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Only Love Matters

love matters

By Harold W. Becker

As we journey upon this amazing planet filled with beauty and spectacular opportunity to experience the richness of life, our driving animation and intention is a brilliant design of love. With each heartbeat, our body performs countless tasks to provide us with a magnificent vehicle in which to explore our reality. Our minds have an infinite capacity to imagine new possibilities, along with the rational and logical capability to bring our desires into material manifestation. The earth provides the ingredients to create and sustain this extraordinary system while also being our laboratory to express the things we can conceive. All this happens with a precision that defies our present comprehension as if orchestrated from realms beyond our senses and with an infinite, intangible and indelible quality of love.

Life is an incredibly intricate and intimate interaction on every scale we can perceive or envision. From the dance of the subatomic particles that eventually coalesce into the cells, organs and structures that form our body, to their likewise combining on a cosmic scale as planets and stars of galaxies far beyond our own. Each of these building blocks share an integral part in our adventure of life and come together in such amazing ways that allow us to enjoy this embodiment. On the most fundamental level, all of this occurs in complete harmony, collaboration and cooperation to ensure that everything combines in the exact way to make life possible. Truly an unfolding story of love from time immemorial.

The Larger Perspective

Contemplating these simple and basic truths, we realize that there is so much more occurring in each moment than we normally recognize. Comprehending the vastness of what we are a part of, makes our daily habits, routines, beliefs and perspectives seem impossibly small and only a tiny fragment of all that is. How can something so natural and obvious escape our awareness? We have forgotten who we are at the deepest level. Over eons of time, our conscious awareness became a focus on our outer reality to such a degree that we came to identify with it instead of our ever-present inner reality where our true sense of self resides. This is the creative realm where all things connect and where we know ourselves as beings of love.

At times, we glimpse our vastness in moments of joy, peace and heartfelt connections with each other. These are the instances where we grasp the magnitude and potential of our interconnection to life itself. They may be subtle or profound and each of them touch us with a powerful sense of something grand and precious within that we instantly and easily wish to share to everything around us. This is love in action and it is who we are. This universal love permeates all existence and we are here to embody it in its fullness.

Our physical bodies and the material world around us are a forever-changing landscape of birth and death, cycling and recycling of the particles that play their part for a time and then become something new. We all come and go as a natural part of our journey. What remains is the love we share while we are here. It is time to unite our inner and outer realities as one, and restore our compassionate creative capacity as the amazing beings we came here to be. By remembering who we really are, we know that only love matters.

In the Beginning is Love

We come into this world filled with innate magnificence and pure loving potential to expand the very nature of life itself. Our lifelong journey weaves our innermost heartfelt dreams and desires with the natural unfolding of our individual and collective adventure. By our very design, the gifts of conscious thought and feeling provide the means to ensure we can become whatever we imagine is possible for us. From the moment of birth, our lives become one of discovery and creation in every conceivable way through this amazing and multi-faceted earthly existence, with love guiding us every step of the way.

Initially absorbing the world around us, we eventually become consciously aware of our presence in the world and our effects upon it. Although the earliest formative moments initiate the framework and foundation of our personal understanding, we remain forever capable of charting our own destiny and discovering new and fresh approaches to living. Regardless of the influence, suggestions and experiences given to us by others, we can decide how we wish to perceive life. This is precisely how we assist in the expansion of possibilities for future generations and ourselves.

Moving Forward

Our challenge and opportunity is to overcome the inertia of limiting perspectives and less-than-loving views accumulated over eons of time. In every lifetime, each person’s journey is their own and when we embrace our magnificence, we blossom with newfound innovative ideas and expressions. However, for countless reasons, we often do not recognize our loving potential and take paths that reinforce a diminished perception of life. This compounds itself as we pass our limitations on as fear and doubt through many generations, while never questioning any mistaken or outmoded assumptions that we base our choices on.

There is no judgement in our past choices. Rather, our true point of power is in the current awakening and remembering that every moment is a new beginning and that we have the conscious ability to choose our own thoughts and feelings. The present outer reality may reflect the many flawed premises we came to embrace internally and collectively, while it simultaneously reveals the infinite potential that is ever-present right here and now.

By going within to our heart center, we find the balance, harmony and insights that provide the clarity for the highest and best path forward that benefits all. This inner wisdom inspires us through intuition and encourages us to come from our magnificence. Let us begin the next step of our journey from the one that started it all – love.

Harold W. Becker Harold W. Becker is President and Founder of The Love Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Established in 2000, TLF has become the globally recognized leading resource for understanding and applying unconditional love. Their vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and experience of love within individuals and society as a whole.
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