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From Recession To Renaissance: A Personal and Global Opportunity

By Linda Zander

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." —Albert Einstein

We have reached a great moment in the history of the evolution of human consciousness and we stand at the tipping point of either achieving a great renaissance, rebirth, revival and resurgence of our personal and Global resources or of continuing to perpetuate the consciousness that robs us of our ability to achieve the security, stability, sustainability, peace and fulfillment that we all seek.

There is a systemic disease that exists in our Global Worldview that has been imbedded into our collective consciousness since the beginning of time which needs to be treated in order for the rebirthing of our Global Community to occur. A systemic disease is one that affects the whole body. It travels through the bloodstream to reach and affect the cells all over the body. The cure cannot be found in treating the symptoms of the disease. Treating the symptoms and not the disease will only provide to prolong the disease cycle and not cure the disease.

The collapse of our Global economy, the environmental crisis; crisis born out of overpopulation and war over competition for resources are just symptoms and signs of a far greater disturbance and are not the disturbance itself.

What is the disease causing the depletion and scarcity of all we hold dear? It is a central worldwide belief in the good versus evil construct. This is the silent disease of our humanity. It sets-up a polarized social disorder which causes continuous conflict and struggles between the "good aka right" ones and the "bad aka wrong" ones all who expend great amounts of energy towards the identification and condemnation of the "evil" doers.

At the root of this early conditioning, we as a collective humanity almost universally accepted the notion that as human beings we were born bad, flawed and broken. A so called "Divine Imperfection" mindset modeled all our thoughts and behaviors. Believing that we are inherently imperfect and flawed, we came to believe that we do not have the inherent ability to provide answers for our lost/dark selves. We, in turn, sought to turn all our power over to some superior source outside of ourselves to rescue us from the destruction caused by ourselves and the evil ones. It doesn't take but a glance to see that this "flawed" belief is the causation of great internal, external and eternal conflict and a wasteful use of energy that continues to spin a continuous cycle of intolerance, destruction and negativity from which no solution can emerge. In a current world struggle to conserve energy it is ironic that we continue to waste it in the most damaging ways possible.

The blessing inherent in the current Global Recession is that it provides us with a wake up call to finally take a hard look at what is happening and finally to take a breath to reevaluate and reassess that which we have been conditioned to create both in our personal lives and at large in our Global Community.

I believe in our INHERENT WHOLENESS as individuals and as a mass humanity. I believe that we have the superior intelligence to deliver us out of an outdated consciousness that no longer serves us and into a Renaissance of a new era of consciousness that will finally put us on path to heal a misguided message of us as broken, flawed and inherently incapable of utilizing our own power to manifest a thriving, abundant and compassionate human experience. I believe that we have the individual and collective power to move out and away from an outdated belief system that has long overstayed its welcome and ability to serve.

We have the power within us to release the conditioned creators that we were molded into and to become conscious creators rebirthing human consciousness and behavior into one which recognizes, embraces, encourages, inspires, models and perpetuates our innate wholeness. We have the innate abilities and attributes to redirect our thoughts, actions and reactions to liberate us from the shackles of a diseased system that will continue to bind us to the depletion and destruction of resources that we no longer wish to participate in.

The good versus evil world construct polarized and fragmented us from each other and ourselves from the very start. A dysfunctional system was born and it streamed through every fiber of the fabric of our psyches and social structures. Right vs Wrong; Right vs Left; Higher self vs lower self; ego, id, superego; dark selves vs light selves, even Karma; all man-made constructs that inflict conflict as an intrinsic and pervasive part of our human experience

Here is the truth as I know it: THERE IS NO EVIL. Period. Once we stop the belief that there is evil in and among us, stop blaming ourselves and others and seek to find the commonality and inherent wholeness in all of us, we can begin a new dawn of enlightenment and sustainability for a thriving Global community.

Higher self vs. lower self; spirituality vs science; right politics vs left politics; creationism vs Darwinism ...who is right? Who is wrong? Where did we come from? These age old eternal battles expend a ferocious amount of energy that doesn't serve to provide us with solutions, they merely serve to continue to fragment and polarize us into different camps diffusing our collective energy which otherwise could be channeled into productivity and wholeness. Intellectual and philosophical debate is wonderful and useful only if it is conducted outside of a construct of right vs wrong.

What matters most is that we are here NOW and that we face a crisis of our humanity. In order for us to survive and thrive we must throw down the flag of peace and stop the blaming. Once we change our belief in good vs evil a new language will emerge which will begin to bring us back into wholeness individually and collectively that is our natural state of being. As we speak and live this new language of divine wholeness, we begin to feel a new energy flow through us and an open space emerges where solutions present themselves and we begin to have compassion for ourselves, all people, places and things. We come to a common middle ground where conflict disappears and co-cooperative community, energy and resources are now utilized towards positive growth. We deliver ourselves and humanity out of depletion, struggle and strife and into the creation of a continuous cycle of wealth and well-being.

We are here now and we have all the innate resources and wholeness within and among us to awaken the giant residing in each of us to provide the solutions that will liberate and deliver us out of recession and into renaissance.

Copyright © 2009, Linda Zander. All rights reserved.
Linda Zander is an accomplished entrepreneur, sustainable success coach and professional speaker. She is a natural visionary and intuitive who is dedicated to bringing her personal and business wisdom to the lives of others.

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