a still, silent lake. Reflecting the world we see. The thoughts are the ripples that distort the lake. And bliss is in the state of no-mind or when the thoughts are no more. So the real question of bliss is a question of going beyond the mind.

Going Beyond the Mind

The way to bliss is to be right here in this moment because joy cannot be a goal, just like life. If you make "living the life" a futuristic goal, you are committing a grave mistake. Because you are forgetting that the future will be coming to you just like this present moment, and if you are saying no to life "now "you're saying it for tomorrow, the day after and forever as well.

So the first step is to say yes to life. This moment, whatever it is, go into it, with all your conviction.

The second step is to understand that the mind is logical; it is a weaver of dreams. That's its very nature, so whenever a thought comes, remember a cloud is coming into your clear sky of awareness. Watch it, remember the many times it has come, and you have identified with it and have tasted misery. Just watch the thought. Remember that mind is misery, and whenever you remember it, stay aloof, say, "I am not my mind. Because I can watch my thoughts and I am not something that I can witness. I am the watcher. "

Initially, you will fail again and again but keep the awareness after every fall, after every emotion. It may appear not very easy, but all it needs is a simple practice in redesigning ourselves, our activities, our life. And you can start by giving one hour or at least 40 minutes purposely for this. Close your doors and sit facing the wall and speak whatever that comes to mind, in gibberish. You should not use any language you know, if you don't know Chinese, then speak it. Do so for 15 minutes, and then you will see that you are more relaxed. Now the inner sky is clear, get hold of your awareness now and now sit there and keep looking at every thought that comes, every feeling, simply watch it.

Over time, you will be able to keep watching everything around you. Remember, never go against the mind, remember, it is a good servant, it is a need for performing certain things, but once done, keep it aside. It is a tool, use it well, just don't be used by it. That's the secret of experiencing bliss right here in this very moment.

Author Bio:
Bijith Ahamed is an entrepreneur and founder of three technology companies. He is currently the CEO of Aufait UX, a UI UX Design company with innovative approaches to web and mobile app designs.

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