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The Light of Consciousness

By Melissa Zollo

What are your holidays like? Are the chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Sometimes before the Thanksgiving dishes have been cleared away, we are out the door and digging deep into our pocketbooks and spending lavishly on things we don't even care about. The sales are on and we are determined to survive the personal trials of "mall shopping." The bells are ringing as we get deeper into debt or upset because we can't find the right gift, or be with the right person. As plans are being made, depression sets in because we have to be with certain family members, or not be with them. As the holiday music plays on, we feel more anxiety and so we splurge on party food and drink or we starve ourselves from the stress of being lonely and frustrated.

Oftentimes we realize in January that we haven't implemented a simpler and happier way to experience the holidays. Make a decision early this season to use your power to create in a beneficial way. Life is one great big music scale. Nothing rests. Putting your focus on past negative holiday memories and all of the fearful, angry emotions will result in the same old results. If you persistently return to what frightens, saddens, and upsets you, you deny yourself relief for the future.

In other words:

  • Misery blocks happiness.
  • Fear collapses confidence, denies vision and shuts down creative growth.
  • Worry causes you to compromise your dreams, leaving you enslaved to old habits.
  • "Stress Provokers" increase your sense of panic and anger often for the wrong reasons.
  • Anger dissolves good decision-making.
  • Hate slams the door on possibilities.
  • The vibration of distress attracts distress. Hurt attracts hurt. Pain attracts pain.

What to do? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Take a few deep breaths. No one can do this for you.
  2. Heal yourself and you will have the energy to deal with life's challenges.
  3. Stop the guilt. Choose to value, accept and cherish yourself this season.
  4. Practice feeling grateful for something, even if it is the ability to dream.
  5. Just say yes to what you want and need to do for yourself.
  6. Just say no to what you don't want and that in which you can't afford to participate.
  7. Resolve to free yourself from living life according to the demands of others.
  8. Seek thoughts that inspire happiness, courage and joy.
  9. Practice feeling content amidst the holiday hullabaloo.
  10. Communicate rather than repress your true concerns.
  11. Focus on solutions. Go out and look at the stars!
  12. Go unwrap your sense of humor. Laughter is the key to a long and meaningful life.
  13. Decide to walk in the direction of your dreams fulfilled.
  14. Remember, you are an heir to the riches of the Infinite. Treat yourself like a precious gift and you will be living in the true Spirit of the holidays!

The story of Christmas is about believing the unbelievable.
Moving through pain, letting go, and capturing the feeling of love is your assurance that the blessing of a new birth is on the horizon. For as you believe the unbelievable to be true, you express the greatness that is truly within you.

The Secret of the Law of Consciousness is that you are able to singularly conceive a new idea and without the aid of any man or woman, feel it to be true. Once fixed in consciousness this new concept will express itself in the world of experience.

In order to give birth to your heart's desires you must believe and feel as though you have already received the gift. If you have a desire for something, you must shape a new blueprint in harmony with your dream. Why? Because you only permit or accept things within the fixed limits of your beliefs and reactions. It is vital to dwell in feelings that are in tune with the realization of your dream because "like attracts like." It is important to detach yourself from all thoughts and feelings that would have you go in the direction of experiences in which you no longer wish to participate.

Consciousness is your "Womb of Wonder" capable of being impregnated with new impressions, and The Virgin Birth is the mystical parable or story of making the impossible possible. The moment you discover that your "awareness is your savior" you will turn your focus away from your problems. You will consciously replace the false images that haunt your memory.

As you shine the Light of Consciousness the Great Stars (the Three Wise Beliefs) of Faith, Hope and Love will warm and stimulate all your desires into fruition.

Copyright © 2006, Melissa Zollo
Melissa Zollo is an imagist, author and speaker focused on consciousness, the power of imagination, and practical application of the Laws of Attraction. After a serious and debilitating accident in 1992, she survived and rebuilt her life using her imagination and spiritual printicles. She is the author of the audio programs: Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money. In addition to periodic "Dream Your Life Into Being" lifestyle teleseminars, she is regularly heard on radio, currently on "Wealth4UinSpirit."

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