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Love, Wisdom and Power

By Harold W. Becker

The true power in life is the power we give ourselves through love. Each of us carries a truth and for us that truth is completely real and tangible at any moment. It is our understanding of life at any particular moment. New wisdom can come along and change this truth in another moment. Our adventure is to flow through this journey and allow our version of truth to expand. When we do this, we tap into the magnificent power of the inner self: the expression of light and love within us all.

Love, wisdom, and power, in perfect balance and harmony, are the triune nature of our real self and higher understanding. These three components work together to express a limitless reality and potential. As we fully embrace and integrate these individual components, our very being emanates the majesty these energies represent.

Most people focus upon one or two parts without the complement of the others. For example, power wielded without the fullness of love and wisdom can produce tragic results. This power may seek to control while ignoring the beauty of love and understanding. Certain civilizations of the past have grown to wondrous heights through love and wisdom, yet were ultimately destroyed by the misuse of power.

Similarly, wisdom without power leaves the wisdom quiescent and unused. When we know solutions and ideas that can truly benefit us and humankind and are afraid to use our power to manifest, the opportunity is frequently lost. We need to know when to act and be willing to take the action necessary to achieve results. Each of us has the inherent wisdom to make changes in our life and must lovingly use our power to exert ourselves to this end.

Love without the inner wisdom and power of truth, is empty and contradicts the effort of love. We may make attempts at love; however, without understanding the real nature of love, we fail to express it with conviction. We must use love to experience its gifts. Without applying it, we miss the many opportunities to experience the circular flow of love in its dynamic expression.

Since the dawn of humanity upon this planet, we have been learning how to maintain the natural balance of these three universal powers. When we use love, wisdom, and power correctly, it blesses everyone. For example, wise people learned how to accept their power and coupling it with their natural love developed incredible inventions for humanity. These inventions came about because people balanced these forces within themselves to create something for everyone's benefit and use.

Each of us can bring love, wisdom, and power into our daily activities by learning to blend these three actions. We need to know what each of these aspects means to us personally and how best to apply them. By focusing on our thoughts and feelings, we can decide what combination we use more frequently and components we lack understanding in. In this way, we learn to evolve our conscious expression and expand our reality with balance.

When we use our love, wisdom and power, we grow beyond our preconceived limits. We allow new ideas and possibilities to test our strength and abilities to expand. When we own our power, engage our wisdom, and fill our lives with love, we expand our experience of reality. Honor yourself by finding your power and integrating it with your wisdom. Then you can add your unconditional love to complete the recipe for personal success and happiness. This leads to a happier and more successful society.

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being.)

Harold W. Becker Harold W. Becker is President and Founder of The Love Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Established in 2000, TLF has become the globally recognized leading resource for understanding and applying unconditional love. Their vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and experience of love within individuals and society as a whole.
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