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Always The Right Path

By Warwick Begg

As a spirit wrestling with the challenge of being in a human form, I want to extend my empathy and comradeship to all those out there, doing the same.

Also as a life-long seeker after the facts about our existence here, I've come to a point of understanding that, no doubt, legions of others have before me. The variety of sources and experiences that contributed along the way is broad, for which I am deeply grateful, and all of which have resulted in an overpowering urge to leap to and list...

The Basics

  1. There is one, all-encompassing awareness in the total of existence, often called God, for which I will use the name Universal Intelligence (UI).
  2. This UI has incorporated, as part of its being, a physical Universe designed to appear real in itself, but which we now know to be composed of energy. In modern parlance - a massive Virtual Reality. The ancients called it a World of Illusion, and of course it is populated by apparent matter, both inanimate and animated.
  3. Individual spirits, as representative parts of this amazing UI, enter time/matter dimensions in order to experience learning situations first hand together. On entry to the host body, most spirits undergo a deliberate blanketing of spirit memory, so as to begin assuming that their body is their real self, and that the Earth world they find themselves in is the real world. In this way, they by design take their human life very seriously, and behave spontaneously toward what unfolds without benefit of prior or behind the scenes knowledge. This maximizes the opportunity to become fully embedded in the particular life, and therefore to learn its lessons as vividly as possible. There remains a soft connection, the conscience, which is always available and which strengthens with reinforcement.
  4. Spirits live a multitude of lives, so as to experience as many permutations of the living experience as possible, to support their quest for depth and fulfilment.
  5. Each of these lives continues a developing theme for the individual spirit, and is carefully planned by that spirit and guiding spirit mentors before birth. In other words, each spirit has an agenda, a destiny, which has flexibility to it, but which is returned to like a marble returning to a trough. If not this life, then the next. There is no hurrying a good thing, with eternity to perform it in.
  6. Each spirit-in-body existence therefore gains a precious portion of wisdom and expansion of awareness, which by definition contributes to the overall awareness and richness of our UI. This is the simple but profound reason we are here, to explore the adventure of discovery of living in a body. A significant element of living is challenge (often harrowing), which is a crucial learning enhancer, and will ultimately lead to more depth, more joy.
  7. When our bodies die we return to a more natural vibration for our spirit selves, our truer home, the spirit dimension. Here we have the opportunity to reunite with true family (kindred spirits), regroup, and contribute encouragement to those still incarnated.
  8. We tend to work and travel through lives with a basic core group of variably familiar spirits, some of whom in particular share the more subtle exercises of closer intimacy with us. It can sometimes be that the closest members of our spirit team may not actually coincide with a particular incarnation of ours, or may overlap it. In this case, when not in a body, they will strive to be an inspiring, comforting presence near us as often as possible.
  9. There are no wrong actions. All actions are worthwhile. Though these actions may be unpleasant or even horrible, without experiencing the ultimate despairingly negative results of unpleasant behavior, we cannot make an informed or inspired decision to aim higher. Likewise ugly experiences can be grotesque and awful, but they give us a precious insight into the feelings of others in similar circumstances. That is what this world is all about. It is an opportunity to try out all the options of human behavior, where the worst that can happen is that we die - and return home, the spirit wiser, but otherwise unscathed.
  10. Vital as making so-called mistakes is to the purpose of expanding consciousness, the equally important and balancing purpose of being incarnated here is to learn the true preciousness and liberation of experiencing joy and love as much as possible, and to steadily feel more and more in close harmony with our fellow spirits and the UI.
  11. Because all life experience has a purpose, and because the orchestrative intelligence within and behind the scenes is so hugely capable, there are no accidents. There is no wandering from the path. We all experience undeniably purposeful moments in our lives. Does this mean that the time in between is not purposeful? I say of course not. Think of the incredible scope and capacity of awareness required to orchestrate one uncanny meaningful coincidence. Don't you think that the UI can handle infinitely more than that? It's only a matter of degree. We must operate from all the indicators, and not try to make total judgments using our human brains, clever as they are, while we are in them - because, let's face it, they can't conceive infinity (no end to the Cosmos!), or being outside time, for example. We are equipped as spirit/human units to deal perfectly with this form of reality. So we would be best to appreciate our mysterious task at hand, the journey, so long as we do feel it is purposeful, and look forward to greater comprehension once we have exited this dimension.
  12. This life experience is perfectly crafted to reveal truth, no matter whether the spirit in body consciously strives to learn or not. Quite often when the spirit has developed a good quantity of wisdom, it is then ready for some bigger challenges. This is why sometimes we see people in difficult circumstances who apparently don't deserve them. They may be ready for a certain challenge, and their readiness may in fact be a compliment to the spirit's maturity. Be that as it may, there are so many subtle factors, either underlying or from the past (this life or other), that we cannot judge the true circumstances a spirit is learning from. Suffice to know they are, boots and all, doing the job they came to do, and respect that. Also, nothing ever stays the same.
  13. Spirits do take many bodily forms, some complex and intelligent, and others apparently basic. I'm referring to all sentient beings, whether humans, animals, insects, etc. or aliens from another star. Who could deny that every animal they have ever known had a different personality from the next? They are all learning and contributing to the awesome expansion of the UI. Plants, too, seem to have awareness.
  14. The more a spirit experiences and learns, the more it seems to identify with its fellow spirits, attended by an increase in the feeling of belonging, and a growing love for all creation, until ultimately the lines between its own identity and the rest of that creation begin to blur. This is where the Buddhist concept of nirvana has sometimes been misunderstood. It is not a matter of losing one's awareness, but rather gaining a greater shared awareness. I think it must feel pretty sweet. But it is impossible to rush the process of learning, because a good job requires doing thoroughly. Eventually we learn the true pleasure of taking our time and trusting, enjoying, and appreciating the journey.
In conclusion, I want to emphasize that no matter who we are, or what we achieve, or supposedly do right or wrong in this life, we are all exactly who we should be, doing exactly what we should be doing, to glean the precious maximum from this existence. Let's lighten up on ourselves! If we are uncomfortable with our lives in any way, we have the power to modestly change, or even gloriously transform those lives. But first be proud of who we are, weird or wonderful, as 100% representatives of this fabulous and Intelligent Universe, who've got the guts to get our hands dirty for the cause. As people who experience near death experiences testify, there is no judgment on the other side, just an amazing amount of support, acceptance, belonging and love.

There are so many wonderful and talented people offering sometimes life-saving advice as to how to deal successfully with our lives, and just get through, day to day. I have benefitted greatly from their counsel, many of them contributors to Trans4mind. Often, though, I feel, that before we can plunge into any much needed life transformation, we first need to be comfortable just being alive as a human, and have a sense of purpose and rightness about our lives. Hence my earnest submission. Email.

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