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The Impressive Benefits of Prayer: A Complete Guide

Benefits of Prayer

Surveys have shown that about 55% of American adults pray daily. If you fall into this category of people, you likely already know all about the benefits of prayer.

But unfortunately, about half of American adults don't pray at all, including those who belong to one of the many types of religion. So they aren't always aware of the advantages of praying.

Today, we're going to talk about some of the most impressive benefits of prayer. It should provide you with plenty of reasons to pray and even make you consider trying to figure out how to be more religious.

Here are several of the top benefits of prayer.

Praying Brings You Closer to a Higher Power

When people were asked, "Do you believe in God?", during a recent survey, almost 90% of them said, "Yes." But when people were asked to expound on believing in God, some of these people showed some doubt in their answers.

If you're someone who is doubting that a higher power exists, you might be able to benefit from prayer. Praying will help to reinforce your belief in God and give you more faith as a whole.

You can also work on improving your faith by attending church and doing things like listening to church radio.

It Prevents You From Worrying So Much

It's not exactly a secret that the U.S. has a big problem with anxiety. More than 40 million Americans have been diagnosed with it.

If you have anxiety to any degree, you probably spend your fair share of time worrying about...well, everything. You might be able to stop worrying as much as you do now by praying more often.

One of the biggest benefits of prayer is that it'll take many of your worries away. You'll find yourself putting your faith in God and trusting Him to handle the things that you're most worried about.

It Makes You Think More About Others

Sadly, many Americans spend more time worrying about themselves than they do worrying about others. You could argue that it's one of the things that has the country more divided than ever before.

Praying is something that could potentially help you to stop making yourself the center of your universe. While there is nothing wrong with a little self-love, you should also show concern for others and their well-being at the same time.

When you pray, it would be worth making it a point to pray for others as often as you can. It'll allow you to focus on someone other than yourself for a change, and it'll give you a brand-new perspective on everything that's happening around you.

It Turns You Into a More Positive Person

Do you struggle to remain positive day in and day out? You're not alone! There are lots of people who have a hard time staying positive in this day and age.

There are so many things that you can do to change this. You can be more positive by:

  • Making the necessary changes in your life to become a better person
  • Spending more time around people who make you smile and laugh
  • Trying to achieve a much healthier lifestyle

You can also become more positive by praying each day. When you spend a few quiet minutes in prayer, it'll be almost impossible to come out of it feeling negative at all.

You're not necessarily going to be able to transform yourself into a more positive person overnight. But if you keep on praying, you'll notice that your attitude will slowly change and allow you to be more positive each day.

It Works Wonders for Your Physical Health

As you've no doubt noticed by now, praying can help to improve your mental health by leaps and bounds. But some people are surprised to learn that it can also benefit your physical health in all kinds of crazy ways.

Here are a handful of physical benefits of prayer:

  • Praying will help to regulate your heartbeat and bring your blood pressure down
  • It'll reduce the physical toll stress can take on your body
  • It'll make your lungs stronger and allow you to take deeper breaths
  • It'll increase your flexibility if you choose to assume a praying position for extended periods

You can start to feel better physically when you make prayer a part of your everyday routine. Your doctor might even notice that you've been praying a lot the next time they examine you. With that, you can say with confidence that the power of prayer works.

It Makes You Appreciate Your Life More

When people think about praying, they often associate it with asking God for something. They're under the impression that they can only pray when they need something.

But when you pray all the time, you'll find yourself asking for fewer things and instead focusing on thanking God for the things that you already have. As a result, you'll be way more appreciative of what you have than you were before.

You might still occasionally ask for, say, a promotion at work or a cure for a loved one's health ailments. But before long, the requests that you make will be few and far between. You'll be too busy giving thanks for what you have versus what you want.

Start Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Prayer Today

You aren't going to start praying today and immediately enjoy all the benefits of prayer that we've listed here. It might take days, weeks, or even months to see some of these benefits come to life.

But you will eventually find that your life will improve when you embrace the power of prayer. You'll have so many reasons to pray, and this will motivate you to start praying even more over time.

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