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Simple Ways to Achieve Spiritual Health

By Alvina Adam

When someone inquires about your health, they are referring to your physical condition and appearance. However, very few people understand that in order to achieve complete wellness the spirit, mind and body all need to be in harmony. ‘Spiritual’ and ‘health’ are never seen as one thing; whereas they are intermittently connected. You cannot be healthy unless your mind is calm. A calm mind needs to be at peace and it has a spiritual connection. When we use the term “Spiritual Health” it is referring to wholeness, where both merge.

We may sometimes experience unexplained anxiety or depression. The reason behind this unexplainable experience is that deep down you might be not happy with something, somewhere. That something could be work related or personal. Sometimes you may not be able to achieve your dreams or maybe you haven’t reached a goal you had set for yourself, or maybe something in your surroundings is bothering you on which you have little control over and cannot change. These things result in physical ailments such as high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, obesity or even elevated cholesterol levels. Often these setbacks are a result of compromises or making difficult choices.

When you compromise way too much, you are slowly letting your values and priorities slip into background. You must give meaning to your life and live your life according to the values you have set for yourself. This means knowing your priorities and striving to live your life by them. This is where spiritual health comes in. When you will be at peace with yourself you will achieve spiritual health and this will have positive effects on your physical health as well. Have you been trying to work on your health by looking for the best way to quit smoking or maybe to work on your physical appearance, why don’t you take the spiritual approach?

If you are not familiar with spiritual health experience; listed below are some simple ways in which you can achieve it and start living your life to the fullest.

Get to Know your Spirit
Do you ever feel that you are just walking in circles or your life has simply become dull? You will be doing the mundane tasks but somehow you don’t have that sense of accomplishment. One of the biggest problems we face is that most of us try to fit into some stereotypical roles. Being a good friend, star employee, loving partner or a doting father/mother and fitting all these roles at once, but what about the role which is important to “YOU”? The role to be yourself! We spend our lives without showing up in them. The dreams we once had are lost, and we lose the focus.

It is never too late to initiate the journey of self discovery. Sit down and unearth your core. See if things have fallen into a rut, why is that so? When you do this analysis be truthful and stay unbiased. You will find a number of things in your behavior and maybe even your mindset which require alterations.

Bring Out Your True Emotions
I have seen relationships failing due to lack of communication. Sometimes we are too scared to express our true feelings, thoughts and fears to even people in our closest circles. It is the fear of rejection or the fact that people might not understand, or what will they think which keeps you from doing so. In this process of suppressing our feelings sometimes we even forget about them, but it is the subconscious that keeps on nagging you.

Don’t be afraid to bring your true emotions to the surface. If you are not the talkative type, how about starting a journal? Take a hobby which helps you in expressing your true emotions, it could be painting, drawing or even star gazing. The idea here is just to get you in touch with your deepest feelings and bring them to the surface.

Meditate & De-Stress
I simply cannot stress enough how helpful meditation is; whether it is to de-stress or to sharpen your focus or to simply recharge your brain cells. Those who have not experienced the joys of meditation might just think of yogis on yoga mats. However, meditation is the way to just stop your brain and let it get recharged. If your brain is working all the time it will be tired.

Find other ways to de-stress and unwind. For some it could be music or for others spending time in the outdoors. Whatever it is that makes you feel calm just take out time for that, if not everyday then at least once a week.

Look At Things Positively
We have all been through times when looking at everything positively is the hardest thing to do. Life doesn’t go as planned for most of us. You may sometimes not get the promotion you had been eyeing, you could be let down by a dear one or face financial loss. Sometimes it even seems like all these things are happening at once. There is a lot that doesn’t go as planned and as expected. This doesn’t mean you let negativity control all aspects of your life. Life is filled with ups and downs. This is where being spiritual helps you. See what you can learn. Every setback and disappointment in life leaves us with a lesson. Learn from it and move on. Curtailing negative thoughts always increase negative energy. Learn to be positive. Surround yourself with positive people, surroundings and thoughts and most of the life problems will start to appear minute.

When you don’t travel for too long you miss out on learning and gaining new experience. Traveling relaxes you and as you go away from everyday’s problems you start thinking clearly. If you can go to a place which brings you closer to nature, it is the perfect way to even get close to yourself. It helps you in releasing built up stress, tensions, resentments and even anger.

These are just some ways to refuel your spirit. You need to rekindle the spark in your soul. As you start to practice these things, you will see such positive changes in yourself that then your soul will be craving for them. As you become healthy and positive you start to look at things differently.

There are several other ways to achieve spiritual wellness, just see which one works for you and work on it. These little changes go a long way.

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