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Full Moon Energies ~ May 29, 2018

Full Moon Energies

By Angel Shadow

It’s been years since I’ve been guided to write about humanity’s spiritual journey and the current energies we’re facing, but lately things have been crazy and I feel the need to share some of what I’ve been receiving.

2018 is a life changing year. For those who are awakened, or are currently awakening, this year will bring changes like we’ve never seen. The energies are shifting faster than we can keep up and it’s causing chaos and massive change in our lives and those around us. We can’t run from it. We can’t hide from it. While we all have free will, the Universe is still making its presence known. We aren’t going to get off that easy. Like it or not, we have a job to do.

So, what is our job? If you’re confused about that, you’re probably not paying attention to the signs that are being given to you on a daily basis. Search your heart…you know the answer. It may seem scary and impossible, but that’s part of the lesson. Learn this lesson and push through the chaos because waiting on the other side is a life of abundance.

This full moon is a powerful one. During a full moon phase, the sun and moon are in opposite signs and it will bring attention to what needs to be balanced in our lives. We need to make sure our intentions are clear and precise, for we are literally manifesting in the 4th and 5th dimensions and pulling those into the 3rd to become our reality. We will be looking at things differently and seeing the bigger picture, not only in our own lives, but for humanity as a whole. Everything will come into clear focus and we will start seeing the patterns and programming that have held us back for so long.

Truly having to look at these issues will cause triggers like you’ve yet to experience and this will cause anxiety for many. Our comfort zones are being ripped away and we’re left feeling exposed and alone. Letting go of what no longer serves us is hard, almost impossible for some, but if we don’t find the strength to do it, the Universe will step in, and it’s not always pleasant when that happens. We’re finding ourselves no longer interested in petty gossip and drama. If it feels like a lower vibration, we want it gone, and we want it gone yesterday. No more playing games. The time of emotional manipulation is over.

This is a time for change and forward motion. It’s a time of long term planning, truth, and enlightenment. We simply can’t settle for less now. The drive in us is too strong to ignore and we find ourselves moving away from that which no longer serves us. This is the time we live in. The shift in consciousness is real and it’s playing out right in front of our eyes for those awake enough to see it. Once the mind is awakened, it can’t go back to sleep.

There are some physical symptoms that many are experiencing right now. It’s important to keep your vibration as high as you can because slipping into the old fear based ways of thinking will make them worse. This is easier said than done, trust me, I know! Try to keep your body at proper alkaline levels, not too acidic.

Below are some experiences you may be having:

~Anxiety. We are feeling the shifts taking place within us and it’s making us crazy with “what if” thoughts. All of our experiences are different, so look at your life and figure out where you’re being asked to change. What scares you about it? Dig deep…the answer is there. Try to remain in a higher vibration and literally feel the weight being lifted off you. Take deep, cleansing breaths…with each exhale, feel it lift. Remember, you have free will to do whatever you want, so don’t allow a situation to drive you crazy. It’s your choice which direction you will move in. Remaining where you are and not dealing with a situation is still a choice. Personally, I don’t recommend this, you are only delaying the inevitable, but it is still your choice. Work through the anxiety, figure out where it’s coming from and why, and move forward in whatever way you can. Even baby steps are better than no steps at all.

~Headaches/Sinus Problems/Ear Issues (fluid/ringing)/Congestion. These can be caused by the crown and third eye chakras being opened and expanded. Heaviness in this area can be caused by blockages in your energy. Close your eyes and try to feel it…really feel it. Does it feel like your head is heavy and thick? Visualize a spinning vortex between your eyes and at the top of your head. Is it spinning? How fast? What do you need to let go of to release the block(s) so it can spin faster?

~Bowel Movement Changes. This is self-explanatory. Please, don’t make me go there! You’ll know if it’s happening to you.

~Heart Beating Faster/Weird Palpitations. You may feel like you’ve just ran a marathon. The heart chakra is opening. Again, if you’re feeling heavy in this area, go internal (as I call it) and feel your heart chakra spinning faster, releasing any blockages that are stuck there. (Just a note…if you feel like you’re having an issue with your heart, for crying out loud, go to the doctor. Have to say it…sorry! Common sense, please!)

~Sleeping Issues/Waking Up Often. Some people suggest getting up and moving around. Others say to stay in bed and listen to relaxing music. I say, do what you feel is best for you. We are receiving downloads while we sleep and sometimes we wake up in between feeling wired and exhausted, at the same time. It sucks, I know. This is a big one for me. I do whatever my body wants at the time.

~Dizzy/Lightheaded/Balance Issues. Again, make sure there isn’t a medical reason for these symptoms occurring, but if you have a clean bill of health, these are most likely caused by energy fluctuations in your body.

~Muscle and Joint Aches/Tension. Energy blocks being held in the muscles. A massage will help get the energy moving again.

Always make sure you’re drinking enough water. Stay hydrated!

It’s important to make sure you’re keeping your chakras clear and spinning. I don’t have time to get into chakra work right now, but do some research on it and figure out where you’re having blocks in your energy. If you pay attention to how your body is feeling, you will know right away where you’re experiencing blockages. Trust me…your body doesn’t lie. Again, some will argue an injury causing the pain…well, duh! Work with me here! Just listen to your body. Pay attention to the clues it’s sending you and keep an open mind. If you have a clean bill of health, and the doctor(s) are saying nothing is wrong with you, what else could be going on? The mind and body are a tight unit. What’s happening in the mental/emotional space, will impact the physical body. Always!

Okay…here are some overall messages I’ve been receiving. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t…

This is a time of movement and many things are in the beginning stages. These will be things that are tangible in the physical world. Moving forward, possibly slowly, but moving forward regardless. We’re being protected on this journey. If you feel the need to rest, do so. Don’t try to force sleep, it won’t do you any good, and don’t get wrapped up in the anxiety moments. Breathe through them. Stay calm. Take on the fight another day. Emotions are running high for some and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’re releasing what is no longer serving us and sometimes it hurts, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll know it is for the best. We probably weren’t happy with it to begin with…so why fight the change?

Issues from the past may be coming back to be healed and cleared up once and for all. Again, is this still serving you? Do you want to continue to hold on to this? Are you happy? If not, it’s time to find your power and move forward. Remember, baby steps if necessary. Help others where you can, but don’t allow yourself to be used or taken advantage of.

See through the manipulation of those holding on to the lower vibrations. They don’t want things to change; they like it just the way it is. It’s okay to leave it behind. Allow them to continue working on their own shadows. You’ve done your work…it’s time for them to do theirs. End that karmic cycle with a clear conscious. No guilt. That will only keep you tied to it. Free it from your heart and move forward. All it takes is one step and you’ll feel that energy lifting from you. Make your intensions clear. Remain focused and positive on the outcome you want to manifest. Stand firm. Communicate where you need to communicate. This is a time of swift movement, messages, and communication, so be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. You don’t want to add more shadow work on your end, or more karmic debt to be repaid in the future.

Do everything from a place of understanding, compassion, and love (not always easy, I know). Just try. Never attempt to control the free will of another person. See the person or situation for what it truly is and it will be easier to do this. Take off the rose colored glasses. If they haven’t served you in the past, they won’t do so now. June will be a huge month for the twin flame collective and unions will start taking place on a massive scale. If you’re on this journey, you will already understand what this is about. I won’t get into twin flames right now, it’s too time consuming…maybe I’ll dedicate another blog entry to that.

The energies of this full moon could carry over for the next couple weeks until the new moon. Try to remain balanced during this time. Take it easy on yourself. Let go of guilt and karmic ties and cords. They no longer serve you. I know this isn’t easy, but we have to start taking those steps. It’s time to step into the higher vibrations that are waiting for us, but we have to do the work. It’s exhausting, but keep moving forward. Remember, baby steps are better than no steps at all. When you’re feeling heavy from the lower vibrations, pull yourself up and vibrate higher. Literally feel all your chakras spinning and lifting you higher. Feel every cell in your body vibrating at optimal health. You got this! You can do it! Don’t give up when we’re so close to the finish line! Our new lives are waiting…

Copyright © 2018 Angel Shadow™ All rights reserved.
My ancestry is Irish and Cherokee Indian and I have a gypsy spirit that refuses to be fenced in. I am definitely not a conformist. Much of my life was spent under the control of others. I have now found my own personal freedom, based on my own personal truth and nothing could be more liberating.
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