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The Rainbow Ribbon Energy

By Shawna Platt (Angel Shadow)

I’ve been receiving information on the rainbow wave of energy since early 2018. It wasn’t until a recent dream, and the information I received from my guides, that I felt an urgent need to share the messages.

First, let me share the dream:

I was driving in a car, and for some reason, I noticed how clear/clean my windshield was except for these three white smudges. While driving, I was trying to wipe these smudges off. Suddenly, the three smudges moved away from my windshield and flew into the sky and became angels sitting on a cloud. I remember thinking…they’re my guides. Ahead, the road took a sharp turn to the right and a rainbow appeared arching over my car, keeping up with my speed. Then the rainbow shifted and moved the right side of my car, still keeping up with the speed in which I was traveling.

Suddenly, the rainbow stretched out and became a ribbon, waving like someone had a hold of each end and shaking it; a rainbow wave of light. I watched as this rainbow wave moved closer and closer to my car, knowing it would eventually surround me. I can’t express the feeling I experienced as this wave moved through my car. My entire car became filled with every color you can imagine and the vibration in my body was intense.

After the rainbow wave moved through and out the left side of my car, I looked ahead and noticed the road I was traveling on was coming to an abrupt end. The road literally ended and I flew off the edge. Now I was free falling, but no longer in my car. The energy I was now in was light gray/dark white in color. Normally, when I free fall in a dream (this happens when you’re returning to your body) I tense up because the experience makes my uncomfortable….but not this time. I threw my arms out and allowed the free fall. I started spinning and laughing and enjoying the fall, rather than fearing it.

Moments later, I woke up with my body tingling and vibrating to a point I had to get up. As I was getting off my bed, I sensed a presence in the room and knew someone came back with me. I immediately tuned in to who was in the room with me, and got a very clear message, “Don’t be afraid; trust the messages.” Then it was gone.

In analyzing the dream, I know the clean/clear windshield with the angel smudges, was telling me my vision is clear and to trust my instincts/intuition. The rainbow ribbon of light was confirmation of the rainbow messages I’ve been receiving most of 2018 and I’ll share them with you below.

These messages will not resonate with everyone. What I’m sharing is based on my intuitive knowing and the messages I receive from my guides. If they don’t feel right for you, then they’re not for you. It’s that simple. Your path is leading you down a different road and that’s okay. We’re all on our own journey. Respect that.

We’re all on the ascension journey, whether you believe in it or not. Some are just more consciously aware of it. Again, that’s okay. You’re still receiving downloads and upgrades to your system. Our DNA is literally being rewired and our physical bodies are feeling it. Any blocks you have in your chakra systems are in the process of being removed so they can spin at their true vibration. Our physical bodies are purging and adjusting at a much faster rate.

This is the first time in human 3-D history that we are ascending to a higher vibrational plane and literally taking our physical bodies with us. In order to do this, our physical bodies must vibrate at that level. If they’re not, physical symptoms, and sometimes illness, will be felt.

Don’t be afraid of the changes taking place within our bodies and on the earth. Gia is ascending as well and she’s making it known, so we better pay attention. No one is allowed to fully sleep during the ascension process we are currently experiencing. You’re either awake and on board, or you’re somewhat asleep and will continue to experience a life that is emotionally off balance and in chaos. Your emotions are linked to your body. What’s going on in your head will manifest in your physical body. There has to be alignment and a free flow of energy or you will feel it. Breathe…let emotions come and go, but don’t stay attached to them. Purge and release.

Emotions and Letting Go:
It’s very important that you observe and control your emotional reactions if you choose to evolve. Observe, but observe yourself, not others; they’re just the catalyst for you to learn the lesson. Once that lesson is learned, the catalyst will disappear and the lesson will no longer be needed. You’ll find the emotional attachment will no longer be there. You’ll have released that karmic debt and it will feel as if a weight has been lifted off you. How other individuals are evolving during this time is not for you to control, so don’t try. They have to do this on their own. Long standing relationships: family, friends, etc., will be removed if you no longer vibrate at the same level.

We are truly living in a time where ‘like attracts like’ and there will be long standing situations that we simply can’t tolerate anymore. The Universe will make you so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to move away from it. Timelines are shifting as well and some are falling away completely. We have the power to create new timelines, but only those that vibrate at a certain level will be allowed. It’s like the Universe has had enough and we are being forced to wake up and come into alignment with the true spiritual beings we are. Lower level vibrations will still exist, but they will learn their lessons as well, in their own time. If you’re vibrating higher, you won’t be able to be in the same space as a lower vibrational energy. It will be impossible to endure.

The rainbow wave of energy is just one of the upgrades we’re receiving. Be open to the changes it’s bringing into your life. Go with the flow and allow your life to be transformed. If you’re ascending and moving with the flow, you’ll notice a quiet calm about the changes taking place. If not, you’ll be experiencing chaos and anxiety. Simply stop and observe. Allow yourself to truly feel your feelings. Ground yourself in positive light and become an active participant in manifesting the reality you expect. Remember, don’t focus on what you “want”, this is a different energy and you’ll simply have the experience of “wanting” it. This is how it works.

Also, keep in mind, expecting another person to bend to your will, or trying to force them to do so, will no longer work. You are not to interfere with another individual’s free will through manipulation and guilt. You’ll only be creating negative karma for yourself and that’s not something you want to manifest. Communicate your feelings if you feel it’s in alignment to do so, but don’t be attached to the outcome. Let the Universe work its magic. Live your life, create your own future, and allow others to do the same. If they’re no longer on the same path, let them go. You have other things to do; other lessons to learn that they may no longer be a part of. Accept this and move forward.

Where Thoughts Go, Energy Flows:
Your beliefs will determine your experience. If you believe this is the end of the world, then that is the world that will be reflected back to you. Be careful where you place your thoughts for they are the energy you’re projecting out to the Universe. Thoughts truly are energy and once they’re released they continue on, gathering strength with other like-minded thoughts, and will eventually find their way back to you. This is how The Law of Attraction works (like attracts like). I understand how difficult it is to remain positive all the time. It takes tremendous discipline to be in control of your thoughts 24/7. When you catch yourself falling into a negative mindset, stop and observe it. Ask yourself where it’s coming from and what triggered it. Figuring out your personal triggers will be one of the most important things you do. Triggers will show you where you still need to heal, so don’t be afraid to face them head on.

The Collective:
More and more people are waking up and this makes the collective stronger. Think of the collective as mass consciousness, for that’s exactly what it is. It’s the collective thoughts of every human being on this planet and it’s a majority rules type of energy. As we evolve and raise our vibration, we’re literally making the collective stronger and the majority rules timeline(s) also become stronger. We are co-creating the future of this planet…together, so we need to make it a strong, powerful, loving, and continually evolving place.

If every generation holds this vibration on the majority level, future generations won’t know any different and this is how they’ll live their lives, passing on more of this higher vibration. We may not feel we are One while experiencing our 3-D time on this planet, but our thoughts, as a collective consciousness, are. If you ever need to remind yourself of this during trying times, simply think “majority rules”. If that doesn’t change your perspective, I don’t know what will. Take responsibility for the energy you’re sending out into the collective.

What transition are you currently going through? What is the next phase/cycle that you’re being prepared for? If you can answer these questions and remain aware, the process will be easier to deal with and the transition could be less dramatic.

Whenever there are transitions, there are changes. As difficult as it is, change always has a purpose, but sometimes it’s frightening to blindly go with the flow. It’s our right to have free will and to be in charge of our own lives, so you have to decide where to draw the line of either taking charge or passively going with the flow.

One way to tell if you should be going with the flow is if you meet obstacles on your path. Most of the time, this is the Universe’s way of telling you to slow down, take a breath, and roll with it for a while. Let yourself be led through this transition time. Pay attention to the signs and messages from your guides. Know that when the time comes for action, you will know it. Your guides (or inner gut knowing) will not allow you to miss out on an important opportunity that has been divinely guided, but you will have your free will and it’s your responsibility to listen and follow up accordingly.

During any transition, you are being prepared. All of your lessons are preparations for the next phase/cycle and each phase/cycle is the learning period between transitions. Once a new phase/cycle begins, you have the opportunity to use everything you’ve learned. The lessons that were taught are always necessary. If you are not ready, and the lessons were not absorbed, you will find yourself in the same situation again, using the current phase/cycle of energy to try and move past them once and for all.

You can usually recognize a new phase/cycle by the changes that occur in your life. You may find yourself moving in a new direction, or wanting to, and I’ve learned that when the time is right, decisions usually make themselves. Everything seems to fall into place and the pieces are easily put together. There is no guess work; you simply move forward to the next phase. You should be able to get through each phase/cycle with more ease than the last because you’re bringing knowledge and understanding from the past with you. Each transition becomes easier now that you’re aware of the flow of phases, cycles, and transition periods. You recognize them for what they are and you grow accordingly.

Final Message:
The wheel is spinning and we have to look at our lives with a magnifying glass. What’s no longer working will be impossible to endure. The Universe is literally pushing us out of our comfort zones and into unknown territory. Relationships, friendships, family dynamics, work situations, etc. that are not in our current phase of vibration will be removed. If we don’t make the move(s) on our own, we will continue to experience a massive inner nudge. We have the free will to ignore it, but if we do, the transition will be much more intense.

Take a deep breath and allow this change. It will be scary, terrifying for most, but we are being moved into our proper place for the future we have manifested. Read that again….we have manifested. Whether we realize it or not, we have envisioned this change and brought it about because we have an inner knowing that our current situation, whatever it is, is no longer working or in alignment with our current vibration. Let go of fear and continue to manifest on a conscious level, not just from the subconscious. Literally feel the feelings…this is important. Allow yourself to feel what it will be like when this move forward is complete.

There may be individuals in your life who will not be happy with the changes you’re making, but it’s not their decision to make. Your life is your own. You don’t have to be combative or aggressive. Simply remain calm and in your power; making choices that are right for you. You’ll know when the time is right to act. That inner nudge will become so strong, the decision will be an easy one and you’ll move forward with courage. Trust that everything you need will be manifested in the way that will bring about the next phase/cycle that you’re meant to experience.

For more information on Shawna’s books and articles, visit her website: You can also register on her website to receive email notifications for future blog posts and articles. She is also on Instagram: @angelshadow117
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