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Release Work…
Restoring Balance To Body and Mind

By Denise Bennett

The human experience is quite an adventure. With all of its joys, there are numerous challenges we must face. These difficult phases are our life lessons… necessary for spiritual growth. This is the classroom and we each have our own curriculum. Determined as we might be, some of us are destined to repeat certain courses. We just can't get past them. And why is that? There's a simple explanation…

The pattern is set very early. The mind of a child is impressionable and trusting. At some point, that trust is broken. The emotionally wounded child attempts to protect his heart and in the process, shuts down. He becomes guarded and suspicious. This pattern of behavior is self-defeating and does great harm. As he develops, he continues to carry those painful memories into adulthood. This creates what's called an emotional block, and it must be removed in order to restore balance.

Have you met someone who continues to repeat the same pattern over and over again? Of course, you have. We've all experienced such a thing. Our boss is overly critical perhaps, so we leave the job and find another place to work and the problem is resolved. But a few weeks into the new employment, what happens? Our new supervisor starts acting up. The event from our past just keeps coming back to haunt us. The pattern is firmly in place and the lesson remains unlearned.

This pattern can involve family members, friends, neighbors, landlords… any situation that creates a sense of victimhood. The problem is common and widespread. But there's a simple solution and I'm going to share it with you. I refer to the process of removing these blocks as release work. You can work with a healing coach or do this on your own. Either way, you'll soon get the hang of it. Now let's get started.

First, you'll need to find a quiet place in your home, away from noise and distractions. I usually do release work in the evening when it's most peaceful. I light a candle and a little sage. Then I ask my angels (Higher Self/God/Jesus) to guide me. Now my client invites the person whom they are having an issue with, into their mind. The person from our childhood may not be alive now, but that's not important. We are spiritual beings. We are eternal; the body is merely a vehicle. The fact that we are not these physical forms explains how the person can connect with us on this level without being physically present. The way it works is quite remarkable.

As you invite the person into your mind, visualize a room with a door and see the person come inside. Be respectful and offer them a place to sit. Now, say everything you need to. If you feel angry, that's okay. Express it. Chances are, you've never been allowed to say how these past events affected you. You are in a safe environment so take this opportunity to purge all the resentment that's been festering for so long.

Once you've said all, ask this person if they'd like to respond. Sit quietly in the room as you wait. This is such an important part of the process because those who do harm feel remorse, though they may never show it. Giving them a chance to speak will release you both. There are often tears and a sense of relief that follow. (I prefer working over the phone because it allows people to express their emotions freely.)

Now you'll want to thank your guest for coming and open the door. Remember to repeat this exercise as often as needed. Now I thank my angels and retire for the evening. The release of suppressed emotions can be exhausting. So drink some water and rest. There will likely be some pleasant surprises in the coming weeks and months. Forgiveness is key when doing healing work of any kind… and it will come naturally in time if you've followed these steps.

Don't misunderstand — this is not make-believe. Rather, it's an active process. It's empowering to rewrite your history! Even though circumstances change, people are essentially the same. We are all searching for answers. We want to feel that sense of belonging and to be loved. Release work is a powerful tool for healing and can be life changing. Know that you can create a more peaceful life, and this little gem can help you do just that.

Denise Bennett is a healing intuitive, writer, and animal communicator. She is a member of the International Natural Healers Association. Her web site is Angels and Intuition.
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