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What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?
The Basics Explained

what does it mean to be a spiritual person

What does it mean to be a spiritual person? This answer varies depending on who you talk to and what their spiritual beliefs may be.

When people think of how to practice spirituality, even in COVID-19, they often confuse religion and spirituality together. Going to church or mosque does not necessarily mean a person is more spiritual than another.

The guide below explains what is spirituality and the signs of a spiritual person.

What is Spirituality?

Spiritual people will often question the meaning of the world and the value people and things have on it. As said above, one can be spiritual without being religious.

Depending on the culture, the concept of spirituality differs. However, a common theme of spirituality generally seems to be the individual beliefs of the questions of the physical world. It is not necessarily rooted in the belief of God or a god.

Spirituality vs. Materiality

Spirituality lives in a person's inner self, so the materialism of the outer world does not fall in that jurisdiction.

A spiritual person lives life with humility. Staying humble is important, especially in a world growing more obsessed with materiality.

Love Is Most Important

Love is an important concept for spiritual people. This love is for self, for a higher being (such as archangels), and those around them.

Caring about people, animals, and the planet is often one of the signs of spiritual people. People are kind and give without expecting anything back. This is all indicative of spiritual love for who and what is around a person.

What are Archangels?

Archangels are part of Catholicism. Unlike angels in heaven, archangels are messengers of God.

Catholic believers have two archangels to protect them. Archangels are there to remind believers of the wisdom, compassion, and guidance needed to live a life worth living. Spirituality plays a role in how connected a Catholic believer may feel to their archangels.

Wisdom Comes from Within

The phrase "wisdom comes from within" is not an uncommon one, but it does describe spiritual people. A spiritual person looks inside of themself. Only then can they see what decisions are best made.

This introspection, or self-reflection, helps a spiritual person realize what their path or purpose needs to be moving forward.

What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

A spiritual person can believe in many different things. Spirituality is not linked to religion, though the two can coexist depending on different individual and cultural beliefs.

Above all, love is the most important. A spiritual person exudes compassion above all else too. They look for the wisdom inside of themselves to make good decisions in their lives and within the lives of others.

If you are on a journey to being more spiritual, then good luck to you!

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